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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Has It Only Been 3 Weeks??

Yesterday when we wrote our posting which generally covered all the news happenings over the Thanksgiving weekend, we were sincerely hard pressed to find any positives..

Coming up with the one good thing being Trump still is President-Elect seemed like a throw-away line but the more we thought about it, the more we realize how absolutely blessed it was that he beat such a despicable monster and that power-hungry Democrat party..

We really are not much for hyperbole but we don't believe this nation could have survived as we know it had that soulless woman won the delegates needed
Look at all the positive changes that have happened in just three weeks since the election:

Mexico after taking a very hard-line stance over the last year or so and telling Trump literally to fuck himself, stated very soon after his victory, that they were now willing to talk on renegotiating the terms of NAFTA once he's in office

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) deal was declared officially dead because those who supported it knew there was no chance in hell Trump would be a participant

Normally we hate the stock market rising for absolutely no reason when not correlating to the economic well being of the nation at large, but since that 800pt irrational-fear based plunge before the opening bell on November 9th, the Dow has risen more than 1,400 points...  In only 3 weeks!
Most importantly, for the first time ever, you see the smug, sanctimonious, disingenuous social progressives scurrying in panic like the rats and roaches that they are when the exterminator enters the scene

These people like the rest of liberal America got quite complacent, just assuming they'd be in power for decades and completely alter the fabric of American society to the point where Caucasian would be 2nd or 3rd class citizens, inferior to everyone else and always reminded how rotten and evil they were historically and are today..
You don't have to be a 'white power' idiot to feel Furious at these bastard liberals and desire taking revenge in a law-abiding way on the Black Lives (do not) Matter and white-shame scum who tried to oppress the silent majority while using their Oreo cookie bullshit artist of a President to embolden their goals

The uppity blacks, the Mexico-first Mexican-Americans who really want all the territory lost during the Mexican War returned to their true country of allegiance, the Muslim terrorist sympathizers, militant gays and lesbians who are never satisfied, the disgusting and mentally disturbed transgender community, the white self-haters..

All those who truly hate this country..  They are in full panic and desperation mode..
These social progressive fucks.. who are their political allies now?

The President?  Ha!  Both Houses of Congress?  Republican controlled..  Supreme Court.. When Trump gets his nominee passed, it will be slightly Conservative once more..  By 2020, it will be solidly so..

On the state level, 32 of 50 Governors are Republican, the most since the 1920s..

So they have House and Senate Minority leaders who really only have the power to stall, delay and filibuster..
The rats also have the mayors of every large city in America which coincidentally just so happen to be Sanctuary cities that allow illegals and other criminals to hide from law enforcement

They're a pretty arrogant and cocky bunch of pricks

Of course once Trump holds back Federal funding, and quickly puts these cities and Democrat-run states into bankruptcy, then the cocky cocks will be whistling a different tune

So expect by 2020 that very few cities that currently give sanctuary to illegal aliens will continue to do so..
Also expect pop culture to fundamentally change, and thank God for that!..

Expect the changes to be noticeable beginning with the 2017-18 Fall TV lineup and progress from there..   It takes a year or so once a new President is in office but the difference in TV, movies, music, etc always alters to fit the personality of who is running the country

Oh certainly there will still be the haters who use their petty energies to create viciousness to soothe their political egos but when the mood of a nation shifts, so do ratings and box office receipts and that ultimately dictates things
Before we leave, we thought this news story highlights better than anything how hypocritical and rotten Democrats are

Just two days after confirming that he would participate in Jill Stein's recounts in WI, MI and PA, Hillary campaign attorney, Marc Elias, is now publicly calling on North Carolina Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Pat McCrory to halt his recount efforts and concede his race.

Ironically, Elias cites an insurmountable 9,133 vote margin as the basis for his plea even though that is a tighter margin than the 22,871 vote gap between Trump and Hillary in WI...

Guess every vote counts only when a fucking Democrat trails
And who exactly is this Marc Elias?  Who is he really working for?

The most rotten human being on earth..  George Soros, the man who funds and sponsors the on-going violent demonstrations in NYC and other cities

Elias, who specializes in voter-protection issues, was in contact with Mr. Soros in January 2014 when Mr. Elias was exploring a series of federal lawsuits before that year’s midterm election and in advance of the 2016 campaign

In other words, a Soros sponsored legal team was in place for at least two years prior to the election to legally fight any result in any state that did not go their way..

The goal was to try to influence voting rules in states where Republican governors and Republican-led legislatures have enacted election laws since 2010, and to be ready to intervene if additional measures are passed over the next 17 months.
At the time, Soros described himself as “proud” to be part of the legal battles.

Two suits that Mr. Soros is supporting were filed in Ohio and in Wisconsin last month. He is also helping to pay for a case that Mr. Elias and several other groups filed last year in North Carolina.

Seems Soros thinks he runs America and 50% of the nation allow this to happen because their loyalty to their political party trumps loyalty to their nation...
So anyways..  Yes, America is going to be changing dramatically starting in 2017

And if you love Obama, supported Hillary and hate your Western European Judeo-Christian identity, now is the time to start stockpiling Xanax and Valium because you'll need it.

You deserve it..