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Friday, October 28, 2016

'People Don't Change' & How ALL Media Heavily Donates Left

People come up to yours truly and ask why so many people back Hillary in spite of the endless scandals and the daily deluge of slimy dealings care of Wikileaks

I give them two reasons:

1)  Democrats and loyal Hillary sycophants will defend her constant corruption to their last breath because they are really defending themselves; their personal ideals, beliefs and judgment.

To back her then admit she is a no-good c-word who is genuinely dangerous with any power, much less the Presidency just hits too hard for people..
Remember, there were still deep Nixon loyalists back in 1973 when he resigned in disgrace and they stayed loyal even to his death and beyond..

And let's not forget the millions of sports loving minions who absolutely refused to believe OJ Simpson was really a base nigger animal who murdered his wife and one another; just constant excuses and rationales all throughout the trial

It does not matter if its Communism, Fascism, Nazism or being a Democrat -- once you commit, baby, its for life..
2) Democrats and we suppose Republicans to an extent, do not vote the person in a Presidential election... they vote the Party

There is a major difference and we explained before..

Switch the sides the two candidates represent so that Trump was the Democrat and Hillary the Republican and you would see such intense media loyalty toward Trump and daily disparaging of Hillary, you would not believe!
Democrats have certain core beliefs such as extreme-tolerance for all, political correct totalitarianism, white-guilt n' shame, the freedom of a woman to fuck 'n abort for any rhyme or reason even during late 3rd trimester if possible, taking away others' 2nd Amendment freedoms, open borders, a globalist one-world new order where UN runs the show and the US merely one of many nations under its thumb, etc..etc..

So as stated in previous posts, if Hitler or bin Laden or any other pure scum from human history came up from the depths of hell and won the Democrat nomination, the same Hillary loyalists would support that candidate as long as there was the promise he (or she) would pack the Supreme Court with like-minded people
And if Jesus himself ran as a Republican, the Democrat machine would throw so much garbage at him that they'd make the Romans who crucified Jesus during the Passion look like saints in comparison

Sorry but its the truth.. it is the Party's 'scorched earth' M.O.

One thing for certain, if that bitch wins, expect these scandals to never go away.. 4 to 8 years of this..

When you are that money and power hungry, it all comes with the territory
Remember exactly why the Clinton Foundation was set up in the first place..

If the Clintons really wanted to do good for others, they'd simply take some of the millions upon millions they've received to give 60min speeches to major financial corporations and donate it to the Red Cross, UNICEF or other legitimate organizations.

But the Foundation is a front for 'pay to play' and has always been intended as such with their naive daughter Chelsea set up as the 'head' of it while purposely kept out of the loop for legal reasons..
Andrew Mitchell, the MSNBC (More Shit-Nothing But Clinton) reporter who for some reason has been allowed to work in journalism for decades even though married to now former 4-term Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan, tried to clever-clever describe it as 'pay to play with'

Isn't it cute how the media, especially the 24/7 news work so tirelessly to defend Hillary's lack of ethics..
MSNBC's Chris Matthews of 'Hardball' spoke about it with a rare moment of non-biased candor:

"People don’t change because we swear them into the White House. They become that person big-time. And the Clintons were raising money like this hand over hand, hand over fist, back in 1996, using—we called it Motel 6. 

They were hoarding them in, pulling them in by train loads of contributors and then letting them sit in the Lincoln bedroom for a while and charging them by the hour. You can still vote for Hillary Clinton, but remember, you’re getting this as part of the package, because that’s been their pattern."

Even after that moment of honesty, he still says 'you can still vote for Hillary..'

Too Funny..
No secret by now the media is extremely biased against Trump

And yes, we would even put Fox News in that list

People think they are a conservative news network.. Wrong.  They are about 40% so which is 39.999% more than the other two..  And it really only takes is 40% fairness for the millions of Republican voters to tune in and watch

All one has to do was watch that deplorable interview the other day where Newt Gingrich put Megyn Kelly over his proverbial 'knee' and gave the uppity bitch a nice firm spanking like a daddy would to a bad daughter

Megyn is Murdoch's darling, the one slotted to replace Bill O'Reilly - the bitch is asking for $20m a year in contract negotiations and we expect her to get it and ultimately be the new 'face' of Fox News

We did research after that interview to see where Rupert Murdoch who runs Fox News along with the NY Post, Fox Broadcasting, SKY News in Britain, etc. stood politically based on donations..

Seems in the past he and his family have Heavily donated toward Democrats over Republicans including Hillary when she ran vs Obama in 2008

From NY Times, August 22, 2012:

"Even companies whose news outlets are often perceived as having a conservative bias have given significantly more money to Mr. Obama. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, for example, has contributed $58,825 to Mr. Obama’s campaign, compared with $2,750 to Mr. Romney."

That is over 20x to Obama than what Romney received...
"News Corporation has donated $504,162 to individuals, Super PACs and candidates in 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’s OpenSecrets Web site.  Eight of the 10 top recipients of that cash are Democrats...

In 2008, News Corporation contributed $380,558 to Mr. Obama’s campaign, compared with $32,740 to the Republican nominee John McCain."

Murdoch personally donated $2,300, the maximum an individual could donate back then to Hillary's candidacy as did his son..
Now lets' look at how the other media showed their political bias via their contributions:

"Other media companies have contributed more significantly to Mr. Obama, including Time Warner, owner of CNN and the magazine publishing house Time Inc. 

The company, which is based in New York and also owns Warner Brothers and HBO, has contributed $191,834 to Mr. Obama in the 2012 election cycle, compared with $10,750 to Mr. Romney. 

The Walt Disney Company, owner of ABC and ESPN, donated $125,856 to Mr. Obama and $9,950 to Mr. Romney.

Philadelphia-based Comcast Corporation, owner of NBC-Universal and one of the biggest spenders in lobbying money in Washington, has given $206,056 to Mr. Obama and $20,500 to Mr. Romney."

That seemed to be the pattern..  20 to 1 for Obama
Best thing for you to do if a Trump supporter is tune out 99% of the news ( is one exception- they're very pro-Trump) and then on November 8th, vote your guy..

Then pray hard..