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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Signs that Americans Anticipate Trump with Excitement

~ Trump hugging the American flag.. Nice to see him replace a guy who has spent 8 yrs defecating on it..

As with all things involving political bias, there is a great disconnect between the image of America that the media want to depict and what is real truth..

For instance, every Christmas holiday, the media love to focus on the few random acts of violence that occur at a shopping mall or Wal-Mart to try to show that everyday people.. um, you know 'Red State' America are a bunch of savages beating and killing each other over $5 toasters..

By extension, these are the same 'stupid' people who voted Trump..
Then of course there's reality

1)  Tens upon tens of millions of people went out to shop yesterday with absolutely nothing even remotely remarkable or tweet-worthy happening other than purchases and returns.. 

2)  Most of these violent acts including 61 shot in Chicago with 12 dead this Christmas being perpetrated by blacks..  And who did 90% of blacks vote for in 2016?   Hint:  It wasn't the Donald..

So there's that misperception..
Then there's the media created falsehood that the mood of the country is very depressed at the thought that in less than 4 weeks, this Trump guy who the elite look at as merely an annoying cartoon character will replace such a 'beloved' President as the Oreo cookie

They like to cite his approval rating and Obama's own boast that had he run against Trump for a third term, he would win..

Of course after countless polls telling us Hillary's victory was in the bag, why should anyone believe any poll telling us that mulatto bastard is well liked and respected?!

And would Obama win vs Trump?   We say No
People in modern times do not want dynasties which is what a third term would be assuming it was allowed by law and in spite of what Hillary's team said after the election, she did not lose because of the Comey letter or the emails or the Foundation scandals...

She lost because she is a spiteful, power hungry woman and any rational, clear-thinking person could see that you do not put that kind of person in the White House..

The fact that Obama even dreams of a third term and what he did at the UN to our ally of nearly 70 years (Israel) hows he is cut from the same sociopathic cloth
So now the reality of the mood of the American people..

It was announced today that consumer confidence has surged to the highest level its been in quite a while..   

Specifically, since August 2001..

In other words, Americans are the most excited about the future of this nation economically and their ability to get good paying jobs since before 9/11!! (over 15 years ago)
The Trump Bounce as it is called is also responsible for the Dow rising to 19,952 as of noon today..

When all those stupid investors were scared of Trump following his victory over that rancid woman on election night, the Dow futures dropped about 900 points to around 17,500

In less than two months Specifically because Trump won and the excitement that corporate America feels for their future, the Dow has risen 2,400 points!

Of course it always yo-yo's but investing is emotion based whether traders like to admit it or not, and right now a lot of people in the world of finance as well as main-street Americans are feeling pretty excited about January 20th
Which of course pisses off the establishment media, ignorant Hollywood and hardcore leftist Democrats who have yet to fully accept that all their beliefs, values and views on PC progressivism were thoroughly rejected

We know.. We know..  popular vote to Hillary, cries the snowflakes

Sorta like a Super Bowl where one team gets trounced 35-10 and the losing side yells 'But we had more total yards and first downs, controlled time of possession and won all our referee challenges!!'

Guess which side hoists the trophy though?
Lately the media has tried to show that people are unhappy how Trump is conducting himself by saying he has the lowest approval rating of how he's transitioning of the last 3 Presidents...

Didn't the White House recently try to scold Trump by saying 'one President at a time'?  So why the hell should it matter how a President-elect is perceived 7 weeks after his victory and 46 months before he needs to run again??

It is all to paint a distorted reality that America is unhappy..
As Trump's own Christmas tweet states, American shoppers spent over $1 Trillion this Christmas season which is a record..

People don't do that in a depressed state of mind

People who are depressed bitterly write distorted articles and express ignorant, hateful tweets about how 2016 was the worst year ever and 2017 will be worse..
The distorted left see 2017 as entering a tunnel of perpetual darkness

The rest of America, including many moderate Democrats see things more accurately i.e. the bright light at the end of that tunnel

Just makes one feel deeply sorry for their pathetic attitude..  That is, if they weren't such repugnant, immature children about things..

But don't cry for them, Argentina..   The haters will benefit from a Trump Presidency too..  even if they never admit it publicly or to themselves