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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Collective Control of Words and the Power of Individualism

Over the weekend we caught a news blurb that an anesthesiologist was fired from the hospital she worked at because she tweeted to friends and followers that Michelle Obama had a monkey face

Yes..  she lost her job over that..

Also over the weekend, those pieces of vermin at Saturday Night Live with more urban attitude than brains continually mocked President Elect Trump's looks, voice, dignity and humanity.. all for a cheap laugh

The scum who over the last two years have turned a once enjoyable, funny show into 'In Living Color' got rewarded by keeping their jobs and having the opportunity to continue next week degrading the future leader of the free world
Earlier last week, a CNN producer was caught on-camera joking about wishing Trump's plane would crash..

She didn't lose her job..   She got 'disciplined'

Whenever we think of employers disciplining employees for actions that really they support, there's a baseball related story that connects..
The specific names I do not recall but I remember hearing a former ballplayer tell of how years prior, he had cursed out members of the media including female journalists, and used a lot of choice words to express his anger..

Management could not publicly tolerate such behavior so the GM later stated that the matter would be handled internally and the player would be disciplined..

So the GM called the player into his office in a public way so the media could see something was done about the situation, then according to the player, spent 15 minutes mainly talking small talk about this n' that while occasionally 'yelling' for dramatic effect..

The meeting ended with a $10 'fine' and was instructed to leave his office looking pissed off..
So whenever we hear someone working for an anti-Trump media outlet being 'disciplined' for exceeding the boundaries of taste and decorum regarding Trump, we think to that story..

Of course if the same people called Obama a mulatto or Oreo cookie among other more accurate words, then he/she would be fired as quick as the anesthesiologist did..

That's a big reason why we at A&G are so blunt and use words that sometimes shock or offend but really are not a part of our normal day to day conversation..

We do not believe in people controlling others, especially when it comes to words because after all, they are merely that..  Sticks 'n stones break bones but..     Remember that one?
All that matters in life are actions..

Anyone who does anything overtly or covertly to impede the forward progress and pursuit of happiness of others needs to be dealt with quickly and harshly because that goes against the very tenets of what our nation was built upon

Words that hurt or offend?

Sorry but a person must learn to deal with it.. or ignore it.. or know how to give back in kind..
No one likes to be called names but admittedly it does toughen a person up so they can function and succeed in life in spite of it rather than the current generation of pathetic snowflakes who want to Big Brother all words expressed which may hurt someone then hide in coloring books

But in a free society, no person or group has exclusive control of any word, term or phrase.. ever..

For instance, the word 'nigger' is not something any of us here at A&G say or have any desire to BUT we say it here because we will never tolerate blacks along with white-shame liberals claiming the word is exclusively theirs

Um.. Nope..  

What is good for goose, is good for gander..   Offensive to all or offensive to none..
Its like everything else in the black community...  A complete refusal to look inward and publicly criticize their own to show the world their inadequacies and failures..

Every time someone black and in the public eye tries to shine a mirror, the rest of the pack of animals go for the kill..

For instance take Bill Cosby..

Want to know what really destroyed his reputation and silenced him forever as a voice of the black people?   It wasn't the drugging and raping of women per se..
It was a black asshole comedian who was angry that Cosby kept criticizing his community for not studying enough and putting too much focus on basketball, handouts, etc..

So his retort through his monologue was to say 'Hey, stop picking on your black brothers and sisters when you have faults of your own'

And because the media which is so left-leaning and white-shame, you just want to vomit, saw the allegations as the perfect way to go on the attack, they shut Cosby up on other more important issues..

And it worked..
The blacks continue as a group to be economic and academic failures with high rates of functional illiteracy, drug and alcohol addition, imprisonment, unwanted pregnancies, raising children without fathers, etc..

But hey, they got exclusive control of 'nigger' as well as taking down that mean ol' Confederate battle flag..   So things have Got to be better, right?

Everything is a double standard where the worthless political left is concerned..
Burn the US flag while protesting Trump and one is just exercising their Constitutional right to free speech and expression

Burn the same flag protesting Obama and you're a 'racist'..

Had evil Hillary won and people burnt flags in protest, then they'd be 'sexist'

Burn the US flag with colors of the rainbow instead of normal red, white n' blue, and now you're homophobic
Somehow, conveniently to the left, you lost your First Amendment privileges in those cases

The left pushes 'tolerance' and 'coexistence'...  Black and white and brown and all the religions and ethnicities of the world coming together in love and harmony with flowers in their hair, dancing in a big circle around a campfire..

But political diversity.. Or people who think they're wrong..  

Think that is 'tolerated'?   Ha!
America was once a great nation (we will be again soon) and we were at our very best when we looked at ourselves as individuals and not groups; when we followed our own unique life paths and not tried to fit and mold our ideas, beliefs, looks or attitudes to others

Every so often the social progressive left gains power and tries to kill individualism, but it just can never fully do so because the spirit of One is stronger than the coersion of Groupthink

You were born an individual and will die individually..

Might as well live your life as one..