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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Imagining Hillary's Christmas Cards

With Christmas soon approaching we at A&G thought we'd do something a little fun with today's posting

One of us around the office came up with the humorous notion of trying to imagine what Hillary's holiday cards would look like if she personalized each while in one of those drunken Mel Gibson-like states where only bitter, sincere truth pours out, and limited to 25 words per 'greeting'

Remember, this is simply an 'imagine-if' exercise based on everything we all know about Hillary's true personality and how upset she still is over the election loss..

Let's Begin..
To President Elect Donald J Trump:

'Can not believe I lost to you.  Just..  can..  not..  believe..  Of all people... You!.. I was Next, Goddammit!   Hope you fail Miserably!'

To FBI Director James Comey:

'You fucking bastard!  You Nobody-Nothing!  You cost me the election!.. I hope you share the same fate as Vince Foster..'

To Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange:

'If I ever get my hands on you, I will cut off your cock and balls, and shove them in your fucking mouth!
To President Obama:

'You selfish motherfucker! You peacock!  You should have endorsed me Sooner!  You should have campaigned harder for Me and not your god-damn "legacy"!'

To Bernie Sanders:

'Are you happy now?  You sabotaged my election, you fucking Jew!  Huma was right about you..  Can't ever trust them..'

To Vladimir Putin:

'How dare you meddle in my election, you Russian prick!  I would have fucking destroyed you like I did Ghadafi..  I want to gouge you!'
To election Campaign Chair, John Podesta:

"Idiot!!  You incompetent Fuck,  I was at least smart enough to bleach and destroy My emails..  I just want to Strangle you.. '

To anyone on her campaign staff:

'Can't believe I hired so many worthless incompetents!  You did not do enough! You did not work hard enough! It is Your fault I lost!'

To anyone in the media:

'You all did not do enough to help me win..  You rats!  I should have had more access and given greater approval to your articles.. '
To anyone who donated to the Clinton Foundation:

'Sorry all the money you donated was in vain.. I know you expected much and I wanted to oblige but was sabotaged at every turn..'

To anyone who voted for her this November:

'You did not do enough.. You should have donated more.. canvased your communities more.. Voted more..  Whatever it is, You cost me the election!'

To hubby, Bill Clinton:

'Well I hope you're happy!  All your failings came back to hurt me... I would have won without you..  Should have divorced you years ago..'
To daughter, Chelsea:

'You really should have done more to help your Mother... You let me down.  But what's done is done.. Tell your husband 'Happy Hanukkah'

To Huma Aberdin:  

'Incredibly stupid of you to have my emails on your worthless husband's PC but I forgive you.. See you tonight.. Wear something sexy..'