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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giving Thanks

This is the Thanksgiving posting and unless something newsworthy happens between now and Friday, we will be back again on Monday, Nov. 28th..

So in honor of the day we at A&G give Thanks..

We give Thanks that we live in a great country in spite of a certain segment of the population called secular progressives who want to do everything humanly possible to destroy this wonderful country from within

By extension, we give Thanks that so many people called the Silent Majority are out there fighting these white-guilt & shame despicables and extreme-left minorities like Black Lives (do not) Matter, the Real deplorables at every opportunity
We give Thanks to all those who serve in the military and had to endure a greater hardship than fighting Muslim terrorists i.e. having a Muslim as their Commander in Chief for the past years, and still did their jobs to the best of their ability..

We give Thanks that in less than 60 days, the first and most likely LAST black President this nation ever has will leave office, never to return..

To those who disagree, we argue this:

 James Buchanan, our 15th President who served 1857-1861, was the first unmarried President we had..  How many have been unmarried since?

JFK was the first Catholic President..  How many since?
So do not just assume it will happen again just like do not automatically assume one day a woman will be President simply because "its time"..   

When a genuinely good candidate who isn't elderly, corrupt and/or a leftist emerges, Then it will happen and right now there's no one in the horizon who fits the criteria

We're very Thankful that Trump won and very appreciative of everyone on the Trump team who worked hard to ensure a sincere disaster was averted as would have happened had that wretched creature won, giving power to her and her loyal, evil minions

We Thank God for his part too..
Lastly we Thank all our loyal readers who've been with us either at the beginning of this 6 year, 3 month old blog or discovered us along the way and have stayed loyal

We never sell anything.. We never will..  

We just appreciate you stopping by..

Happy Turkey Day ~   See ya'll on Monday..