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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Proliferation of 'Non News'

As the mainstream media still tries 6 weeks after the election to work out its anger and bitterness over the result, they've wasted a lot of time writing on triviality

There's the bullshit notion that Russia sabotaged our election (wonder if they'd care if rotten Hillary had benefited?) and giving simple minded people false hope that a recount in a couple purposely selected states Trump won (why no recount in California or New York?) or that 40 or so Electoral College voters will swing support to the Dark Side of the Force
Of course even if that happened, the House of Representatives is heavily Republican so its moot, though there's still fuck-liberal academics who will cocktease about mathematical possibilities that they could sway to Hillary too..

Just really sad..  Anything to discredit a man who hasn't even taken office and has acted more Presidential than the lil brown poop monkey whose been there the last 8 years..

Then there's the whole topic of 'fake news' which is so idiotic and asinine, we're not even going to waste another moment on it since the vast majority of it you will find on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and NPR along with the NY Times, Washington Post and a thousand other left-leaning news sources..
But what is worse than 'fake' news and a greater danger to the continual dumbing down of society is what is known as 'non-news'

Non-news occurs when people who work at a news organization and do not feel like getting out of their pajamas and bunny slippers to actually go into the office and/or do real investigative journalism, instead DVR television programs and sporting events, and write full articles on things he/she sees

As good an example as any regards that shit show Saturday Night Live
So yesterday being Sunday, yours truly goes on Reuters to see what's going on in the world that matters..

Instead I see SNL related articles...

One reports that some ghetto rapper most people over the age of 25 have never heard of, goes off script after his performance to say something like 'enjoy this Christmas because with Trump, it will be your last'..

Then there's another 'article' where the political-militant lesbian actress cunt who plays Hillary on the show and who somberly played 'Hallilujah' on the piano on-air the week after Trump's win as if it was 9/11, breaks the 4th wall to look into the camera and urge Electoral College voters to not vote Trump in today..
Then there's a third Reuters 'article' where Alec Baldwin, that rotten maggot of a man who once called his daughter a little pig on a phone recording a few years back, said he will be reprising his pathetic Trump impersonation next year (What Alec, no Real job offers coming your way?)

Now this was not some blogsite or secondary newspaper

This was Reuters..   They along with AP provide news to countless sites around the globe which even the big names like NY Times, CNN and such pay to have access to and use as filler for their papers and 24hr news cycle networks..
We assume it was the same Loser who wrote all three stories because it would be incredibly pathetic to think they came from three different people..

And this bitch or bastard got paid money for this!  Got to pay bills and put food on table for reporting on the goings-on of a fucking' TV comedy show while probably sitting in their jammies

Think about that as you actually um, Work for a living
This is the majority of information out there which you read or see on TV news..

Some celebrity goes on a TV talk show, says something silly like he/she holds their fork/spoon with their foot when eating, some Loser who happens to work for a news agency or media outlet watches the show, writes 500-1000 words, and then 100,000 outlets across the world are reporting that X holds a fork/spoon with their foot

And if interesting enough, this is followed by a million tweets with a billion hashtags, and it 'trends' on CliqueBook and now everyone is so much wiser
This is today's news

There are very few reporters and even less journalists..   And the mainstream news is dying financially though they won't alter their excessive pro-left coverage one iota even if it means survival

What you have are news gatherers and news creators.. They work cheaper than real news people and have no integrity

If they could get away with recapping 'The Big Bang Theory' or mentioning a recipe for brownies found while watching a cooking network or magazine, and get paid just the same, they would write 10 paragraphs on that...
Because in the 21st century, its not about content or quality of; rather its about attracting attention and eyeballs, especially online... getting you to 'click' that link so the advertisers can see the money they spend to put their logos on the screen is not in vain

Once you click and see nothing worth looking at, you can't un-click

And admittedly the Conservative news sites are no better..  Whether its news articles or YouTube video links, the headers are all meant to be sensationalist, exaggerative attention grabbers
I remember once hearing that if you are a woman about to be physically assaulted by an attacker to not yell 'Rape!' because people ignore that..  To get others' attention and assistance, you have to yell 'Fire!'

More than ever before, the news media yells figurative 'Fire!' when not required and we all suffer for it when one day something truly terrible and newsworthy happens and we're all super-desensitized to it