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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Yuge Victory!!!!

Experiencing all that happened late last night, we at A&G had just a small taste of what it must have been like back in 1945 when the country celebrated V-E and V-J day, defeating all our evil enemies

Because the truth can never been minimized that Hillary was a true threat to this nation and her victory would have meant a lot of economic suffering for many as well as permanently changing the freedoms and rights so many have enjoyed since the nation was founded..

The worthless piece of shit liberal media can bellow all they want now..  

Scum like Rachel Maddow and senile coots with no filter like Tom Brokaw can vent with all the vicious hyperbole they desire..
It all does not matter now..

Its all the equivalent of declawed pussies (cats we mean.. ~grin) swatting their paws into the wind

Now understand that Delicious victory like last night do not come often..  This was to all 'experts' a monumental upset of Geiger counter-like proportions; quite Andrew Jacksonian really..

So lets try to put it all into proper perspective and assess what this wonderful win over a truly rotten woman means..
1) Real Americans have spoken!!

First and foremost, the American people are Sick and Tired of political correctness and being afraid to say/do anything even slightly perceived as 'hurtful' which could cause him/her to lose their livelihood or be cast as a pariah 

This was a middle finger to all that and yes, the white people have spoken!

Now being 'white' does not mean being some Nazi or Klansman or any of that bullshit...

It means there has been a systematic push since the late 1960s to make white people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds feel shame and guilt for how the poor-poor minorities have been treated..

Punish the living for the sins of the dead
This really picked up steam with that bastard Bill Clinton winning in 1992 and that scum-fuck weasel W. Bush who couldn't even pretend to be a man last night and vote Republican was too focused on draining the US Treasury fighting wars to defend his daddy then care about the PC epidemic spreading

And then Obama..  dear God!  An Oreo cookie using race at every turn to divide and conquer while doing it so subtle and 'cool' that most weren't even aware it was occurring

So Trump signifies a true change and lets not forget he did not win simply because 'low-educated' whites supported him like that fucking worthless mainstream media likes to push..

Trump also won with educated people voting for him as well as double the percentage of blacks as Romney got in 2012, 1/5th of the Hispanic vote, strong turnout among women and there were even intelligent gay people who saw Hillary as she truly was.
2)  Hillary is now completely Insignificant & Inconsequential

Every election cycle, both candidates have millions supporting them; the winner gets to keep all the love as he prepares for becoming President to enjoy or experience re-election while most everyone abandons the loser with incrimination to follow

Remember, most do not vote a candidate because there is a bonding; that person is merely the conduit to get that person's world views represented in the most powerful office on the globe

So its not like there is this infusion of passion and loyalty for Hillary the person to do it again in 4 years
The corrupt to the core Democratic Party will make sure this time one person is not anointed but that there will be many candidates running during 2020 primaries and a proper vetting takes place.

Another phenomenon of elections is two candidates get hounded for months with an endless barrage of questions seeking their opinions; when one wins, those questions continue..   

To the loser, suddenly no one gives a damn what he/she thinks or feels on anything

Emotionally it has to be an incredible shock and adjustment especially if one had already spent months picking out the new Oval Office drapes and figuring who to first return pay-for-play favors to
Now its just Hillary, private citizen with her millions, her 'husband' who really does not love her like a man should a woman (though to be fair she does not love him as a woman should a man), an ugly as hell, spoiled brat daughter and the FBI still investigating the Clinton Foundation

We guess on the bright side for her, she still has her secret lover Huma and maybe will finally come out of the closet, divorce Bill, her 'beard' which is a term for a gay person staying married to another so the public thinks they're straight even know the spouse or bf/gf knows the truth

Now Hillary can focus on what she should have been caring about all this time.. Being a good grandmother and learning to play MahJongg
3)  A complete and total Repudiation of Obama

The American people by and large have said President Obama is a shit leader and has either ruined this nation or done absolutely nothing to improve it..

Which of course is 100% true..

The media will gush over him for a couple more months and the bastard will one day get his mulatto face on a stamp long after his passing, a bunch of schools and streets named after him.. maybe even a statue or two..

But know the truth - Obama won in 2008 Solely because he was black..  No other reason
The man had been US Senator for less than 18 months into his very first term when he decided to run and never so much ran a lemonade stand (The media had the audacity last night to say Trump would be the least prepared President ever.. Ha!)

And well.. you know the rest of the story.. 2008 market collapse, terrible Rep candidate in John McCain and 99% of blacks rushed to the polls - a perfect confluence of crap
Speaking of markets.. last night in futures trading, the stock market had dropped 800+ points on fear and dread by money hungry Investor vultures that Trump would win and the media played this up big-time

Guess where the evil stock market is as of noon?

Not only did the market recoup the 800pts but is now up +175..  

So much for ideological principle among profit junkies
4)  The media & celebrity culture has NO Influence on Elections

There were 11 outlets who did polling throughout this election..  9 showed Hillary winning and by sizable numbers.. Only 2 had Trump ahead-- the LA Times and Investor Business Daily

Guess which tracking polls came out as accurate and the new standard?

Why were there such differences?  The other 9 heavily skewed their polling with a lot of blacks and other minorities who identified themselves on the phone as Democrat

As for the mainstream media themselves?  Lordy!
They might has well have all had 'Hillary 4 Prez' buttons pinned to their lapels or other clothing throughout the last year

And Hollywood?  They deserve to feel collectively ill

All those uneducated blabbermouths with their 'I'm leaving the country if Trump wins' childishness..

Fuck them!  Every single liberal celebrity..

And fuck Saturday Night Live!

They have never been so vicious and transparent in their pure hate for our incoming President in the 40+ years the show has been in existence..  They may try to spin positive that they have 4 years of material but deep down, know they're all sick to their stomachs.

Good!  Eat crow, you sanctimonious, condescending jerks who continually look down on Red-State America!
So if you are a Trump supporter, celebrate this day!  

Feel the joy and jubilance..   Enjoy watching the liberals in full depression mode

Because in all honesty had the tables been reversed and that rancid parasite Hillary won, all of us at A&G would probably be spending the day in bed staring open-eyed at the wall