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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Night of Champagne or Jack Daniels..

Well after endless postings on the topic, the day has arrived..

LA Times polls says Trump is ahead by 3pts and Investor Business Daily says Trump up by 2 as of last night..

Of course polls by CNN and ABC probably say Hillary up by 30 based on polling of 800 people where 750 are Democrats..
But ultimately tonight it will come to a conclusion..

Or it will not...

It took nearly Christmas for the election of 2000 to be decided correctly

So we could spend another day pointing out all the newly detailed corruptions with Hillary, the Democrat party and the media all working together to serve their shared common interests

You know.. things like how people at CNN directly contacted the DNC to seek out assistance in the questions they were going to ask both Trump and Ted Cruz during the primaries when Wolf Blitzer conducted interviews
And we could spend a lot more time showing how deeply corrupt the whole Democrat party apparatus is; just one big incestuous political 'tent' full of evil jackals

Things like the deputy secretary of the FBI (2nd in command under piece-of-shit Comey) is Andrew McCabe who was directly involved in the investigation of Hillary's emails and whose wife just so happens to be running for State Senator of Virginia as a Democrat

And how bundlers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign joined Clinton ally and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in donating money her to the state senate campaign; McAuliffe donating more than $467,000 through his PAC, the Virginia Democrat Party donating over $207k and four other top bundlers giving $130k collectively
Think all these Hillary operatives gave out so much money because they really care about the state of Virginia?

Or more to gain influence with her hubby to help work Comey over to come out with that ridiculous statement on a Sunday afternoon before election that Hillary would not face charges based on emails not yet fully read?

See, we could spend lots of energy reporting things like this

But we believe ultimately you know who you are supporting and let's be honest, if you are voting for that lying, corrupt bitch Hillary, you stopped reading months ago..
Who wants to stop by daily and read in black n' white all the truthful, factual and documented examples of how devious and rotten the person is you're voting for solely based on Democrat affiliation?

Could there actually be idiots out there who genuinely love her?


The differences are clear and while neither person would we personally want to befriend or send Christmas cards to, its all about who will be the better person to guide this nation where it needs to be and make lives better for people, especially the everyday folk like you and we..

And we've never ever hidden that we support Trump..  We've done so for over a year..
Yours truly is not the drinking sort but tonight will be a late evening of ever-flowing champagne and celebration or the need to find a dark, seedy dive and just Jack Daniels away the misery

Here's hoping for Champagne..

Here's hoping for the good of the nation, Trump wins

And if he doesn't, A&G might need a day or so to recover..