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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Their Anger & Rage is Most Delicious

~ Some anti-Trump protesters arrested within the last day or so..  Such wholesome looking youth aren't they?

It has been 9 days since the election and rotten liberals have tried to do everything possible to ruin the post-victory buzz many millions felt when disaster was averted by a Trump victory

They've tried very hard with their meaningless George Soros-funded protests, constant bitching in the media and entertainment circles and determination of Democrat minority leaders to sabotage the new administration even before Inauguration Day..

As annoying as they are, just remember how much worse it would be had rotten, emotionally unhinged Hillary won..
Speaking of which or rather of the witch, we thought it was interesting and quite enjoyable to finally read an account of how she took the election loss that night..

We knew she was up all hours of the morning crying hysterical to an old friend from years back about how she lost and blaming everyone from FBI Director Comey to Obama for not shutting down the investigation months ago..

But it is just as enjoyable to find out how unhinged she was while the results kept pouring in for Trump..

Hillary, seeing her campaign as a lost cause and anticipating the post-election reaction of many of her supporters simply lost her mind and expressed it in uncontrollable rage..
Sources told The American Spectator that on Tuesday night, after Hillary realized she had lost, she went into a rage.  Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture.

She even picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff, a similar expression of anger as she displayed on the campaign trail i.e. throwing water on a staffer's face after the Matt Lauer interview before famously calling Donna Brazile (a black woman), a lazy buffalo

A CNN reporter even tweeted that she even became physically violent toward John Podesta, the man who ran her campaign and whose hundreds of thousands of emails were Wikileaks leaked, needing to be physically restrained, then given a sedative
This would explain among other reasons why Hillary middle fingered her legion of deluded supporters by not speaking to them and Podesta was sent out instead at 2am while she was conceding to Trump over the phone

She did speak last night at a Children's Defense Fund gala.. Of course the rancid cunt was paid $250,000 to appear so that's just the right amount for her to temporarily overcome her depression and read off a telepromptor for 30min..

Now had Trump lost and done all that in response to a defeat, we're sure the evil, corrupt media would not have kept it under the hush-hush like they did with old Hillary..

They get away with so much and no one ever puts them in line

The left need to be punished for what they've done over the last year and severely so
They are the ones that spread hate and fear and promote intolerance

It is They who can not tolerate any point of view, belief of value that differs from their group think, in spite of all their 'coexist' bullshit which you see on many liberals' car bumper stickers

It is They who demand equality for all but deeply despise whites, the vast majority being white themselves, and Lord help you if you are Black, Hispanic, Gay, Jewish, Muslim or any other non-WASP group that supported for and voted Trump..

The left would literally tear that person to pieces as evidence by many incidents over the last week where people have been beaten and even shot for saying or it being assumed they voted Trump..
These hippie wanna-bes and never-will-bes who demonstrate and destroy..  Most did not even vote this November!  Even that piece of shit pretend-social activist Colin Kaepernick, the QB of the San Francisco 49ers did not even bother..

You mean even the Green Party was not left wing enough?

Unfortunately for all Trump's pomp and strong words on the campaign trail, he probably will not go after these losers as they deserve..

All Presidents tend to say one thing on the campaign trail then once elected, go a different direction..

They all seem to care too much about legacy
If it was yours truly who was President, my goal would be to push the policies I promised and if only 50% of the nation loved me i.e. specifically the 50% that voted for me, I'd be quite content

It is not like the ghosts of former Presidents hover in the sky over America admiring their statues, faces on coins and reading academic biographies written about them..

Legacy in real-world terms means Nothing and yet every President ultimately succumbs based on ego and hubris; the need to please and appease people who will always hate them for no reason than ideology

As a spite move and little 'joke', I'd also pretend I was writing an Executive Order expelling all celebrities who were captured on video or on social media expressing that they would leave the country if I won..  Make the ignorant sweat a lil..
We know to many it seems like most uncertain times, even for those who voted Trump..  Just so much misplaced anger and fear

But understand this anger and fear by the left is not about the direction of the country as much as they they will no longer possess the power to control and manipulate

In 60 days, activist blacks who have felt so emboldened the past year or so (If you take BLM and remove the 'L', that's really what these people are.. BM) will have lost their best friend and replaced by someone who rightly sees them as the scum they are
Social Progressives will have no allies in Washington with any decision making power to support or defend their fucked-up causes; only the ability to stall, delay and filibuster.  

Where will the transgenders, polygamists and those who desire man-on-boy love now go to help push their agendas?

In addition thank-God, the Supreme Court will be filled over the next four years with 1 to 3 Conservatives who will tip the balance over the next generation to never allow abominations like gay marriage to pass.

Absolutely Pathetic that 320 million people have to accept that bullshit as law because 5 old, smug farts out of 9 voted for it..   Then again, that's how most repugnant social progressive policies end up sneaking into law via the political backdoor where the feelings of the populace are ignored (Ex: Roe v Wade)
So these rotten people are deservedly upset..

They are in disarray as a political party with Wall Street whore Democrats and the far-left will be fighting it out for the soul of their once-unified party that may take at least 8 years to come together and find a leader strong and charismatic enough to win the White House again..

Meanwhile 8 years is a long time..  Think how much damage Obama did and how many deeply stupid people love him for it..

So if Trump keeps his word on important issues as President and is given two terms, what a blessing that would be for the nation
But first thing's first..

We all have got to survive 60 or so more days with a piece of shit Oreo cookie still in power with spite in his heart as great as his hatred of Israel and the power to pardon anyone for any reason..

January 20th, 2017 can not come soon enough