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Monday, October 3, 2016

Will An 'October Surprise' Matter when released in October?

A few weeks ago Wikileaks founder Julian Assange teased that he had a lot of information that once released would hurt Hillary's candidacy for Presidency

And since they were the ones responsible for releasing the emails showing clearly what a corrupt, vile bitch she is, there was hope and excitement this would be her political death blow; the October Surprise

Supposedly he will make an announcement in the next day or so though originally Assange stated he would release whatever he had a few weeks ago.
So what could it possibly be -- this new info?

More important, to a loyal to the grave Democrat or pro-Hillary zealot, would it matter?

Because to Democrats ideology means more than quality of the person

We have no doubt in our minds that if Hillary publicly said 'Nigger' instead of 'Afr Amer' every time she spoke of them or campaigned everywhere wearing a swastika on her arm, it wouldn't stop blacks from voting for her and Jews attending her $250k a plate dinners..

She is Democrat and that is the only criteria that matters.
And if she openly said gays live vile lives while secretly having sex with her female Palestinian assistant Huma (which by the way she is), the LBGT community would still passionately support her

Because Hillary the person means very little to nothing to the millions of people already committed to voting Democrat..

She is merely the vehicle to continue the destructive social progressive ideologies of the Left; one of political correctness, over-tolerance, a lack of judgment over anyone or anything (unless someone speaks of faith or morality) and the belief minorities are owed something and repayment is forever
If Hillary was elected and the very next day she choked on a pretzel or chicken bone, making the VP (whoever his name is) the new President-elect, politically among Dems there'd be a collective shrug because he would be the one to push the agenda

And if he picked a like-minded VP and later on he tripped down a flight of stairs or such, elevating his VP, then the political shrug continues..

It is a lot like supporting a football team and your starting QB is out.. OK, who is next..  Then he is out.. OK, who is next..  The loyalty is never attached to player; it is for team.
So we are really not sure what new information Assange has which could make a real difference

Everyone knows Hillary is scum even though millions will be voting for her; they know her marriage is a sham and she knew of his affairs well before she ever admitted and worked to cover them up..

In other words the ugly white woman version of Bill Cosby's wife Camille...   She covered up for Cosby (and still does) because he was such a cash cow and Hillary protected her philandering hubby for power and to position herself to be President

Everyone knows Hillary is a disingenuous phony who called black children 'super-predators' and now panders to them at every term..  Everyone also knows she has a rotten temper bordering on mental illness
Everyone also knows there's something physically wrong with Hillary and its more than a mere flu bug, and it will progressively get worse, especially as she continues getting up in years..  Most likely she has early Parkinsons..

Does anyone really want to hear her give a State of Union speech in the future sounding like Muhammad Ali and watch her convulsing constantly like Michael J Fox?

Everyone knows she was at least in part responsible for Vince Foster's death in 1993, that she as Secretary of State used her power to assassinate Ghaddafi while destroying Libya and couldn't have given a shit as the US Ambassador is having his dead body dragged through the streets of Benghazi

And so on..
So not sure what the damning info could be..

Hillary could be into pedophilia or cannibalism or drink the blood of small children and it wouldn't change one iota who Hollywood and the rest of the liberal cabal would be voting for in November..

As for independent voters.. who knows..

Honestly by this point, they should know by now and those who have successfully avoided political news the past 12 months will never vote anyways so swaying them is unimportant
So assuming something is ever released, we guess it will be kind of interesting for gossip or possible salaciousness sake but we just don't have much faith that liberal Democrat voters are fair minded people that will put the nation before its self-centered belief system