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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Enjoy the Anger

~ The more these people are upset, the more A&G smiles

A lot of the news focus right now is on all the protests going on which of course is covered by the filthy, rotten media so disingenuously

The week after a major US election, there's really nothing to report or talk about other than guessing the future since there's a 3 month transition from victory to inauguration so these know-nothing snowflake professional George Soros-owned protesters are like manna from heaven to newsrooms..
Many of them are the same idiots who participated in Occupy Wall Street, a movement we initially supported until we quickly saw these hippie-wannabes & never-will-be's 'occupying' lots of parks and other meaningless spaces of land BUT too scared to actually go block the NYSE's entrances

And it is all meaningless really..  They like all Democrats will have No power or say or influence of any meaningful kind in a Trump Administration..

Welcome to our world the past 8 years, you bastards..
To understand how much damage this inept piece of crap Obama has done to this nation, all you have to do is look at the extremely long list of things Trump will need to repeal or Executive Order to toss out Barry O's Executive Orders in the first 100 days alone..

The Democrats are scared..  They ought to be..

Because if they are not upset and they embrace and applaud Trump for anything other than uniting the nation after a 9-11 type incident, it means the Donald would have betrayed the 60+ million who voted for him Not to compromise or work with the enemies, but to figuratively take his foot and shove it upon the Dems' political chests..
The absolute Worst kind of politician is one who reaches across the aisle and works with the enemy seeking their love and respect..

Scorpions don't change for anyone..

So we hope Trump will be as minimal compromising as possible...

We also hope he appoints a Special Prosecutor even if Obama pardons her..    It is important the American people know Officially how corrupt and evil this woman was even if it can not lead to charges because the Clintons' legacy is a cancer in itself and needs to be destroyed for the history books
Right now Republicans have the Presidency, both Houses of Congress which means they chair all the committees which decide what bills are considered for debate and what are tabled, and it sure makes it easier though not a slam dunk that Trump can get any and all appointees and nominees through..

Most importantly, Supreme Court nominees

Trump will get to fill the late Justice Scalia's seat and hopefully the two oldest and most liberal will keel over or retire voluntarily making as many as 3 appointments in the next 4 years

And who said Trump's victory was not vital for this nation..
Republicans also are governor of 32 states, the most since 1922

So what do the Democrats have?

Well they have their Minority leaders who can obstruct and fillibuster like the petulant children the party historically has shown itself to be

They also still control a lot of urban area with heavy poor and ignorant black populations who allow their cities to become sanctuary cities for illegals, especially violent criminals and potential Muslim terrorists to live among the decent people with complete legal immunity
So a Trump Presidency is not going to be a perfect world but remember folks, the best way to judge how Trump is doing is to see how the left respects, especially the media elitists.

The more unhappy and vocal they are; the more the protests and greater the violence and property damage they inflict because they don't respect democratic elections, the more you know Trump kept his word to his massive wave of supporters; the Silent Majority

You will know America is going in the right direction and Social Progressivism, that most evil scourge is truly dying..

Enjoy the Anger..