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Friday, October 21, 2016

Loyalty to Losers

So last night was that Al Smith Memorial Dinner which we talked about yesterday; the one where the wealthy and powerful gather together in a white-tie affair under the pretense of raising money for the poor children of NYC

Of course had all the people in attendance contributed $10,000 each which is a drop in the bucket to each of them and 1/25th of the cost to attend a Hillary for Prez $250k a plate affair, the charity would have raised $10mil which would have been $4mil more than the total they were all gushing proudly about..

But anyways..
We ended up watching part of it.. the part where Trump went viciously after Hillary

And we say 'viciously' in a very complimentary way

One truthful zinger after another while the deeply phony, soulless bitch smiled and smiled and members of the pro-Hillary audience booed and jeered..

No man-hating closet-lesbian will ever allow someone like Trump to bother Her publicly
Toward the end of the speech when Trump was complimentary toward the Catholic charity for all the work they do to help the underprivileged, he mentioned the need to respect and value the sanctity of life

And of course Hillary representing all those valueless Democrats and who herself has had a few abortions of her own for convenience would not clap in response to acknowledge the truth of that statement

From  Mar 29, 2016:

"In an interview with the American Mirror, Sally Miller — who claims she was a mistress of former President Bill Clinton — alleges that Hillary had “several abortions” and only decided to keep Chelsea after Bill convinced her it would benefit their political careers.

“She had several abortions before she had Chelsea, and it was only because Bill convinced her that if they were ever to move up in politics, they had to have a child, because that’s what the political analysts had said,” Miller explained. “They’ve got to see her [Hillary] as a human.”"
Well not sure if that 'human' thing is really all that convincing but Hillary did get a devoted daughter out of the political tradeoff and that's a good thing..
Meanwhile Wikileaks keeps releasing batches and batches of emails and the public either does not care, does not understand or does not wish to spend the time and energy to read them

Julian Assange expresses frustration at the US election but it is we who express frustration at Him!

The sheer arrogance of holding onto all this information for months and then releasing as an October 'surprise' so he can get the most attention -- pure ego

This should have been released during the Democrat primaries when it would have had the greatest impact
Right now liberal voters are dug in snug because like soldiers with no individuality locked to a lost cause, Pavlovian dog Democrats are as blindly loyal to their party..

However had all these emails come out in detail back in the spring, the Democrat voters would have given Bernie Sanders greater support, or alternate candidates with ethics and morals would have stepped in to run and replace Hilly as the nominee

It is same mindset when it comes to politics and voting, you see in support for local sports teams

Such blind, unconditional loyalty to the local teams no matter how bad they are or how unwilling owners are to improve the product or how much tickets and parking are raised
It just shows that even in a democracy, people have pack mentalities like wolves and need to be associated of groups and display the colors & logos so they can be part of a majority rather than think for themselves.

It is something we witness all the time in our present location..

We have a local NBA team that won 10 games last season out of 82 and yet attendance still averaged over 14,000 people per home game because of loyalty to losers; the local NHL team that has not won in 31 years enjoys similar loyalty
We have a local MLB team that won 71 games out of 162 played while cutting payroll and receiving the first $200mil installment of a 25yr, $5billion TV deal and Yet attendance was nearly 2 million as people sat out in the hot, sticky sun to watch continual failure.. all because of loyalty to losers..

We have an NFL team that has not won a Championship of any kind in 56 years and still every home game is sold out with a long waiting list for season tickets all due to loyalty to losers

So we know what it looks like.

And millions and millions of Democrat voters will hold their noses and vote Hillary because they can not imagine thinking outside the box and selecting anyone not in their Party..
Former NBA great and TNT anaylst Charles Barkley was recently asked on the Clinton News Network (CNN) who he'd vote for in November..  

He said he's a lifelong Democrat (which is odd considering he always teased he would one day run for Governor of Alabama as a Republican) and said he had a very hard time voting for Hillary because of her corruption, deciet, etc. But if he did vote, it would be for her or not vote at all...

~ rolls eyes ~

Loyalty to losers folks.. Loyalty to losers