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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diversity in TV and Ads.. The Ultimate Social Engineering Lie

~ He was a successful doctor, she was a successful lawyer, the kids were perfect and no one had any real problems..  And blacks & whites loved this pretend world enough to make it the #1 show of the 1980s..

Singer, political activist and Fidel Castro lover Harry Belafonte once said that television should not represent the reality of where we are as a society but rather where we want to be

Of course we completely disagree with this

Millions of others whose eyeballs are glued incessantly to the idiot box as well as those who create the programming and the advertising which pays for the social engineering, are on Belafonte's side
Everyone knows that pretty much everything on TV is fiction..  People kissing each other as couples or lovers are just actors simply playing characters and reading lines from scripts..

And everyone knows that one's life is not going to be happy and wonderful simply because they eat a particular brand of yogurt or use a certain brand of stain remover to get out the poop stains in the undies

So we watch TV and accept the fantasy while still this nugget of truth is in the back of our minds, preventing us, the viewers from being completely gullible to the entertaining distortions we're watching..
Problem is, when it comes to depicting blacks on TV and in advertisements, so many just swallow up the lies which are presented; this utopian society where everyone is academically and economically equal..

For instance, as we've argued repeatedly, how the hell can TV (as well as movies) have the audacity and gall to almost always hire black actors to play judges, doctors, scientists and other intellectuals when it is a statistical Fact that only 4% of all blacks possess a Masters degree and only 1% has obtained a Doctorate!

The truth is that only 5% of all doctors in the US are black..  6% of all judges on all levels (Federal, State, local) are black..  Only 2% of all scientists covering all fields are black

74.4% of NBA players are black so Hey, that's something to be proud of
That is the reality..  In TV land, blacks are all brilliant people..  This of course is absolutely not true but it makes them feel good and who cares about actually educating these people, right liberals?

How is it that TV (as well as movies) keep depicting blacks as affluent and successful with the financial ability to buy Mercedes, wear Rolex and live in opulent homes, usually cleaned by white maids (aren't white guilt producers and script writers just adorable?)

And Yet the median income for blacks is $39,000 which is $6k Less than whites and historically has always been lower than every other race/ethnic demographic while 36.7% of blacks are employed in low wage jobs compared to 23.4% for whites
And how can all these luxury brands have the audacity to put black people in their advertisements and seek to actively court their business while blacks are nearly twice as likely as whites to have zero or negative net worth—33.9% compared to 18.6% for Caucasians

In addition, the home ownership rate for black households is 44.9%; for whites it is 73.8%.

Since fewer than half of black households own homes, this means that for the median (typical) black household, there is zero wealth from home equity. The median black household also owns no stock.
So why the Hell does every high-end advertiser from Cadillac to Cartier need to make such a disgusting PC effort to court people that as a group could never afford most of these luxuries without getting very heavy into debt?

There aren't That many black millionaire athletes, rappers, actors and drug dealers out there to warrant courting so heavily..
Like with everything else wrong with this society, you have to blame the liberal white-guilter for this continual epidemic of lies and deceit upon not just the black community but people of all backgrounds

It makes wealthy and intellectual liberal snobs who live on the coasts feel very good about themselves when they see blacks depicted unrealistically in TV, film and advertisements because it makes these pieces of shit feel like they made a difference

Of course they did nothing real-world to alleviate any of the root causes of poverty or suffering for the disadvantaged

They just made the downtrodden feel better emotionally
Now if those super wealthy people..  you know, the ones that were attending those $100k a plate dinners for Hillary's campaign (it must have been a really good piece of salmon), were taxed at a proper rate that would generate the revenue necessary to help the black, Hispanic, American Indian or other communities in real suffering, they'd have a cow, and call their Senators and demand such legislation be voted down..

Most liberals say they care about blacks, use the 'Afr-Am' term to describe them and believe in equality, etc but they are really bullshitters..
Most of that sort never Ever socialize with black people outside of work, or invite them into their lovely homes (unless to cook, clean or repair something) or have a single black friend

So they're all hypocrites which we suppose we always knew about politically correct liberals

Problem is it is the youth, teens and young adults who are the biggest TV watchers so they look at and interact with blacks based on these lies and then it becomes offensive or 'racist' to say, 'Hey, why don't you put down that fucking basketball and instead pick up a book!'
And we do not have an education system with the guts to say 'we're no longer going to pander to blacks with specialized history lessons tailored only to make them feel better, and re-wording test questions by changing 'Willam had 3 apples' to 'DeSean had...' and bending over backwards to allow a specific race to keep undeservedly moving up the grades then graduate when 24% of all blacks are functionally illiterate compared to 9% of whites..'
Young whites in particular are taught never to offend or hurt blacks' feelings in any way no matter how truthful the words or the need for blacks to hear it

They are also taught through TV as well as the school system to accept the social engineering lie that we live in this society where blacks need to be treated with kid gloves, are either equal or superior and when they are not, and that through affirmative action, whites should simply step aside and offer their seat at the 'table' without emphasizing that you have to Earn your accomplishments
So while we as TV viewers know in the back our minds of most TV and advertising based fictions, when it comes to blacks and how they are allowed to be perceived by white-guilt and white shame pieces of shit vs the true reality, often the illusion becomes reality and no one wishes to seek out the truth..

Especially those who actually live the day to day reality which TV and ads never depict..

Just easier for blacks and PC whites to accept the fantasy