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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Big F-U & More Incriminating Leaked Emails

~ Michael Moore, "man of the people" and his sprawling second home..

Michael Moore, equally famous for being a political filmmaker and big, fat disingenuous slob who is a multi-millionaire yet pretends he cares about working people said the other day that Trump's election victory would be 'the biggest Fuck You ever recorded in human history..'

We know he meant it as a negative because later he goes on to give the tired, old refrain of Trump voters being rednecks, racists and whatever colloquialism for 'trash' he could think of..
But we will take it as a positive because that is Exactly what this nation needs to the wealthy and powerful establishment who control Everything from finance to media and are paranoid of a Trump Presidency

Although to be fair, if we're equating 'fucking' with American people being continually fucked over and this nation even more so, then the award would go to Hillary if she wins

So much corruption and scandal and disregard for the law..

One could blog endlessly on it and still never get to the full scope of this socipathic, power-hungry woman's treachery and the pure evil which is the Democrat Party and its card-carrying minions
The following is from another blog site but info is excellent so we quote from it with proper credit due (page breaks are ours):

Executive Orders for Sale? Leaked Email Shows Hillary Camp Answering Wealthy Donor’s Questions about How Executive Orders Work

If you already thought the Executive Order system falls somewhere between problematic and completely unconstitutional, this takes it to a whole new, never before seen level of corruption.

Thanks to all the leaks, America now knows our government is essentially one giant pay-for-play operation. That’s how it works. That’s how the DNC works. That’s how the Clinton Foundation works.
But how far does that go?

How about bypassing Congress entirely with money in the most literal sense possible.

This leaked email chain hints at something that kind of makes votes and lobbyists and, well, all of it rather pointless.

If someone’s wealthy enough, can they straight up buy an executive order?

These days, the president uses Executive Orders to bypass Congress, even though there is no constitutional provision that explicitly permits the use of executive orders. It’s a system that’s been heavily abused in the past but now, apparently, it’s for sale.
A new revelation buried in the Wikileaks trove of tens of thousands of Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails shows him discussing executive orders in relation to an “idea” a wealthy donor has.

In a leaked email thread between Podesta and Mary Pat Bonner, a “donor adviser” who gets millions for her elite connections in bringing in donors and for being what The New York Times describes as a “master of making donors happy,”

It’s all but admitted that Executive Orders are another pay-for-play item on the corrupt American political menu.
In a (Wikileaks leaked) email with the subject line, “Is there someone in your shop,” Bonner writes, “Who totally understands ‘executive orders’. It is to answer a very big donors questions.”

Podesta responds with simply, “Me.”

Bonner: “It is for Michael King.”

Podesta: “What does he need?”

Bonner: “He has an idea and just need answer [sic] to a bunch of easy questions about how this works.”
Oh goody. Mega wealthy donor Michael King has an “idea” about executive orders…

The Michael King they are likely referencing is rich TV mogul Michael King, the exec who inherited King World Productions later acquired by CBS. To give you an idea, King World Productions launched Harpo’s The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Phil’s talk show.

Back in 2012, Bill Clinton teamed up with King on a pricey fundraiser for President Obama at King’s Pacific Palisades estate where tickets ranged from general seating starting at $1,000 and went all the way up to $40,000 premium seats with meet-and-greets.
While on the campaign trail over a year out from the election, Hillary Clinton has already vowed she will use Executive Orders to pass gun control regulations, for example.

Based on this email thread, you have to wonder what other EOs Hillary plans to pass as president… and whose “idea” they are.

And how much that idea cost.

Very well stated...
And of course who is the corpulent, egotistical, black bitch dog who desperately stated one does not have to actually like Hillary to vote for her?

The same Oprah who's show was produced by Michael King

Then add to everything else we know about Hillary and the people at the top running her campaign:

Thanks to emails released by Wikileaks, we learn that the day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October 23rd, John Podesta who remember is currently Hillary's campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends
These friends included Peter Kadzik, who is currently a top official at the US Justice Department serving as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, superlobbyist Vincent Roberti and other well-placed Beltway fixtures.

The dinner was set for 7:30 that evening, just one day after Clinton gave 11 hours of testimony to the Benghazi Committee.

Think of it like this..  You're on trial for murder.. You didn't do it and were nonetheless found guilty and you find out the very next evening, your attorney had dinner with the prosecutor and the Judge..
Now let's be clear... Corruption and backroom power deals are nothing new in American politics and certainly not when it comes to human history..

It is just thanks to the email links and easy access to information on the Internet, so many people have never had so much access to seeing what goes behind the 'curtain'

And in the case of Hillary supporters, never have so many known the truth and chose to ignore it
But thank God there is still some hope with 2 weeks left:

For instance latest poll from Bloomberg released yesterday showed that Trump has regained a slim advantage in one of the most important battleground states, Florida (45% to 43%)

Yes.. Still hope left..