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Friday, December 2, 2016

Analysis of What Obama's 'legacy' Really Is..

When you want to look at the economy under Obama the past 8 years vs the exciting promise of where the economy could go under Trump, two very recent statistics are as good a statement as any:

Last month, the US added 571,000 jobs in the service industry i.e. servers, bartenders, busboys, etc. while losing 17,000 manufacturing jobs

And yesterday Trump was able to persuade Carrier to Keep 1,000 good paying jobs in the US instead of moving the company to Mexico as was originally intended
Service industry workers mostly survive on tips because the base wage is either nothing, or next to..

Real jobs like the ones Trump worked to keep are the ones that allow people to make their mortgage payments on time and keep the lights on

You will see and hear a lot in the coming few weeks about Obama's "legacy" and the more leftist-loyalist the media outlet, the more they will gush on him
But here's the truth:

The only 'legacy' Obama has is that he was the first black President and we honestly believe the Last black President this nation will see in many, many decades, if ever

As we said before, just because something is a 'First', does not mean the floodgates open afterward..

JFK was the first Catholic President.    He died 54 years ago..    We've had 10 Presidents since..

How many Catholic Presidents have we had since?

Everything about the Obama Presidency is bullshit and that statement is based on objectivity, not our personal dislike for him

We will try to summarize the last 8 years as succinctly and bluntly as possible..

Back in 2008, Obama won because of the perfect storm of a collapsing economy, sincere fear by the populace, a deep hatred of W Bush and anyone even associated with him, and an incompetent cadaver of a Republican candidate who was afraid to go after Obama roughly for fear of being called 'racist'

How else could a man with less than 2 years experience as a US Senator, who never ran so much as a lemonade stand much less possess real business experience win the highest office in the land
So after receiving what seemed like 99.9999% of the black vote and an ample abundance of ballot-charity from simple minded white-guilters, he won and everyone could say 'Finally.. No one can say we're racist anymore!'


Then the very next day, he fires the economic team that provided him the populist message people loved and replaced them with Wall Street scum who proceeded even before he was inaugurated to bailout Citibank and others for tens of billions of dollars..
Later he force-fed Obamacare on the American people which is simply a communist-socialist 'take from those who work and give to those who don't' scheme and doubly punished those who did not want to be forced to participate

Health insurance basically turned into car insurance

Another of his campaign pledges was to not let the Bush tax cuts become permanent..  Of course, he did let them continue indefinitely..

He will try to take credit for a growing stock market which is like a thermometer that goes up yet is not actually reading the temperature of the room
Four-plus Trillion in Federal Reserve injections and 0% interest for banks and corporations to borrow while the Fed pays Them interest at 0.25% to hold it, would have a lot to do with a stock market that more than doubled along with the National Debt

Obama?  Ehh.. He was too busy playing a white man's sport (golf) while pretending to be black to get involved in silly things like actually rolling his sleeves up and working on fixing things

So economically he did nothing..
As for social issues and race relations, ugh!

Blacks have not felt so empowered, arrogant and Uppity toward whites since Reconstruction and for those who do not know their history, Caucasians were so pissed off that by the time Reconstruction ended, it brought about Jim Crow not only in the South but all of the nation

Of course few to none back then pandered to them (other than abolitionists and Radical Republicans of the day)..  Now white-guilt is an epidemic like polio but without a vaccine

Blacks as individuals are good people like individuals of all races, ethnicities, etc..

As a group in social-political terms, blacks are absolutely Disgusting, and the mulatto President played upon their emotional inadequacies and fragile egos quite well which of course emboldened them to be so incorrigible
In foreign affairs, US-Russian relations were more toxic then any time since the mid 1980s when Reagan and Gorbachev first met, and quite needlessly so

Not only did nothing get accomplished in terms of Middle East peace, but Obama did everything he could to antagonize and sabotage our biggest ally in the region, Israel including a very favorable deal with Iran where we let them enrich uranium and pay them for it

The rest of the region is a complete mess and Obama's policies led to the birth of ISIS

We could go on and on but we promised analysis that was concise and it is Friday so..
When people look back with an objective eye, they will see Obama as among the worst Presidents in US History; a man completely undeserving of holding the office but taking full advantage of being black in an era of race-pandering, white-shame and politically correct totalitarianism

And if one really wonders how Trump could have gotten elected when admittedly he is at times a bit coarse, well honestly if he ran at any other time in history, he would not have....

Understand this clearly -- Obama and all the liberal-progressive scum who tried to social-engineer the nation ultimately created President-elect Trump

It is because real Americans i.e. the silent Majority who aren't celebrities, elitist intellectuals and the super-rich suffered greatly the past 8 years and deeply Hate Obama..  as they absolutely should

So Trump was the perfect antithesis

And goodness is Trump needed more than ever!