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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pres. Elect Trump's Christmas Cards

~ We are sure they're smiling on the inside..

In all likelihood this will be our last posting before Christmas and will return on Monday, December, 26th..

So yesterday we very accurately skewed Hillary Clinton and today is President Elect Trump's turn to write out some very honest, sharp & pointed Christmas cards to all his enemies..

Of course Trump does not need a few drinks or injection of truth serum to tell people what he thinks of them and that's one of many qualities we at A&G like about the incoming President

So as yesterday, this is simply a 'what if' situation based on how we feel Trump would deal with others if he really thought it mattered and we keep all 'greetings' to 25 words or less..
To Hillary Clinton:

'You ran a spirited campaign.. Also ran a dirty, unethical one.. You are corrupt to the core but I've bigger fishes to fry...  Enjoy Retirement'

To Bill Clinton:

'Wishing you a Merry Christmas to my golfing buddy..  No idea why you need to stay married to her anymore..  I could always 'pardon' you..'

To Obama:

'You are an inspiration, Sir..  You inspired me to make my incoming Presidency as 100% opposite from yours in every way possible..  Enjoy golfing..'
To Mitt Romney:

'Wasn't that funny when I pretended I would actually consider you to be Secretary of State..  Sure got excited didn't you..  Learn loyalty'

To the Bushes, Georges 41 & 43, Jeb, Barbara & Laura, etc..:

'Thanks for your support.. Couldn't have done it without you.  Oh wait.. I did.  Enjoy continued irrelevance'

To Vladimir Putin:

'Finally - improved US-Russian relations..  We will work together to destroy these evil Muslims and make the world safer..  Just Never test me..'
To Benjamin Netanyahu:

'After years of suffering, Israel finally has a sincere ally in the White House.. I officially apologize to you for Obama.. He was awful yes..'

To the news media:

'Hope you liked the crates of Pepto Bismol I sent to each of your outlets.  Trust me, I will make sure you need it..'

To Megyn Kelly:

'Roses are Red, Violets Blue.. You were a terrible debate moderator and I won the Presidency in spite of you..  Cheers'
To the Hollywood community:

'Never seen an industry so full of emotionally fragile babies..  My new tax plan will include funding of sippy cups and coloring books for you'

To Lorne Michaels:

'Never met a more phony man..  You have me host SNL then try to destroy me afterwards.. Deeply disingenuous..  You should have been a politician..'

To college student 'snowflakes':

'It is scary how sheltered you are as a generation..  I'm afraid how you will react if I tell you Santa is not real..'
To corporate and financial leaders"

'By and large you supported Hillary.. I will still make you prosperous & am sure you rats will 'thank' me by supporting the Democrat in 2020.'

To illegal immigrants:

'Be afraid.. Be very afraid..  Nobody like squatters..'

To Legal immigrants:

'You came to this country the right way; you followed the rules..  Wishing you the happiest Christmas and continued success with your new lives..'
To all the loyal Trump supporters:

'Thank you very much!.. We will make America Great again.. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah'

The last two sentiments we especially agree with.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah..  See everyone on Monday..