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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Rotten, Corrupt-to-the-Core Woman Escapes Justice... Again

A wise person once told yours truly that elections are funny things..  Half the country i.e. the losing side is upset after the results come in and the winning side is upset by Inauguration...

In other words, all Presidential candidates who become President-elect ultimately go back on their word on practically everything said on the campaign trail, because once he has the votes, there's no incentive to do most things promised..

We thought Trump would be different..

Bad enough he went from a promise of fully repealing Obamacare to making exceptions (it doesn't matter what the exceptions in coverage are.. He didn't campaign on repealing parts or aspects, but its entirety..)

Now it seems as President he won't direct the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against that rotten, rancid-looking cunt Hillary..

To be honest, imprisonment would be too good for her

A more deserving punishment would be hot tar doused on her body and down her throat, then throw sacks of feathers on her and then roll her body down a steep hill of jagged rocks..
She was personally responsible for the needless deaths of over 500 Libyan civilians due a civil war that was the State Department's creation because she and Obama did not want Qaddafi to be in charge anymore.. She even had the guy assassinated

Over her 30+ year professional life she has broken the law repeatedly from insider trading information that turned a $1k investment into $1 million in a matter of a few weeks to carelessly using private email servers to send and receive confidential information that her Maid for god sakes could access and make copies for Hillary as well as Anthony Weiner's computer

And of course the slimy pay for play Clinton Foundation..
Saudi Arabia bankrolled 20% of her entire campaign.. Morocco gave her $12 million.. Other nations gave the Foundation more and it wasn't because of caring about the underprivileged as Wikileaks repeatedly showed

It was more about gaining access and currying favors

BTW, did you know since Hillary lost, donations to the Foundation have dropped by nearly 40%?   Guess there's just not much to buy anymore with a donation
Trump kept saying 'crooked Hillary'...  Over and Over..   Kept saying he would go after her once in office..  That would usually evoke the loudest cheers during his speeches to excited crowds

Sorry Donald, we supported you here at A&G but understand you did not win the Presidency due to your personality or promises to cut taxes for corporations and the rich

And no matter how many appeasements to the left that you make, they will still celebrate your demise with champagne and dancing in the street..
Trump is a smart man but we wonder if he really understands that 50% of the nation wishes he was at the bottom of the sea and will never change their minds..  Thus, those 50% of the nation needs to be continually ignored and politically shunned when making decisions

Trump may eventually be presiding over all of America in abstract but reality is, its just half and those who opposed did so for hate more than political difference so best he not try to think he can change the nature of snakes and scorpians..

Many supported him because they hate Hillary with all their heart and really would prefer she face the guillotine or a Romonov-like fate but since this is America, would settle for incarceration

And for reasons of expediency, or he and the rotten bitch are really friends, just like he and Bill are good golfing buddies as numerous photos over the years show, a deeply evil woman was allowed go get away with breaking the law..  Again..
Maybe the independent ongoing investigation of the Foundation by the FBI will lead to charges..

Who knows..

Over the next four years we at A&G will cover Trump's presidency not as some propaganda machine but as honestly and bluntly as we did that terrible Obama..

When Trump does something consistent with his campaign promises and changes things for the better as 60 million voters gave him their support, then we will praise him..

And when Trump makes decisions that we feel are too kind and complimentary to evil people  or sets policy that feels eerily similar to something Obama will do, we will call him out, angrily if needed..
The American people have a long history of being continually fucked over by Presidents of All political persuasions who only think about themselves and their legacy

Every election on every level is about hope..

Not bullshit Obama slogan 'Hope' but personal hope that the person that one gives their time, energy, in some cases money and ultimately their vote, will not backtrack on everything, thus fucking over those most loyal
Hillary deserves the worst in life.. she really does..

The most realistic punishment for Hillary now is that she experiences excruciating boredom as she has no power, no political goals to wake up each morning to pursue and from that, experience a slow depressing demise..

And she absolutely deserves the most suffering an afterlife can bring

Thank God that He up above does not give politically-calculated reprieves like the Donald did or there'd never be any justice for the rich and powerful ever.