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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A New World Order is Coming.. One for the Better

Every Presidential election, candidates for both parties overhype it as basically 'the most important ever' in order to motivate people to care since for a good segment of the population, it takes fear and/or anger to get people to the voting booth..

And honestly, most elections it is really bull-poo..

Sure candidates have different ideas for doing things but time and time again when you peel back the veneer, you see both sides working for the same people pulling the strings in the shadows

But this election really was different because not since Reagan successfully freeing the hostages in Iran in early 1980 have we've never seen a President-elect have this much influence and sway not only domestically but impacting the globe.
At home, the TPP deal is dead because of Trump (Yay!), Mexico announced last month it would work with Trump to renegotatiate NAFTA (Yay!), corporations like Carrier and Ford are scared of the potential 35% tariff on imported goods so they're staying in the US (Yay!) and a Federal judge knocked down an Obama appeal on his healthcare dream connecting it to Trump's win (Yay!)

In addition all of Trump's Cabinet nominees should be approved barring a serious scandal since filibuster rules that used to be in place to stall and prevent controversial appointments from approval is now gone thanks to Dems themselves weaking the rules 3yrs ago to get Obama appointees through
On the global front, finally for the first time since the Soviet Union became Russia, they and we may actually be Sincere allies and not pretend at best and completely-needlessly adversarial at worst as demonstrated by Obama

The Cold War was not fun, especially for those in Europe who lived through it so why in the world our policy the past 8 years and including at the time candidate Hillary's rhetoric was to intentionally agitate Putin (over Ukraine and Syria of all places.. ugh!) is beyond logic or common sense

The US and Russia have a lot of common interests and common enemies.. the two nations should be having a very cordial relationship..  We guess Obama was too busy playing golf to realize this
In Western Europe, Trump has already played a major influence as well

In France, Francois Hollande stepped down as leader and appointed a replacement until new elections were held.   The mood of the French people is they are Sick and Tired of Muslim immigrants, just like most in the US are so perhaps a populist leader (populism is not a bad thing..) will be elected who will dramatically improve US-French relations..

In Italy, their Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, another Obama ally on the globalist front got trounced in elections held the other day over his constitutional reforms package and after the embarrassment, has said he would resign

Once again, the people have spoken
In Germany, the absolutely Horrible bitch Andrew Merkel, responsible for letting in over 800,000 Syrian refugees as well as evil Muslims from all around the world to contaminate her country seems to be changing her tune...

Maybe she's finally waken up to the reality these people are filth, they do not seek to assimilate and have caused widespread crime including massive numbers of sexual assaults of German women.. Eighty German women were raped by Muslims in Cologne this past New Years' Eve alone..

Now whether because she sees the new tide coming of a Trump presidency or she's scared of being tossed out with the new anti-Globalist and anti-Muslim immigrant tide,  the chunky face woman is doing an about face
In what the local press has dubbed an "astonishing U-turn", during a 77 minute speech by Angela Merkel yesterday, interrupted by minutes of standing ovations, the German chancellor pledged to strengthen the forces of law and order, to speed up the deportation process of failed asylum seekers. and a pledge to ban the burka saying "show your face. 

Merkel said to loud applause that the full covering is not permissible and should be banned wherever it is legally possible and that German law “takes precedence” over the Islamic code of Sharia

We do not believe for a moment that this alteration in policy is based on some eureka moment of clarity..   

It is political expediency at home and a re-positioning of Germany in terms of how they and the US will be dealing with each other in the coming 4 to 8 years..
When it comes to US-Israel relations, expect a long lasting friendship and strategic alliance to continue after an 8 year interruption due to a President who is secretly Muslim and wanted to be friends with Iran 

Trust us.. None of these changes would be occurring if Hillary won because the status quo of rotten Obamaism would have been entrenched

BTW, as an aside, did you know that black bastard and his worthless family racked up $85 million in travel expenses over the past 8 years according to the Washington Examiner..
Last year when the Oreo family visited Hawaii for Christmas, it cost taxpayers $5 million..

And guess where he, monkey-faced wife and the pot-smoking daughters plan on spending his final Christmas this year?   Yep..

And that would boost up the cost to $90 million which would pay the salaries of 2,250 Federal employees for one year at $40k each had Obama cared more about job creation than himself and his family..
It was also very nice to see Taiwan finally acknowledged by Trump even though it was not necessarily official recognition.   

They've been a nation since 1979 yet one US President after another has been so fearful of upsetting China, that we've done the same bullshit that many backward Middle East nations do to Israel..  To not recognize what is reality..   Their existence

So quite a lot has happened in just less than a month..  
In geology terms, the political global 'techtonic plates' are beginning to dramatically shift..

The US and world at large is saying nation by nation at the ballot box how much they hate Obama, his policies and everything the piece of shit stands for which their leaders embraced 

The political left at home and abroad are very scared..

They should be..

Their globalist and PC social-engineering dream world is about to end