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Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Take the Pain!"

What a genuinely happy day or so its been..  All day yesterday we here at A&G felt like we were walking on air

Of course not everyone felt that way..

Some grieved or vented or defiantly kept their Clinton-Kaine signs up on their lawns to show the world they backed a loser and were proud

And many others took to the streets last night..
Mostly the young and ignorant, organized and galvanized by MoveOn which is bought and paid for by George Soros, one of the most cretinous people to roam the earth, using his vast wealth to manipulate society to his worldview

So many people in so many different cities mobilized so precisely on time to coordinate this mass demonstration of nothingness.

This completed a day where other students on campus organized 'Fuck Trump' marches and idiot high school students were allowed to stage walk-outs without any consequences by anyone above them

Yes its going to be a much needed change when Trump is inaugurated
So who are these people that hate Trump so irrationally?

We will put aside normal people who feel conviction on issues and beliefs left of the political aisle who don't feel Trump represents them and even include people who simply do not like his personality or bombastic statements for one reason or another

Most Democrats who are unhappy are understandably depressed but we're talking about the Haters..

The primary group that despises Trump are white-guilters who feel deep shame in themselves for being Caucasian and embarrassment that they are Americans.
There are many ways these feelings are expressed in general society

Some call black people 'Afr Am' which is such a complete bullshit term which promotes where they came from before where they currently are and exalts dark colored people to a more exalted status than deserved

Then the next level are people who want to revise US history so that every person alive back when who didn't think and act like one is supposed to in 2016 is demonized

Washington - racist;  Jefferson - racist;  John Adams passed the Alien and Sedition Acts as President which censored 1st Amendment free speech?  Ehh..  He wasn't a slave owner so, he's 'cool'...
So this means taking down statues and plaques, renaming schools and streets, rescinding government holidays such as Columbus Day. and taking great people like Andrew Jackson off the $20.

If a minority is offended by in any way by someone or something, then Gone!

Up the ladder of Caucasian self-hatred goes where the most extreme examples are white women in particular who purposely will only allow black men to cum inside and impregnate them so to have caramel babies and Christian women who purposely will date/marry a Muslim then dress and act in full docility as the man takes dominant control..
All to show the world how much they hate themselves and where they came from.

Many white self-hating females back in the 60s willingly became girlfriends or rather whores to militant blacks who were often slapped around to middle finger their parents or make a delusional statement

And remember Sally Field in the film 'Not Without My Daughter'?   Her character had absolutely no self-worth or identity so she marries a Muslim, has a daughter with him, naively moves to Iran then acts and dresses like a typical Muslim wife

More common than you think and so sad..
A lot of the protesters last night were also young, very spoiled and completely out of touch with how the world works, which is M.O, for most college students..

They attend these super expensive schools, often out of state meaning they are gouged 3x the in-state rate plus room and board for four years to learn most things they could self-educate in a library then get a degree of worthlessness that everyone else has and wonder why can't they get a job that allows them to pay back loans and move out of parents' home...
When not drinking, drugging, partying and having promiscuous one nighters or experimenting with the same gender, they are taking to the streets to protest anything that may stunt that evil known as social progressivism

So they believe the crap their Professors tell them along with the barrage of biased news and of course they will see Trump not as a man but a monster.

Donald Trump is not a perfect person and there are negative qualities and decisions in his past which even we do not like but he is not Hillary or anything close until facts prove otherwise
Then there are those that deeply hate Trump simply because they are bitter feminists who saw him as the obstacle to Hillary breaking this idiotic glass ceiling thing..

How many women have ruled over their nation in the last 2000 years...  Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I and II, Queen Victoria, Catherine the Great of Russia, Queen Christiana of Sweden, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Theresa May, current PM of Britain, Merkel of Germany..

On and on and on and on

And these feminist man-hating bitches are Still talking about glass ceilings?!!
Actually there were some ceilings that got smashed the other night which most media ignored..

A woman was in charge of a winning Presidential campaign for the first time in history.  Had she won it for that rotten Hillary, the media would have feted her

Also the glass ceiling was broken in terms of a person being elected President who was not part of the political or military establishment but just an everyday citizen, albeit obviously a super-wealthy and famous one

The media of course twisted that into a negative
The establishment hates Trump deeply but they hate one thing even more..


To them, people are idiots and red-state America is merely fly-over country between the vastly more important coasts

Common people to them are good for buying the products and services they peddle on TV with their advertising, going to sporting events but not allowed any real say in how the leagues are run, paying to see films or buying CD's of entertainers who think average people are shit morons simply for voting differently..

Remember, most famous people do not choose a career in movies or TV because of talent or drive but a deep need inside them to get away from their family and the everyday world they grew up in
So yes.. a lot of hate out there..

The beauty of it is it all does not matter

We suffered through 8 years of this Terrible President and now we say 'Good!.. It is your turn to suffer..'

As Tom Berenger's character said in 'Platoon' while muffling the mouth of a soldier in his platoon who got shot and was screaming, the same words and action can be applied to angry Democrats..

'Take the Pain!'