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Friday, November 18, 2016

How Did 'Snowflakes' Get That Way?

The more we think about and write about these worthless, pathetic Millennials otherwise known as the post 9/11 generation, otherwise known as delicate, emotionally soft snowflakes, the more we wax nostalgic of when we wrote nonstop on evil Hillary

Who woulda' thunk that, eh?

Oh sure these protesting morons and emotionally frail college students are funny to observe and worth some giggles here n' there but the bigger and more serious problem is that these losers generally speaking are the Future...

Sings: "I believe that children are the future.. Teach them well and let them lead the way..  Show them all the beauty they possess inside..."

And many of the Generation X crowd as well as some in Gen Y have no business laughing because it was their terrible parenting that contributed much toward such a generation of emotional weaklings

They have been continually sheltered from stress and strife, competition among peers and all the coping skills learned by losing and taunting/bullying (yes, they are actually good things because it teaches you to toughen up)

Here is as good an example as any..

Everyone admires Jackie Robinson and for good reason..  He was a great baseball player, an even better person and put up with a lot of nonsense when he played baseball and admiration & respect grew for him because of how he handled the adversity..
Now..  Let's pretend Jackie's parents raised him like the vast majority of Millennials have been raised i.e. a little pussy..

And let's say Jackie handled all that racist garbage from opponents and those in the stands the same way these pieces of shit on college campuses and George Soros owned protesting baa-baa sheep are handling Trump's victory...

Would Jackie get into fistfights with every single person who called him a nigger, probably resulting in him being sent back to the minors within weeks and never heard from again?

No employer can tolerate a mentally weak, quick to violence idiot like most blacks of today's generation are when called words they feel offend them

Emotional weaklings like that high-school educated fuckhead LeBron James can not even handle being referred to has having a 'posse' without crying racism!
Would Jackie Robinson carry around with him coloring books, doodle pads, puzzle books and crayons to go along with his Scooby Doo sippy cup and animal crackers?

Would he have have crying sessions after every game and see therapists daily? Or throw temper tantrums in the dugout?  Or pout and tell those who run baseball that they put a stop to all the meanness or he wasn't going to play, or would sue them?

We would like to think even if Jackie Robinson was raised with bad parents possessing shitty parenting skills as most snowflakes have experienced, he'd still be strong enough not to emotionally revert back to a 5yr old when confronted by problems
Of course the public schools do their part too..

Standardized testing, pushing the narrative that just trying to achieve something is good enough, and teaching children about tolerance and acceptance of others to the point of wanting to vomit..

They all now set aside an 'awareness week' where it is bashed into every child's brain that everyone is equal and does not matter if you're good or bad, moral or deviant or how deeply messed up one is in terms of sexual self identity

Nope!  Sorry but..  No..   No two leaves on the same tree are equal.. No two people or groups of people are equal either..  We all have things we're better than others in possess genetic, intellectual or physical advantages vs others

That is NOT equality..  That is individual uniqueness.
And of course the seed of white guilt is germinated in public schools..  It starts with how they distort Christopher Columbus into some monster and continues with Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Gay Pride Month..

Still waiting for schools to start Western European Exceptionalism month... Guess we'll be waiting a while..

Remember, from K through 12th grade, the system has possession of your child's body and mind for 2,340 days with little breaks called weekends and summer vacation and your precious lil' tot(s) are not just being taught multiplication and state capitals; they're being socially indoctrinated to think similar

That's why any young person who can go through that and stay an individual, be politically Conservative and not look at everyone as their equal or superior, has extremely strong character
It really is hard to figure when this all started

Maybe its just a natural progression of the PC movement which started back in the late 80s with its push for Earth Day and making everyone feel guilty and pegged as evil if they didn't get on board as a collective and recycle

Or maybe it was 9/11 itself..

The news networks, being hypocritical cowards chose not to show the towers falling after about a day of its non-stop week long coverage
It was OK to talk about them collapsing to the ground and people jumping out of the office windows to their deaths and all the blood and smoke and soot.

Just we were not strong enough as a nation to see it or enough fragile fawns called to complain and advertisers were not pleased with the potential fallout

Just think.. if the Holocaust happened today, probably not a single picture or video capture of the survivors would be shown because Millennials just couldn't handle what savagery looks like without filters

Most Americans could not even handle war coverage today as it was done back when TV showed the Vietnam War..  Now the military does not even want TV showing the caskets
Wonder if its a coincidence that overall there has been less nudity and genuine sex depicted in movies over the last decade or so vs say the 1980s or 90's

Surely snowflakes can handle the sight of a pair of breasts?

Just not sure what it is..

How did they get so weak?
100 years ago, World War I was still raging on and millions of soldiers were trapped in confining trenches living daily existences in mud, lice, rats and often right beside the corpses of fallen comrades because there was no place or opportunity to remove the bodies

In addition, a never-ending bombardment of cannon shells exploding over their heads while trying to get a couple hrs of sleep here and there; complete daily misery...

And yet the vast majority, both winning and losing side took the hardships in stride.

Today, our soldiers develop PTSD after just a couple months even though almost every creature comfort is available to them from watching NFL on TV to playing XBox and talking to loved ones is immediate via video chat..
So whatever the historical starting point is, somehow we have a society of young people who can not handle being called names or taunted in any way over anything, have no competitive drive or know how to deal with loss or rejection, and do not know how to compartmentalize tension so to function and do the necessary tasks like take tests which help them progress through life..

And with few exceptions, these are the future doctors, attorneys, accountants, politicians and people who take care of the elderly when they can't take care of themselves
We will all one day be fully dependent on the snowflake generation for our personal and national survival; the people represented by the protesters and college campus cry-babies