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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Importance of Populism and Shrugging off Guilt

Liberals are smug, arrogant people..  Even the semi-educated ones..

They think they are more knowing; more worldly..

It does not mean they are bad people but simply when it comes to politics, they believe they are modern and progressive in their thoughts and those who vote Republican are either greedy, ignorant, racist or some combination..

And liberals like snubbing their nose at populism..  

Well, more specifically, non-liberal populism
They didn't mind it so much back in the day during the turn of the 20th Century when the workers and immigrant classes got tired of being screwed over by employers and the System and sought better working conditions and more fair pay, etc..

And those liberals who were once dirty, smelly drug-addicted hippies back in the 1960s did not mind populism as a way of trying to push Civil Rights and E.R.A. and the end of Vietnam down the throats of the silent majority of Americans..

Of course they completely failed on Vietnam but don't tell them that..  it will hurt their feelings..
But now populism in the form of Americans, many white and male but not exclusively so who are Sick and Tired of Obama's America;

Tired of a country where blacks play the Trifecta so perfectly...  The 'Trifecta' being 100% equality while white-guilters allow them to have preferential, exalted status and yet playing the victimization card at every opportunity..

People are also tired of being continually lied to about the state of the Union, particularly the economy..
We all know it has not improved for anyone but corporations and the well to do, and media will never give a true account of the suffering because while anger and fear drives ratings, sadness and depression sinks them..

Besides, how likely are you going to go out and buy a new car or home if the news is continually telling you there's few genuinely good paying jobs out there and 1/3 of Americans are not contributing to the economy

And people are tired of illegals coming in and draining taxpayers by getting full benefits of a good education, quality doctors/hospitals, etc simply because they were able to cleverly sneak in...
Immigrant and Illegal Immigrant are NOT the same!  

Those fucking worthless parasite Democrat politicians starting with Hillary want you to equate the two as one but they are not..  They support illegals because that equates to more Democrat votes in future elections

This nation should always be open for Legal immigrants to come here, follow the rules and hopefully have a happy, productive life..

Illegals need to be prevented and punished.
And this notion of 'racist'..  Let's be really honest here..

Everyone judges others and dislikes strangers for something or another... Everyone has biases and hates.. That is just fact..

Some people do not like another because he/she may be overweight and think its perfectly OK to fat-shame..  Others may not like people because they're poor or very wealthy or just a neighbor who may have a nicer car..

Some people may have prejudices against those with handicaps or deeply resent professional athletes who are the best of the best at what they do...
Some hate blondes.. Others hate redheads.. Or people with large noses or those with perfect ones..

Or won't interact with people who do not speak English well or snooty types who use those 25cent words reserved for Thesauruses and Scrabble

Some may not want to befriend or sit next to someone who smokes or drinks or enjoys smoking pot.. Or only want to associate with pretty people with perfect bodies who spend all their time doing outdoor things

And yet, one is a villain if the criteria is based on skin color??

Sorry.. we have to call Bullshit on that one..
Every person has the right to like or dislike anyone else he/she wishes for any reason he/she wishes and not have to apologize for it..

Maybe their life is a little worse for it.. Maybe its better.. But it is each individual's choice as to who he/she wishes to like, dislike or associate with when not forced (i.e. co-workers)

No one has the right to break the law, hurt another or prevent another's forward progress through life as they pursue their individual happiness..

But ultimately every individual controls themselves..

If you do not,  there are plenty out there more than happy to step in and mold how you think, act and approach life for you..
We are not an honest society any more..

All news and advertising and other forms of entertainment are created to play to one's emotions, not intellect and no one wants to tell the truth about anything involving the economy..

Want to know about the impeding hurricane to hit Florida up into the Carolinas?  There's a million articles with a zillion pieces of information as to how to prepare and what to buy and what to do...

The financial stagnation of this nation?  Mum's the word
And we don't have the courage thanks to PC culture to tell people what we really think of them, their actions or their behaviors..  The consequences of loss of livelihood and being branded a certain way is too scary for most

We're supposed to be a non-judgmental society with the criteria being 'if it doesn't hurt anyone' or reworded as 'if its among consenting adults..'

It is OK for each of us to sit on a jury and judge the accused's guilt or innocence when it comes to rape or murder..

We're just not supposed to be competent enough to judge if someone is unethical, immoral or behaves improperly and tell the other to their face
The 2016 election is about two groups of people basically..  Those who embrace this social totalitarianism of really the last 24 years (we include the W Bush Presidency) and those who are tired of it..

And no smug, sanctimonious globalist, "let's all just coexist" liberal is going to frame it any different.