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Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama.. That Rotten, Sneaky Bastard..

~ Obama:  'Just so we're clear Netanyahu.. You hate me and I hate you.. but I get to point at you and push my finger into your chest, and you don't'
  Netanyahu: 'Just so we're clear Obama... On Jan 20th, I'm still a world leader and you are Nothing'

Probably the hardest postings to write are the ones that come after holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving

We assume readers are in a relaxed mental-mush state (which is sometimes alright) and not immediately keen to reading about what's going on in the world with the bluntness and intensity we provide

But our piece of shit President did some terrible things the Friday right before Christmas, while the nation was mostly focused on last minute shopping, travel and other holiday prep..
First, the asshole scrapped a post-9/11 registry for immigrant men from predominantly Muslim Arab countries so we could track people of that ethnic and religious demographic who are responsible for over 96% of all the acts of terror and violence around the world since 2000.

The move came a day after Trump reiterated his necessary plan to ban entry of Muslims to the US.

Then the little brown monkey instructed his Ambassador to the US to abstain from a US Security Council vote which was extremely biased and highly critical of Israel when historically we've always vetoed such hate-filled measures from being adopted
Trump contacted Egypt the day prior and successfully got them to pull their resolution from the table but President along with Secretary of State John 'I purposely married into money' Kerry back-channeled to have other nations submit a similar resolution with the promise of not blocking it

And of course liberal Jews were totally fine with it..

Those people have already sold their souls many times over the past 8 years as they've betrayed Israel and their God to make Obama their 'golden calf''
Even those pro-Israel Democrats who were critical like Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer expressed 'disappointment' with the UN but never connected the dots to show the UN got away with it because that black bastard President allowed it!

If he wasn't a disingenuous, hypocritical Democrat like so many in that fucking party are, he would have instead said something like 'Once again, Obama let Israel down..  He treats our enemies like friends and our allies like enemies'

So yes, Obama is a nigger
Now to be clear, the vast majority of blacks are not such and do not deserve to be called such a word..

But sorry to break PC bubbles but there Are some where the word not only fits but is in fact too weak and does not properly encapsulate the person

Like Obama..  
Everyone on the left including the Oreo cookie himself keeps talking on and on about his 'legacy' as if there really is one

So let's take a moment to analyze what this 'legacy' built mostly of sand castles really is..

He is the first black President  -- whoopie..

Because Obama was so bad and so racially divisive, we believe this nation will not have another black President for another 75 to 100 years from now, if ever...
Then there's Obamacare

It's really called the Affordable Health Care Act but because it is such a disaster and nothing more than a communist-socialist enterprise where people who work and have coverage pay for those who do not, it was named for the fucker

And of course being the egotist he is, the guy is quite proud to be named for it

Most of this will be gone within the next few months thanks to Trump reversing quite a many executive orders Obama signed to get this monstrosity passed since Congress wouldn't go along with it so his healthcare legacy will be swiss cheese
If anyone does try to take the time to remember this bastard, he will be known as the first US President to openly middle-finger Israel, the only true ally we have in the Middle East and to have done so at every turn with spite and vindictiveness

What else can one expect though from a closet Muslim

And beyond that, Obama's 'legacy' is of an immature man-child who liked to fly all over the world on Air Force One on taxpayers' dime (his recent Christmas trip to Hawaii cost $5 million alone), play tons of golf as if he was white then pretend to the black community he was one of them...
In 26 days, the nation and world at large will be forever rid of Obama as a man of any importance

He will never again have any meaningful decision making power, never again be briefed on the goings-on in the world, and never have the ability to mold, shape or alter public policy

If the prick wants to jet set to Hawaii to play golf or take his gorilla-faced wife to dinner in Paris to celebrate Valentine's Day (as he did a few years ago), the mother fucker will have to pay for it himself!
Sure there will be people who seek out his opinions from time to time and he will make a financial killing off the corporate speaking tour circuit and writing books..

But it is absolutely nothing like being President; like the difference between eating filet mignon and beef jerky..

From importance to inconsequence..  From POTUS to P.O.S.

And in less than four weeks a Real man will be President.