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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last Drops Of A Bitter Bottle of Old Whine

Well its official..  Trump wins.. Woo Hoo!

Of course there really never should have been a month of wondering and all this fake drama had Democrats not been petty, pathetic cry-babies

There was so much about how the worthless media covered the Electoral College vote that was worse than fake.. It was intentionally deceptive
From the beginning, there was Zero chance of Trump not getting the votes needed even if all 300+ delegates wanted to vote for Hillary because in many, if not all US states, if you are a voter and you go against who the state selected, you are Instantly replaced by someone who Will vote correctly

In other words, yesterday as a Formality, not a real vote!

Yes there were people who voted for others to make some kind of silly point, but then they were instantly dismissed, and the replacement voted according to the will of the people of the state
They also got to enjoy a $1,000 fine for their trouble

Now vomit-face Michael Moore said he would pay the fines of anyone who switched from Trump but of course he was as sincere about it as ever 'classy' Madonna promising blowjobs to anyone voting Hillary..   She never never followed through and neither would he

It's a felony to tamper in any way in an election, and paying fines of people to go against the will of the people is against the law..
So this whole kabuki theater played out just as the liberal scum and media wanted it

They knew they had no chance of upending Trump's victory but they wanted to crush the happiness and joy of Trump supporters as best they could and fill their minds with uncertainty, and its a very slow news cycle in early-mid December so it gave people something to write about who otherwise do not deserve to keep their jobs at media outlets

That's the kind of thing spoiled, immature children do..

But don't worry.. starting in mid-January, they'll all get their well-deserved comeuppance; a nice long simmering 4 year continual political ulcer
You want to know the real tell sign if there was a realistic chance of overturning November's election?

Hillary's face..

Not her expression..  Literally her face
If she thought for a moment she had a real chance with recounts and College voters, she'd still be seen in public with her team of hair n' makeup artists transforming her into someone looking like she was in her early 50s and constantly smiling for cameras

But notice how she's looked since the loss

Old.. haggard... wrinkled.. worn out..  depressed..  Like a sourpuss-looking, unfriendly, unhappy grandmother in her 70s whose face has taken a toll from father time..

And why shouldn't Hillary be depressed..  She really has nothing to get up in the morning for
She has her hubby and her ugly daughter and a granddaughter to dote on, but if those things held any priority in her life, she never would have ran for President

Her 'home' state of New York has two Democrat Senators, a Democrat Governor and NYC has a Democrat mayor..  So what position could she possibly run for...  county tax assessor?

Maybe she could serve in the State Senate but that's quite a step backwards and such small potatoes in comparison..  You won't see Saudi Arabia, Morocco and other foreign nations back channel tens of millions of dollars into her pay to play Foundation so she can win that post
This past weekend, there was a Christmas Party held by the Clintons at the Plaza Hotel which was exclusively for millionaire donors and was supposed to be a gala to celebrate her win

She didn't want to be there.. photos taken of her upon arrival show her looking quite glum before she stepped out of the car

But the event had been committed to in advance, and cost over $100,000, all of the money coming from campaign funds since Hillary actually had a surplus of money she never used during the election

What better way to spend all those $10s and $20s that everyday Hillary-loving dum-dums donated who really couldn't afford to..  So extremely wealthy people could dine on lobster and champagne
So Hillary has really nothing to get up in the morning for

That's what happens when you devote over 30 years of your life to a single-minded goal and don't get it because.. well of course to her, its everyone else's fault.

Russia's fault..FBI Director Comey's fault..The media, her staff, the voters..
We feel no sympathy or empathy for her...

We just know the rotten woman better get a hobby or two pretty soon or she will truly go bonkers by the end of 2017..

Painting or pottery making perhaps.. knitting maybe.. jigsaw puzzles are always fun.. Can't go wrong with soap operas

We recommend baking cookies..

Considering her comment to 60 Minutes back in 1992 when Bill was running, that she wasn't going to just stand around and make cookies while she stood by her man, how apropos would that fate be