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Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Democrat Reich is Ending.. They're Not Taking It Well

~ 'Noooo..  I wanted Hillary to win....   I...  wanted....'

Oh those crazy, angry, irrational, mentally sick parasite Democrats..

They sure do not know how to handle an election loss that repudiates their deeply fucked up social values and immoral way they experience life, do they?

So much irrational fear..
Fear that Trump will overturn the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and re-institute Jim Crow or single handedly reverse the 13th Amendment preventing all blacks from the dream of being like LeBron..

Fear that Trump has the power to overturn the right of gays and transsexuals and anyone who wants to enter anyone in any orifice to legally be um, 'married'

Fear that Trump will close the borders and not allow any immigrants ever to enter this nation again, as if there is absolutely no difference between Legal immigrant and a god-damn illegal
So much fear..

So many death threats aimed at Trump and any Republican in all 50 states that has the power as part of the Electoral College to vote for him this coming Monday

Of course the people that usually Deserve death are those who make the threats because it takes a pretty sick, disturbed mind to write a letter, email or make a phone call to someone one does not know personally and express desire to end their life

But this is America 2016 and its very easy to see today how much of a fascist-totalitarian state we've all lived in under the last 8 years and yes, under a Democrat President
They wanted their power to be absolute and long lasting..

The delusional dreams of Hitler was a Third Reich that lasted 1,000 years..  We're sure many social progressive PC zealot white-guilt pieces of shit had fantasies of one that lasted longer

And now in 35 days their little dream world will end

No more new Supreme Court Justices who make decisions that impact hundreds of millions of people for generations because of personal emotional bias to do the 'right' thing and who will actually base votes on the Constitution
No more kissing up to and pacifying those specific god damn militant blacks who refuse to accept equality as good enough and seek more and more power and influence.. and of course continued preferential treatment when it comes to affirmative action

No more political party in power that defends the rights of the mentally sick and disturbed to use whatever bathroom they feel because they have surgically implanted breasts and take heavy doses of estrogen while still possessing a penis (Bruce Jenner for one..)
No more Illegals just entering this country with a big welcome mat that says 'Welcome future Democrat voters' then given sanctuary in cities run by Democrat mayors -- that is unless these arrogant pricks like the mayors of NYC and Chicago can survive when Trump cuts off their Federal funding..

It is all going to change..  It stars Very soon..
And pardon our french, but these motherfucker liberals deserve to politically Suffer and feel as much Pain as humanly possible for how they tried to destroy this nation the last 8 years as well as how they've reacted the last month post-Trump victory

Even rotten, despicable loyal Nazis post-war had the decency to shoot themselves when their disgusting cause was destroyed
They said they'd leave the country if Trump won..

Well, pack your bags and get the hell out!!  Don't forget to renounce your US citizenship and right to vote on your way out...

They cry 'Secession!'

Well fine by us..  If we had it our way, secession would have occurred 156 years ago meaning 600,000 lives would not have been needlessly lost which over the course of a century and a half means there are over 2 million less Americans living today vs should be had bastard Lincoln never provoked civil war
They continue to cry out 'Never Trump!' using the # hashtag for extra effect

Don't matter to us..  Just keep paying your taxes..  That is unless you have any Real conviction and decide not to as a social protest

Of course find me a Democrat living with conviction that sincere that they're willing to go to prison (not simply jail for a day) over a belief and that will be the first
Yesterday a fourth tier nobody-nothing actress who played 'Cuddy' on the TV show House years back tweeted that actor Alan Thicke's tragic death the other day was a reaction to Trump becoming President

Thicke who played the dad on 80's sitcom Growing Pains very sadly died of a heart attack while playing hockey with his son

This is just one of many examples of how Disgusting, Vile and Putrid liberals are, especially wealthy celebrities
America is about freedom of speech and expression.. To defend the words and thoughts that are unpopular and discomforting as much as the ones that everyone happily accepts

For 8 years, the PC progressive fucks did not want the other side to enjoy this right.. Anyone who expressed anything in opposition was branded 'racist', which silenced dissent..
And they were able with the help of corporate America and emboldened by that prick Obama to create a false-reality world where 'racist' was worse than 'rapist' and every group of people was exceptional

Except non-white guilt Caucasians..  

To them, those people were scum to be disdained..

Red State America..  'Fly over country'.. 'Middle Earth'...  Not worth a spit in the wind to the establishment and white-shame nutty nuts
But now we got to give them a very large intense middle finger on November 8th..

And it feels wonderful..

So a couple more days of tension then once the people in the Electoral College vote as their are supposed to, this issue of risk to Trump being prevented from being President can end

We've said often Democrats are more a danger to this nation than ISIS

The reaction by the left the last 30+ days only reaffirms our view.