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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016- A Great Year.. 2017- Even Better!

Well its the last Friday of 2016 meaning our last posting of the year..

You will be hearing many people say and write about how terrible n' awful 2016 was and how it can't end soon enough, blah.. blah..

Understand this is not just normal venting..   It is code-speak

It is just people who say such things are too lazy to just complete the sentence which is ' ...because Trump won.'
Remember how everyone dissed the 1980's as the 'Me' generation and the 'Decade of Greed' as if sinful avarice, complete selfishness and the disregard to the thoughts, feelings, needs and concerns of fellow man began on January 20, 1981

Yep.. You guessed it..  When people crap on the 1980's, its code speak for Reagan/Bush and Republicans
How many tragedies befell Americans back in the '80s?

There was the Challenger tragedy..   some US Marines died in Beirut at the hands of terrorists and a dozen US troops died in Grenada

How many innocent Americans have died needlessly on US soil from terror attacks during that fucking bastard Obama's Presidency?

Compare the two and guess how the media and liberal historians will mark the Obama years?
The liberal left are quite disgusting people..  Not all Democrats are.. far from it, but enough vocal rottenness is there from the fringe to spoil the whole litter

America's favorite HIV infected sex addict, drug user and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Charlie Sheen yesterday decided to share his classiness and brilliance with the rest of the world by tweeting that he hopes and prays Trump is the next celeb to die

Isn't that lovely..  We are sure pretty much all of Hollywood smiled then 'Liked' and re-tweeted to all like-minded friends
Of course his piece of shit father Martin Sheen (a good actor we admit) was part of the incredibly silly and offensive video where celebrities urged Electoral College voters to break the law and go against the will of the people of their states to vote for their closet lesbian gal, Hilly..

So bad apples really don't fall far from the tree

Funny how if someone wishes and hopes and prays the same result for the current guy in office, that is 'offensive' if not illegal
No different with how CNN cheered all the brown skinned little middle-school idiots in California who staged walk-out protests during class to show how much these 'worldly' 13 to 15 yr olds hated Trump

Yet recently when middle-school students in a Red-State chanted 'Build the Wall!' repeatedly, CNN called that 'racist'

And let's say it was..  So what!
This is a very important point and spoken with honesty you won't find elsewhere:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with not liking or not wishing to associate with a group or groups of people for any reason one wishes, whether it be based on race, sexual orientation, physical looks, financial status, political affiliation or the sports teams they root for..

If you choose this path, then you will of course lose out on the opportunity to meet quality individuals to befriend; diamonds in the rough which are always found within the rubble of every rabble..  

But that would be your right and you should not be harassed or attacked for it.

As long as you do not physically harm or harass/verbally degrade others or impede the legal rights and protections others have to their pursuit of happiness, a person has a right to judge and pre-judge anyone they feel for any reason without all this PC bullshit shunning and financial repercussion
So back to the main point..

Unless you personally lost a loved one or had something sincerely bad happen to you this past year, it is just silly-stupid to blame a calendar year as being 'good riddance' because of something like an election

As happy as we are Trump will be President 3 weeks from today, we don't expect 2017 to be either terrific or depressing..

It will have its ups and downs like any year but in all our personal lives and the nation at large..
Admittedly though, we do anticipate 2017 with far more excitement and joy than we did 1993 or 2009..

Hopefully you do too..

Happy New Year and see you all on Monday~