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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diversity in TV and Ads.. The Ultimate Social Engineering Lie

~ He was a successful doctor, she was a successful lawyer, the kids were perfect and no one had any real problems..  And blacks & whites loved this pretend world enough to make it the #1 show of the 1980s..

Singer, political activist and Fidel Castro lover Harry Belafonte once said that television should not represent the reality of where we are as a society but rather where we want to be

Of course we completely disagree with this

Millions of others whose eyeballs are glued incessantly to the idiot box as well as those who create the programming and the advertising which pays for the social engineering, are on Belafonte's side
Everyone knows that pretty much everything on TV is fiction..  People kissing each other as couples or lovers are just actors simply playing characters and reading lines from scripts..

And everyone knows that one's life is not going to be happy and wonderful simply because they eat a particular brand of yogurt or use a certain brand of stain remover to get out the poop stains in the undies

So we watch TV and accept the fantasy while still this nugget of truth is in the back of our minds, preventing us, the viewers from being completely gullible to the entertaining distortions we're watching..
Problem is, when it comes to depicting blacks on TV and in advertisements, so many just swallow up the lies which are presented; this utopian society where everyone is academically and economically equal..

For instance, as we've argued repeatedly, how the hell can TV (as well as movies) have the audacity and gall to almost always hire black actors to play judges, doctors, scientists and other intellectuals when it is a statistical Fact that only 4% of all blacks possess a Masters degree and only 1% has obtained a Doctorate!

The truth is that only 5% of all doctors in the US are black..  6% of all judges on all levels (Federal, State, local) are black..  Only 2% of all scientists covering all fields are black

74.4% of NBA players are black so Hey, that's something to be proud of
That is the reality..  In TV land, blacks are all brilliant people..  This of course is absolutely not true but it makes them feel good and who cares about actually educating these people, right liberals?

How is it that TV (as well as movies) keep depicting blacks as affluent and successful with the financial ability to buy Mercedes, wear Rolex and live in opulent homes, usually cleaned by white maids (aren't white guilt producers and script writers just adorable?)

And Yet the median income for blacks is $39,000 which is $6k Less than whites and historically has always been lower than every other race/ethnic demographic while 36.7% of blacks are employed in low wage jobs compared to 23.4% for whites
And how can all these luxury brands have the audacity to put black people in their advertisements and seek to actively court their business while blacks are nearly twice as likely as whites to have zero or negative net worth—33.9% compared to 18.6% for Caucasians

In addition, the home ownership rate for black households is 44.9%; for whites it is 73.8%.

Since fewer than half of black households own homes, this means that for the median (typical) black household, there is zero wealth from home equity. The median black household also owns no stock.
So why the Hell does every high-end advertiser from Cadillac to Cartier need to make such a disgusting PC effort to court people that as a group could never afford most of these luxuries without getting very heavy into debt?

There aren't That many black millionaire athletes, rappers, actors and drug dealers out there to warrant courting so heavily..
Like with everything else wrong with this society, you have to blame the liberal white-guilter for this continual epidemic of lies and deceit upon not just the black community but people of all backgrounds

It makes wealthy and intellectual liberal snobs who live on the coasts feel very good about themselves when they see blacks depicted unrealistically in TV, film and advertisements because it makes these pieces of shit feel like they made a difference

Of course they did nothing real-world to alleviate any of the root causes of poverty or suffering for the disadvantaged

They just made the downtrodden feel better emotionally
Now if those super wealthy people..  you know, the ones that were attending those $100k a plate dinners for Hillary's campaign (it must have been a really good piece of salmon), were taxed at a proper rate that would generate the revenue necessary to help the black, Hispanic, American Indian or other communities in real suffering, they'd have a cow, and call their Senators and demand such legislation be voted down..

Most liberals say they care about blacks, use the 'Afr-Am' term to describe them and believe in equality, etc but they are really bullshitters..
Most of that sort never Ever socialize with black people outside of work, or invite them into their lovely homes (unless to cook, clean or repair something) or have a single black friend

So they're all hypocrites which we suppose we always knew about politically correct liberals

Problem is it is the youth, teens and young adults who are the biggest TV watchers so they look at and interact with blacks based on these lies and then it becomes offensive or 'racist' to say, 'Hey, why don't you put down that fucking basketball and instead pick up a book!'
And we do not have an education system with the guts to say 'we're no longer going to pander to blacks with specialized history lessons tailored only to make them feel better, and re-wording test questions by changing 'Willam had 3 apples' to 'DeSean had...' and bending over backwards to allow a specific race to keep undeservedly moving up the grades then graduate when 24% of all blacks are functionally illiterate compared to 9% of whites..'
Young whites in particular are taught never to offend or hurt blacks' feelings in any way no matter how truthful the words or the need for blacks to hear it

They are also taught through TV as well as the school system to accept the social engineering lie that we live in this society where blacks need to be treated with kid gloves, are either equal or superior and when they are not, and that through affirmative action, whites should simply step aside and offer their seat at the 'table' without emphasizing that you have to Earn your accomplishments
So while we as TV viewers know in the back our minds of most TV and advertising based fictions, when it comes to blacks and how they are allowed to be perceived by white-guilt and white shame pieces of shit vs the true reality, often the illusion becomes reality and no one wishes to seek out the truth..

Especially those who actually live the day to day reality which TV and ads never depict..

Just easier for blacks and PC whites to accept the fantasy

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Has It Only Been 3 Weeks??

Yesterday when we wrote our posting which generally covered all the news happenings over the Thanksgiving weekend, we were sincerely hard pressed to find any positives..

Coming up with the one good thing being Trump still is President-Elect seemed like a throw-away line but the more we thought about it, the more we realize how absolutely blessed it was that he beat such a despicable monster and that power-hungry Democrat party..

We really are not much for hyperbole but we don't believe this nation could have survived as we know it had that soulless woman won the delegates needed
Look at all the positive changes that have happened in just three weeks since the election:

Mexico after taking a very hard-line stance over the last year or so and telling Trump literally to fuck himself, stated very soon after his victory, that they were now willing to talk on renegotiating the terms of NAFTA once he's in office

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) deal was declared officially dead because those who supported it knew there was no chance in hell Trump would be a participant

Normally we hate the stock market rising for absolutely no reason when not correlating to the economic well being of the nation at large, but since that 800pt irrational-fear based plunge before the opening bell on November 9th, the Dow has risen more than 1,400 points...  In only 3 weeks!
Most importantly, for the first time ever, you see the smug, sanctimonious, disingenuous social progressives scurrying in panic like the rats and roaches that they are when the exterminator enters the scene

These people like the rest of liberal America got quite complacent, just assuming they'd be in power for decades and completely alter the fabric of American society to the point where Caucasian would be 2nd or 3rd class citizens, inferior to everyone else and always reminded how rotten and evil they were historically and are today..
You don't have to be a 'white power' idiot to feel Furious at these bastard liberals and desire taking revenge in a law-abiding way on the Black Lives (do not) Matter and white-shame scum who tried to oppress the silent majority while using their Oreo cookie bullshit artist of a President to embolden their goals

The uppity blacks, the Mexico-first Mexican-Americans who really want all the territory lost during the Mexican War returned to their true country of allegiance, the Muslim terrorist sympathizers, militant gays and lesbians who are never satisfied, the disgusting and mentally disturbed transgender community, the white self-haters..

All those who truly hate this country..  They are in full panic and desperation mode..
These social progressive fucks.. who are their political allies now?

The President?  Ha!  Both Houses of Congress?  Republican controlled..  Supreme Court.. When Trump gets his nominee passed, it will be slightly Conservative once more..  By 2020, it will be solidly so..

On the state level, 32 of 50 Governors are Republican, the most since the 1920s..

So they have House and Senate Minority leaders who really only have the power to stall, delay and filibuster..
The rats also have the mayors of every large city in America which coincidentally just so happen to be Sanctuary cities that allow illegals and other criminals to hide from law enforcement

They're a pretty arrogant and cocky bunch of pricks

Of course once Trump holds back Federal funding, and quickly puts these cities and Democrat-run states into bankruptcy, then the cocky cocks will be whistling a different tune

So expect by 2020 that very few cities that currently give sanctuary to illegal aliens will continue to do so..
Also expect pop culture to fundamentally change, and thank God for that!..

Expect the changes to be noticeable beginning with the 2017-18 Fall TV lineup and progress from there..   It takes a year or so once a new President is in office but the difference in TV, movies, music, etc always alters to fit the personality of who is running the country

Oh certainly there will still be the haters who use their petty energies to create viciousness to soothe their political egos but when the mood of a nation shifts, so do ratings and box office receipts and that ultimately dictates things
Before we leave, we thought this news story highlights better than anything how hypocritical and rotten Democrats are

Just two days after confirming that he would participate in Jill Stein's recounts in WI, MI and PA, Hillary campaign attorney, Marc Elias, is now publicly calling on North Carolina Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Pat McCrory to halt his recount efforts and concede his race.

Ironically, Elias cites an insurmountable 9,133 vote margin as the basis for his plea even though that is a tighter margin than the 22,871 vote gap between Trump and Hillary in WI...

Guess every vote counts only when a fucking Democrat trails
And who exactly is this Marc Elias?  Who is he really working for?

The most rotten human being on earth..  George Soros, the man who funds and sponsors the on-going violent demonstrations in NYC and other cities

Elias, who specializes in voter-protection issues, was in contact with Mr. Soros in January 2014 when Mr. Elias was exploring a series of federal lawsuits before that year’s midterm election and in advance of the 2016 campaign

In other words, a Soros sponsored legal team was in place for at least two years prior to the election to legally fight any result in any state that did not go their way..

The goal was to try to influence voting rules in states where Republican governors and Republican-led legislatures have enacted election laws since 2010, and to be ready to intervene if additional measures are passed over the next 17 months.
At the time, Soros described himself as “proud” to be part of the legal battles.

Two suits that Mr. Soros is supporting were filed in Ohio and in Wisconsin last month. He is also helping to pay for a case that Mr. Elias and several other groups filed last year in North Carolina.

Seems Soros thinks he runs America and 50% of the nation allow this to happen because their loyalty to their political party trumps loyalty to their nation...
So anyways..  Yes, America is going to be changing dramatically starting in 2017

And if you love Obama, supported Hillary and hate your Western European Judeo-Christian identity, now is the time to start stockpiling Xanax and Valium because you'll need it.

You deserve it..

Monday, November 28, 2016

Once More, An Ugly Face of an Ugly Person..

~ Wonder if Hillary campaigned without all the makeup and fuzzy camera lenses to hide reality, would she still have won the popular vote?

Well its Monday and we're back..

Hope everyone is not still over-stuffed with turkey and empty in the piggy bank from all those Black Friday faux deals

So..  Anything happen while we were gone?

Let's see.. Where to begin
Hillary Clinton is once again showing herself to be the fucking cunt that she's been her entire life..

God, it feels sooo Good to call her that!

All comment sections of all mainstream media never let people vent using proper adjectives so its just so nice to say it here..

Anyways, publicly, Jill Stein of the who-gives-a-damn Party which received less than 1% of the votes is seeking recounts in three states but we all know who is behind it and somehow duped many deeply stupid people to donate the $7 million needed to start the process
Of course Stein is a front and we're sure got compensated under the table for it.

Some mathematician nerds told the Clinton camp there's a statistical possibility-probability that votes weren't counted, though there's absolutely no evidence or even claims by anyone that anything occurred fraudulently..

So being the bitter bitch Hillary is, why not do anything to try to sabotage the validity of the future Trump Presidency if at all possible..
We would not be the least surprise if these pieces of scum seek a hand recount meaning the deadline would pass without being able to submit final votes, Trump would not officially have his 270 electoral votes and then Congress ends up voting him in..

That way these worthless fucking Democrats could claim they held the popular vote, he never got to 270 and only became President on a technicality

Desperate people and groups do desperate things..

Sorry to be so blunt but we can not wait for the day when Hillary passes away...  Of natural causes of course..
Speaking of dead, Castro is no more..

Most are very happy about this while a few like Colin Kaepernick and the PM of Canada feel quite sad and expressed extremely kind things about the man

Castro was a bastard but in all honesty, so was the leader, Batista he overthrew in 1959

Both the Communist Castro and the pro-US puppet Batista ruled with an iron fist with both men imprisoning people without due process, beating and torturing political dissenters and sometimes even killing them
The difference of course is one leader allowed the US to treat the island nation as our personal playground to economically colonize.. everyone from US corporations to the mafia

The other leader prevented us from this so he's the one we hate

Revolutions do not just happen because someone wants change and wants to be in charge..

You can't lead if no one wishes to follow & it takes massive support of the people and the everyday folk do not ever seek to topple leaders they like and who treats them well
Remember Bay of Pigs had absolutely nothing to do with liberty, democracy or freedom..

A lot of people back then lost A Lot of money from the coup which toppled the puppet state and they wanted revenge as well as the figurative doors re-opened

So let's see.. Hillary is still a rancid, parasitic cunt and a very bad man in Castro is dead..    What else happened in the past few days..

Oh yes.. This one slipped under the news radar...
Seems that black piece of shit President Obama had the Justice Dept fine the Denver Police Department $10,000...


Oh nothing much..  It's just they refused to hire Illegals into their police force...   Illegals!

From the Denver Post:

"The Denver Sheriff Department has run afoul of the U.S. Department of Justice because it made U.S. citizenship a job requirement for its deputies during a hiring spree in 2015 and early 2016.

The sheriff’s department will pay a $10,000 fine and will have to sort through old applications to identify people who were eliminated from consideration because they were not U.S. citizens, according to a news release from the justice department."
So to the Justice Dept, if you entered this nation by sneaking through the US border and didn't enter through the proper process like millions of law abiding immigrants do, then you should not be prevented from enforcing the laws you middle-fingers and having a gun while doing so..

Such a messed up nation we've been over the last 8 years and that removal of the mulatto Oreo cookie can not come soon enough

But we're not the only fucked up country.
In Canada, for the first time ever they have a news reader on TV present the news wearing a hijab, demonstrating that it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear clothing demonstrating subservience to men and be proud of belonging to a culture that is a Millennium behind the times

The feminist movement has always been silent on this..

Can't offend Muslims..  Christians and Jewish people.. totally OK..  Those people will bitch and moan and maybe sue..   Muslims are a people taught in their holy book to kill anyone who offends them or their beliefs and have often demonstrated they will actually do so...
We are talking about a cult-faith of harems, stoning women to death for adultery and in some primitive societies that believe that bullshit religion, cutting the labia lips off young girls who are virgins to deny them any pleasure during sex..

These people get the respect and the tolerance by the media and in the workplace to wear their head-covering

Yep.. really a messed up world..
Surely something positive happened in the last five days..

Thinking..   Thinking..

I guess the biggest positive is that Trump is still President-Elect as he was before Thanksgiving and as he will continue to be no matter what tricks or schemes the rotten Democrats come up with

And then upon Inauguration Day, may the fumigation of the White House (we hope literally) and this secular progressive leftist nation (figuratively) begin in earnest

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giving Thanks

This is the Thanksgiving posting and unless something newsworthy happens between now and Friday, we will be back again on Monday, Nov. 28th..

So in honor of the day we at A&G give Thanks..

We give Thanks that we live in a great country in spite of a certain segment of the population called secular progressives who want to do everything humanly possible to destroy this wonderful country from within

By extension, we give Thanks that so many people called the Silent Majority are out there fighting these white-guilt & shame despicables and extreme-left minorities like Black Lives (do not) Matter, the Real deplorables at every opportunity
We give Thanks to all those who serve in the military and had to endure a greater hardship than fighting Muslim terrorists i.e. having a Muslim as their Commander in Chief for the past years, and still did their jobs to the best of their ability..

We give Thanks that in less than 60 days, the first and most likely LAST black President this nation ever has will leave office, never to return..

To those who disagree, we argue this:

 James Buchanan, our 15th President who served 1857-1861, was the first unmarried President we had..  How many have been unmarried since?

JFK was the first Catholic President..  How many since?
So do not just assume it will happen again just like do not automatically assume one day a woman will be President simply because "its time"..   

When a genuinely good candidate who isn't elderly, corrupt and/or a leftist emerges, Then it will happen and right now there's no one in the horizon who fits the criteria

We're very Thankful that Trump won and very appreciative of everyone on the Trump team who worked hard to ensure a sincere disaster was averted as would have happened had that wretched creature won, giving power to her and her loyal, evil minions

We Thank God for his part too..
Lastly we Thank all our loyal readers who've been with us either at the beginning of this 6 year, 3 month old blog or discovered us along the way and have stayed loyal

We never sell anything.. We never will..  

We just appreciate you stopping by..

Happy Turkey Day ~   See ya'll on Monday..

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Rotten, Corrupt-to-the-Core Woman Escapes Justice... Again

A wise person once told yours truly that elections are funny things..  Half the country i.e. the losing side is upset after the results come in and the winning side is upset by Inauguration...

In other words, all Presidential candidates who become President-elect ultimately go back on their word on practically everything said on the campaign trail, because once he has the votes, there's no incentive to do most things promised..

We thought Trump would be different..

Bad enough he went from a promise of fully repealing Obamacare to making exceptions (it doesn't matter what the exceptions in coverage are.. He didn't campaign on repealing parts or aspects, but its entirety..)

Now it seems as President he won't direct the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against that rotten, rancid-looking cunt Hillary..

To be honest, imprisonment would be too good for her

A more deserving punishment would be hot tar doused on her body and down her throat, then throw sacks of feathers on her and then roll her body down a steep hill of jagged rocks..
She was personally responsible for the needless deaths of over 500 Libyan civilians due a civil war that was the State Department's creation because she and Obama did not want Qaddafi to be in charge anymore.. She even had the guy assassinated

Over her 30+ year professional life she has broken the law repeatedly from insider trading information that turned a $1k investment into $1 million in a matter of a few weeks to carelessly using private email servers to send and receive confidential information that her Maid for god sakes could access and make copies for Hillary as well as Anthony Weiner's computer

And of course the slimy pay for play Clinton Foundation..
Saudi Arabia bankrolled 20% of her entire campaign.. Morocco gave her $12 million.. Other nations gave the Foundation more and it wasn't because of caring about the underprivileged as Wikileaks repeatedly showed

It was more about gaining access and currying favors

BTW, did you know since Hillary lost, donations to the Foundation have dropped by nearly 40%?   Guess there's just not much to buy anymore with a donation
Trump kept saying 'crooked Hillary'...  Over and Over..   Kept saying he would go after her once in office..  That would usually evoke the loudest cheers during his speeches to excited crowds

Sorry Donald, we supported you here at A&G but understand you did not win the Presidency due to your personality or promises to cut taxes for corporations and the rich

And no matter how many appeasements to the left that you make, they will still celebrate your demise with champagne and dancing in the street..
Trump is a smart man but we wonder if he really understands that 50% of the nation wishes he was at the bottom of the sea and will never change their minds..  Thus, those 50% of the nation needs to be continually ignored and politically shunned when making decisions

Trump may eventually be presiding over all of America in abstract but reality is, its just half and those who opposed did so for hate more than political difference so best he not try to think he can change the nature of snakes and scorpians..

Many supported him because they hate Hillary with all their heart and really would prefer she face the guillotine or a Romonov-like fate but since this is America, would settle for incarceration

And for reasons of expediency, or he and the rotten bitch are really friends, just like he and Bill are good golfing buddies as numerous photos over the years show, a deeply evil woman was allowed go get away with breaking the law..  Again..
Maybe the independent ongoing investigation of the Foundation by the FBI will lead to charges..

Who knows..

Over the next four years we at A&G will cover Trump's presidency not as some propaganda machine but as honestly and bluntly as we did that terrible Obama..

When Trump does something consistent with his campaign promises and changes things for the better as 60 million voters gave him their support, then we will praise him..

And when Trump makes decisions that we feel are too kind and complimentary to evil people  or sets policy that feels eerily similar to something Obama will do, we will call him out, angrily if needed..
The American people have a long history of being continually fucked over by Presidents of All political persuasions who only think about themselves and their legacy

Every election on every level is about hope..

Not bullshit Obama slogan 'Hope' but personal hope that the person that one gives their time, energy, in some cases money and ultimately their vote, will not backtrack on everything, thus fucking over those most loyal
Hillary deserves the worst in life.. she really does..

The most realistic punishment for Hillary now is that she experiences excruciating boredom as she has no power, no political goals to wake up each morning to pursue and from that, experience a slow depressing demise..

And she absolutely deserves the most suffering an afterlife can bring

Thank God that He up above does not give politically-calculated reprieves like the Donald did or there'd never be any justice for the rich and powerful ever.

Monday, November 21, 2016

An Evil Pope & the Ten Commandments.. A Secular 'Ehh..'

Today's post will undoubtedly upset Catholics who are fervent supporters of Pope Francis and if one does not want to read any sharp, viciously-pointed attacks on their pontiff's beliefs, then now's the time to click off here and instead open the funny papers and enjoy a nice chuckle at Garfield and Marmaduke

It seems ever since the Church elected this no-nothing to be their Pope, he has done everything he could in his public pronouncements to make the faith as anti-God's teachings as possible and treat the Vatican like a nation that needs to embrace secular (lack of) values

Then we read this morning Francis gives priests infinite power to absolves sinful women who had abortions of their moral crime
We're sure the Hollywood left is going to pop champagne corks over this, especially since  historically excluding those who are actual prostitutes, females in that industry have had more guilt-free abortions than women in any other profession

According to the Washington Times, "Francis wrote in the Apostolic Letter made public by the Vatican on Monday that “there is no sin that God’s mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled” with God.  But he also wrote: “I wish to restate as firmly as I can that abortion is a grave sin, since it puts an end to an innocent life.”"

Talk about having your communion wafer and eating it too...
God is merciful but he is not a simp or Homer Simpson either

As much as we in this very sinful, secular society want to bend and twist all laws and edicts to conform with the will of the masses, it is hard to ever believe the Lord would ever forgive a woman for taking life based on needing to keep her man, her job or just for convenience as are the reasons most abortions occur

Sorry to shock and upset some people but Pope Francis is nothing special..

He is a man; a person like you and we..  He eats, he sleeps, he urinates and deficates and farts and picks boogies out of his nose with a tissue like we all do.
And like all humans he has a big ego and is vain.. He wants to be loved and adored so he has continually distorted Church teachings to appeal to the masses that call themselves 'Catholic' yet do not go to Church on Sunday and make little to no effort to participate in the religion

So many people do not understand how a religion works..  They demand it conform to them instead of how it is Supposed to be.. they either conform to IT and make the sincere effort it takes to be part of it or don't lie to yourself and others by saying you are 'Catholic'

This goes for All people of All faiths, not just Catholics
So will it change anything?

Not likely.. Those who want to kill their babies on demand will cheer and those who know how vile it is, will hate this worthless piece of shit Pope even more

It is interesting though how society has gotten so secular and progressive that virtually none of the Ten Commandments holds any meaning on a nation-level and certainly not in the hearts n' minds of most people..

Let's take a few moments to look at each Commandment and analyze how they are twisted, manipulated or outright ignored..  We'll present each Commandment in plain English rather than 'Thall shalt not'
1) Have no other God before Him

Well in literal term, by tolerating people with beliefs outside of Judeo-Christian teachings, especially the cult belief system known as Islam, we are pretty much all breaking this one

There either is the God of the Ten Commandments or there is not..  The notion that everyone just believe what they want as long as not hurting anyone is a secular concept meant to keep the peace

This is extremely important to understand..
Secularism is only interested in making sure society functions properly and the system is not disrupted by the emotions and passions of belief

Historically this gets in the way of commerce which is the true 'God' to most people..  money

You believe in God or you don't..

If you do, you accept His teachings and His word Trumps (no pun meant) anything the State says or does..  Or you pledge your allegiance to your nation's flag first in which case you are as much an outsider to religion as the Atheist

2)  No graven images or likenesses

This means if you believe Jesus is the son of God and the two are One,  then there should be no artwork of Jesus on your wall and this includes Churches

And all those visual interpretations of God wearing a white robe sitting on his throne in the clouds you see in art and TV/Movies..  That is going against the 2nd Commandment

Some will read this and think we are ridiculous but remember there's no 11th Commandment that says 'These previous 10 Commandments are very flexible based on the individual's personal desire and is free to respect or ignore as few or many as one wishes.. totally up to you'

A person either respects and tries to abide by All 10 or don't bother

Religion is not a buffet
3)  Do not take the Lord's name in vain

We all say God-Damn it at one time or another..

Some feel regret afterward..  Some don't even think twice..

In America, you can go to jail for telling your neighbor you're going to kill them (making a terroristic threat) or outwardly wishing the President permanent harm...

But curse out God and..  ehh..  ~shrugs

Just shows how secular government and society rank things..
4)  Remember the Sabbath

For Jewish people, this is Saturday and for Christians, this is Sunday

And for Americans of both persuasions, this is football weekend.

Blue laws are a thing of the past in this country.. Now we're all free to spend our Sabbath time shopping, watching TV, going to the fitness center and mowing the lawn or raking leaves

You want to attend services.. You don't..  No one cares.. No peer pressure.. Do what you want..  Ehh. Free Country..  Ehh..
5)  Honor Mom and Dad

Most people love their parents so its not too hard to honor them... Just send Ma a card in May and Pa gets one in June..  Done

Of course if Mom and Dad prefer their child not drink, smoke pot, engage in experimental same-sex relationships, get tattoos or piercings or most anything else the son or daughter wants to do, it usually is ignored and the parents are forced to accept it

Asian culture respects their elders..  American culture..  not so much
6)  Do not kill..

Yes do not kill..  Unless its an unborn baby then according to Prick-Pope Francis, you are absolved of all sin and guilt so plunge away...

And It is OK to kill if wearing a uniform and your superior yells 'Fire!'..  Just do not dare shoot before the order is given or after commanded to cease fire..  Then you will be in trouble

And its OK if you kill to protect yourself as long as a secular court with a jury of 12 nincompoops decide your were legally justified

You can also kill animals with a proper license.. Just can't kill a domesticated house pet because the life of a dog has more value than the life of his canine kin, the wolf
7)  Do not commit adultery

Secular law could not give a damn who you put your penis inside or who you let inside you..

Drive 5 miles over the speed limit and you get punished with a ticket and fine..  Lie to the court under oath and to jail you go..

Do something sinful which breaks up marriage and one's family, which increases the chances of divorce along with spreading of STDs or HIV and the government says a big Ehh.. ~shrugs..

Tell your priest you committed adultery and you are 'punished' with 5 'Art fathers' and 3 'Hail Mary's'..  or is that football lingo..  lol
8)  Do not steal

Secular society cares about this because you can not have an economy or functioning society if private property is not respected

Of course if one steals for need, it is not judged as harshly as for greed

I don't see in the 8th Commandment where that distinction is made
9)  Do not bear false witness

This means to not lie about another for your own benefit

Not only does secular government not care if this is broken but actively encourages it with coercing suspects to give up others, even parents or their children for their own benefit or doing less or no time behind bars

Also we encourage neighbors to report anything suspicious about each other even if not factually sure its true
10)  Do not covet..

If secular government really tried to enforce this one, the entire global economy would be kaput because most purchases one makes is not based on need or gifts for others..

It is about looking, feeling or being better outwardly than your neighbor, coworker or society at large..

Most watches cost between $20 and $150.. So why does someone need a Rolex?

Most vehicles cost between $15k and $60k..  So why does someone need a Ferrari?

You know the reason..
We do not know who is the more worthless piece of shit..

Pope Francis?

Or those who cheer and support his dictum?