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Monday, November 28, 2016

Once More, An Ugly Face of an Ugly Person..

~ Wonder if Hillary campaigned without all the makeup and fuzzy camera lenses to hide reality, would she still have won the popular vote?

Well its Monday and we're back..

Hope everyone is not still over-stuffed with turkey and empty in the piggy bank from all those Black Friday faux deals

So..  Anything happen while we were gone?

Let's see.. Where to begin
Hillary Clinton is once again showing herself to be the fucking cunt that she's been her entire life..

God, it feels sooo Good to call her that!

All comment sections of all mainstream media never let people vent using proper adjectives so its just so nice to say it here..

Anyways, publicly, Jill Stein of the who-gives-a-damn Party which received less than 1% of the votes is seeking recounts in three states but we all know who is behind it and somehow duped many deeply stupid people to donate the $7 million needed to start the process
Of course Stein is a front and we're sure got compensated under the table for it.

Some mathematician nerds told the Clinton camp there's a statistical possibility-probability that votes weren't counted, though there's absolutely no evidence or even claims by anyone that anything occurred fraudulently..

So being the bitter bitch Hillary is, why not do anything to try to sabotage the validity of the future Trump Presidency if at all possible..
We would not be the least surprise if these pieces of scum seek a hand recount meaning the deadline would pass without being able to submit final votes, Trump would not officially have his 270 electoral votes and then Congress ends up voting him in..

That way these worthless fucking Democrats could claim they held the popular vote, he never got to 270 and only became President on a technicality

Desperate people and groups do desperate things..

Sorry to be so blunt but we can not wait for the day when Hillary passes away...  Of natural causes of course..
Speaking of dead, Castro is no more..

Most are very happy about this while a few like Colin Kaepernick and the PM of Canada feel quite sad and expressed extremely kind things about the man

Castro was a bastard but in all honesty, so was the leader, Batista he overthrew in 1959

Both the Communist Castro and the pro-US puppet Batista ruled with an iron fist with both men imprisoning people without due process, beating and torturing political dissenters and sometimes even killing them
The difference of course is one leader allowed the US to treat the island nation as our personal playground to economically colonize.. everyone from US corporations to the mafia

The other leader prevented us from this so he's the one we hate

Revolutions do not just happen because someone wants change and wants to be in charge..

You can't lead if no one wishes to follow & it takes massive support of the people and the everyday folk do not ever seek to topple leaders they like and who treats them well
Remember Bay of Pigs had absolutely nothing to do with liberty, democracy or freedom..

A lot of people back then lost A Lot of money from the coup which toppled the puppet state and they wanted revenge as well as the figurative doors re-opened

So let's see.. Hillary is still a rancid, parasitic cunt and a very bad man in Castro is dead..    What else happened in the past few days..

Oh yes.. This one slipped under the news radar...
Seems that black piece of shit President Obama had the Justice Dept fine the Denver Police Department $10,000...


Oh nothing much..  It's just they refused to hire Illegals into their police force...   Illegals!

From the Denver Post:

"The Denver Sheriff Department has run afoul of the U.S. Department of Justice because it made U.S. citizenship a job requirement for its deputies during a hiring spree in 2015 and early 2016.

The sheriff’s department will pay a $10,000 fine and will have to sort through old applications to identify people who were eliminated from consideration because they were not U.S. citizens, according to a news release from the justice department."
So to the Justice Dept, if you entered this nation by sneaking through the US border and didn't enter through the proper process like millions of law abiding immigrants do, then you should not be prevented from enforcing the laws you middle-fingers and having a gun while doing so..

Such a messed up nation we've been over the last 8 years and that removal of the mulatto Oreo cookie can not come soon enough

But we're not the only fucked up country.
In Canada, for the first time ever they have a news reader on TV present the news wearing a hijab, demonstrating that it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear clothing demonstrating subservience to men and be proud of belonging to a culture that is a Millennium behind the times

The feminist movement has always been silent on this..

Can't offend Muslims..  Christians and Jewish people.. totally OK..  Those people will bitch and moan and maybe sue..   Muslims are a people taught in their holy book to kill anyone who offends them or their beliefs and have often demonstrated they will actually do so...
We are talking about a cult-faith of harems, stoning women to death for adultery and in some primitive societies that believe that bullshit religion, cutting the labia lips off young girls who are virgins to deny them any pleasure during sex..

These people get the respect and the tolerance by the media and in the workplace to wear their head-covering

Yep.. really a messed up world..
Surely something positive happened in the last five days..

Thinking..   Thinking..

I guess the biggest positive is that Trump is still President-Elect as he was before Thanksgiving and as he will continue to be no matter what tricks or schemes the rotten Democrats come up with

And then upon Inauguration Day, may the fumigation of the White House (we hope literally) and this secular progressive leftist nation (figuratively) begin in earnest