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Friday, December 9, 2016

Democrat American Gothic

When we think of this past election up to the current state of the nation, there are so many ironies and inconsistencies of the Democrats from what they used to be and represent to what rottenness they've morphed into, its hard to keep track of them all..

For instance historically Democrats have always championed freedom of speech and expression and fearful of any entity in place that could by way of laws or public intimidation, silence dissent and difference of opinion

Then Obama, the token black President came into office and the PC totalitiarian police state was kicked into high gear.
It wasn't direct marching orders by him-- He was much more subtle and Obama's mere presence in the White House emboldened these rats to seek out and destroy by reputation or loss of income anyone who said anything negative about any minority group no matter how truthful or accurate

Since Corporate America latched on with the mindset that everyone but whites were to be treated not only as equal but special or exceptional, this society has gone downhill over the last decade or so in ways that unfortunately we don't think even Trump can overturn
Then there's the big about face Democrats have done concerning Russia, going from peaceniks to war-hawks in the span of a couple decades

All during the Oreo cookie Administration up to the present, Democrats have been extremely negative and hard-lined against Russia as if salivating to pick a fight and restart the Cold War

Yet, remember during the 1980s all those shit liberal musicians writing political songs where the theme was basically Reagan was a deranged war-hawk who wanted to pick a fight with the Soviets, launch nukes and start World War 3
And remember those Democrat politicians back then along with pop culture and media mocking Reagan for the concept of the Strategic Defense Initiative, labeled sarcastically by one Democrat dope as 'Star Wars' where Republicans were accused of antagonizing and inciting conflict with the Soviets..

Now anyone on the right who defends the need for cooperation and friendship between the superpowers is mocked as working for the Kremlin and any voting irregularities anywhere are blamed on the Russians, like this the 1950s and we're living among the time of the Red Scare

Just amazing how the Democrats transformed themselves over the years..  for the worse of course
The Democrats used to also be the party of the working man, the union member, the farmer, the poor and disenfranchised..  It was the Republicans historically who were the Wall Street pigs and greedy bastards

Then a piece of shit named Bill Clinton was elected and he was/is such a big whore of big business and the wealthy, well.. sorry to be so crude but his anus is permanently widened from all the 'fucking' he accepted by the rich and powerful during his time in office up to the present Clinton Foundation corruptions
The Democrat party priorities dramatically changed when he got elected..

It was basically to economically 'do as Republicans do or would do' while present a public face that the President and party 'felt their pain' while behind the scenes being the cause

It was under Clinton that Welfare Reform was passed which financially gutted the state-dependent black communities they still pretend to care about..   Add to that tougher criminal penalties for drug possession which targeted blacks (we're not complaining, only stating fact), those people suffered a great deal under the Democrats

And of course still continue to vote for the party that caused them suffering because they do not know any better
The Democrats then fully were on board with globalization as Clinton signed NAFTA and his administration as much as any Republican was responsible for American jobs being flushed out of the country like water from a pipe, and the dramatic weakening of Union membership and standing

Remember it is not school teachers, lawyers and brain surgeons whose jobs were lost..  It was everyday working people in those factories and mills..  people who possessed high school diplomas or some college..  i.e. a lot of the same blacks and other downtrodden groups the Dems still pretend to care about

It took another couple decades for everyday people who have been fucked over by Clinton and Obama to wake up and stop voting Democrat just out of habit but really see how destructive their policies have been to working people, especially Caucasians
One can argue many reasons why Hillary lost the election but tops among them has to be their catering and kissing up to every minority group under the sun, coddling them like mentally disabled children while treating Caucasian red-state America like a disease

Of course if liberals developed a political mindset that the nanny state is emotionally and spiritually destructive, and the best thing for people of groups to do is start thinking and pursuing their dreams as Individuals, the Democratss would have no more voting base to exploit
Time Magazine declared Trump 'Person of the Year' then as a swipe referred to him on the cover as the future President of the 'Divided' States of America

Newsflash..  America has been divided politically since the very tumultuous election of 1824 which pitted John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson after the previous President James Monroe's two terms known as the 'Era of Good Feelings' ended

Anyone who knows basic US history remembers what happens..
Monroe never publicly supported anyone to replace him so there became a political fracture of northern industrial vs southern agrarian interests and that election had to be decided by a vote in the House where ultimately Adams won

Jackson and his supporters were so bitter over it, they did everything to sabotage Adams' Presidency and ultimately 4 years later, the Democrat party was born (it was nothing like today's party) and Jackson won with a clear majority

And every post-election since there has been tension in the country..

Its just we remember the outcome of the election of 1860 where rotten Lincoln won even though not in the ballot in any southern state but don't remember the tensions and bitterness of 1948 where Republicans who went to bed that election night believed Dewey defeated Truman..

So all this 'everything was rosy and tranquil until Trump won' spin is pure unadulterated liberal media bullshit
We believe the next four years are going to be pretty rocky for the nation and little to no fault of it will be Trump's actual policies

A lot of what we predict and dread is based on a very unstable stock market that still continually goes up and up for no reason while not based on any reality of the real economic climate of the nation

We also believe ultimately there will be a Major correction that will make 2008 look weak in comparison and unfortunately Trump will be blamed..

Then again he seems to be bringing so many pieces of shit connected to Goldman Sachs into his economic team that maybe he won't be so innocent if/when it happens
One can not also count out the mentally sick irrational hate of the far-left -- the white-shame, white-guilt 'tolerance' Nazis, the eternally poor, ignorant and welfare addicted inner city black community, those who do not have the slightest care or concern to understand that there is a Major difference between Legal immigrants and Illegals..

So Trump will have his hands full
Elections like the one he just won vs that rancid cunt Hillary which so many are upset and irrationally sick by are actually very good and necessary things..

They are tests of fire that either toughen a person or make them weak..

Trump was one tough bastard (said affectionately) before he ever threw his hat into the political ring so he's no wilted willow now..

The left will find this out soon enough and we look forward to watching their exasperation of frustration and anger every step of the way