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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is There Such A Thing As "American Made" Anymore?

After waking up and before writing this posting, yours truly decided to go for a nice long morning walk..

Now before doing so, I got my teeth all nice and clean using Colgate toothpaste on the same brand toothbrush, both originating from Canada and wiped my face clean using a hand towel made in Egypt.

Being a nippy-chilly morning, it was time to get dressed..
My fleece top and sweat bottoms, though different brands were both made in Vietnam and my undershirt was made in Honduras. The socks originated in Mexico, the running shoes and baseball-style cap from China and my watch from Japan..

The iPod located in my pocket was made in China and the water I was sipping on came from France (yes, Evian spelled backward is 'Naive')
Upon finishing up the morning walk, upon entering my home, I heard a repetitious series of beeps meaning it was time to change the 9V battery of the Carbon Monoxide alarm which was made in China

So I opened up the Duracell pack and glanced to see 'Made in the USA...'  Yayy!..  'of foreign and domestic materials'..  Boo!

Then I took a shower using both soap and shampoo made in Canada then sent to the US, wiped myself down dry with a towel made in Jordan and blow-dried my hair using a product once again made in China.
Afterwards I put on clothing made from places like Lesotho, Dominican Republic along with more items using Vietnamese or Chinese workers to create and sew together

Then I went downstairs and had a small breakfast of eggs (I think they originated in the US) with apple juice instead of OJ..  The apple juice bottle said the apples used were from the US, China and Chile..   What a combo..

Then popped in my German car whose chassis rests on four French tires (Michelin) made from rubber originating in Liberia, listened to 1980s Brit-pop on Pandora and headed to work with a quick stop to refill my vehicle with gasoline originating from goodness where in the Middle East..
Once at A&G headquarters, I turned on my computer which was made in China, wrote some notes and other things using a pen made in Mexico

Before writing this post, I glanced at some articles online explaining where many everyday products people use originate from vs the good ol' days when made by US workers

For instance, the baseballs used to play baseball, America's past time?   They are all made in Costa Rica - 2.4 million balls annually..  NFL footballs and NBA basketballs are made in US but because hockey pucks use vulcanized rubber, they're only made in 4 nations - Canada, China, Russia and Czech Republic
Remember the fire engine red 'Radio Flyer' wagon that was so popular in the 1950s and 60s for kids to play with?  -- Made in China

Barbies are made in Hong Kong and all Levi's Jeans with one specific brand line are made abroad.  If you want those 'Made in USA' Levi's, expect to pay around $200; if content with foreign made, pay around $40 or so..

The last TVs that were made in the US occurred in 2004, the vast majority of Hershey's chocolate is now made in Mexico and the little plastic houses and hotels used to play Monopoly are made in Ireland.

And if you want to buy a US flag, good luck finding one actually made here.. The vast majority are made in China
So with all due respect to Donald Trump who we at A&G firmly support and have done so for the past year, how is he going to even begin to reverse the trend of America outsourcing jobs, companies and technologies abroad?

How can any one person make a difference when so many business people and politicians over the last 35 years who claim to be patriotic Americans who love their nation, have sold out their country for paper with pretty pictures and shiny pieces of silver?

One thing for certain, we rather spend the next 4 years finding out rather than having a rotten old corrupt bitch run things where we know the direction downhill where the ultimate goal is one world, open borders and no national identity will be sped up