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Friday, December 16, 2016

Turning Republicans into 2D Caricatures: 40 Years of SNL Political Hate

Being its the Christmas season, the other night yours truly watched 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' starring Chevy Chase while dealing with a bad case of the sniffles

So from that, later on I decided to YouTube him to watch other funny things Chase did to distract from the constant yuk and ache of a never-ending cold

Then I discovered a clip of an interview Chase did before the 2008 election on CNN where he's talking about the clear liberal bias of SNL 
He agreed with the assertion that his imitation of Gerald Ford back helped mold the perception of him as a bumbling-stumbing klutz moron and felt his depiction cost Ford the election to Carter

You could tell Chase was rather proud of that

He was also proud of that cunt Tina Fey's deeply vicious portrayal of Sarah Palin then justifies it as acceptable satire..   Click link below to watch.. It's 4:24 minutes

SNL is in many ways a deeply evil TV program and has gotten quite worse over the years if that is even possible

What makes it so rotten to the core more so than normal programming that may have a liberal slant or perspective it wishes to push is how it continually works through professional skilled comedy writers behind the scenes to demonize and dehumanize anyone they do not like personally or politically

They will take3-dimensional flesh and blood human beings with feelings and who have accomplished much in their lives and first turn him or her into a semblance of a cartoon character and then a caricature devoid of any thoughts, feelings and reality
This is not simply done for a laugh because they're a comedy show..  

The ultimate goal for these piece of shit writers who walk around NYC in complete obscurity and normally no one would care what they think on anything, is to use SNL and the millions of viewers it reaches to affect people's perceptions of those which they have axes to grind

From this, to sway as many as possible, especially the young and ignorant to be 'cool' and think n' vote the way they're supposed to

SNL hard sells leftist ideology when not selling the shit between skits the sponsors peddle
For most of the show's 40 year history there was a subtlety to it but their irrational hate and fear of Trump along with injecting so many blacks, gays and other minorities into their cast and writing department making the show now a cheap knock off of 'In Living Color', makes it impossible for them to even pretend fairness and balance

So we're going to go through a quick history of SNL and how it portrayed Republican leaders vs their precious Democrats and we'll start with Gerald Ford during the 1975-76 season
As stated earlier, Ford based on a real incident where he slipped briefly while climbing down steps off Air Force One was portrayed by a spiteful bastard Chevy Chase as a physical Mr Magoo, tripping and falling at every opportunity..

Sometimes Chase would have him talk to inanimate objects like stuffed dogs or turn in another direction to call someone's name who was standing in front of him as if Ford was senile

It was poetic justice that all Chase's pratfalls caused him severe back pain which led him to addiction to opiates for years and ultimately an extended stay at the Betty Ford clinic
So Jimmy Carter was President from 1977 to 1981 and the show did very little political humor, and Dan Ackroyd's Carter impression is not at all memorable because of it

Then we get to the Reagan years..

SNL went through a lot of changes back in the 80's but their depiction of Reagan really did not alter much..  A senile, old idiot with wrinkled prune face & vacant eyes who called his wife 'Mommy' and looked like he didn't know anything that was going on in the world

And of course Mrs Reagan depicted as a cold frigid bitch..  One season they even had a homosexual man play her in drag
Then the 1988 Election and George H.W. Bush beats Dukakis...

Bush was portrayed by Dana Carvey, first during the campaign as a wimp with a high-pitched voice then once elected, as a man who could not even say complete words, much less sentences and moved his hands in a hundred different directions to convey one point while his tongue hung out like a happy beagle..

"Na Ga Da" was a popular SNL Bush-ism which refers to the then President saying 'Not going to do it..'

For VP Dan Quayle, they used a child actor to portray him..  Guess those prick liberals at SNL thought it too demeaning to have one of the actual cast play Quayle
On to 1992..

Bush 41 was still depicted as a babbling, silly man and Bill Clinton was portrayed as 'Mr Cool' no matter how unethical a fucker people knew him to be even back then

Ross Perot in real life was an extremely successful self-made multi billionaire whose passion was helping Vietnam veterans and former POW's, especially working to make sure Vietnam still was not holding any..  

In fact the #1 reason Perot ended up running was his hatred of Bush, feeling he cared little to nothing in this matter..
On SNL, he's portrayed as a whiny coot who constantly screams, 'Can I finish?  Can I Finish!' and constantly mentioning he had 4 Billion dollars

Perot's VP candidate, Admiral William Stockdale was a US Vice Admiral who received the Medal of Honor and one of the heroes held as POW in Hanoi along with John McCain and others..

On SNL, he was a depicted as an extremely old fart idiot telling out 'Who am I?!... "Why am I here?!" which was a reference to how Stockdale introduced himself in a much different tone at the 1992 VP debates
During this period, the show also continually crapped on Justice Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings when that lying whore Anita Hill tried to smear him, and Col. Oliver Stone during the Iran-Contra hearings period.. 

Anything to degrade a Conservative; a continual pattern of taking good, decent people who served this nation with honor and bravery and turning them into cheap empty caricatures to be mocked and emotionally peed on by piece of shit liberal sycophant viewers

We continue..
Bill Clinton served for 8 years.. Every scandal and immoral, unethical act made him more beloved to SNL's writers.. Sex with Monica and ejaculating on her face and clothing was cool.. Impeachment was treated as a joke.. Anyone who dared defend the rule of law was a dick

1996 Republican candidate Bob Dole, a decorated veteran of WWII was treated as an old, grizzled man who always started a sentence with something like "Bob Dole says..   Bob Dole thinks..  Bob Dole.." so young people would be repulsed
In 2000, that fuckhead Will Ferrell, the man who earlier this year planned on making a comedy of Reagan's Alzheimers before people objected so loudly, he backed off, played W Bush as a college frat boy goofball

Years ago Ferrell admitted he purposely played Bush that way so he would be as unappealing as possible to be elected

It was only because of 9/11 did that mother fucking show treat President Bush with any respect and dignity deserving of the office...  It lasted about 5 months..  I guess they could not make mocking Muslim terrorists 'funny' even though there's a wealth of humor there if one has the inclination and guts
Bush was then continued to be portrayed as a stupid man and puppet with VP Dick Cheney pulling the strings..  His 2000 opponent Al Gore was only made fun of for excessive breathing during one of the debates and 2004 adversary John Kerry was not mocked once..   

Not once!

Good practice for how they treated that black bastard Obama; treated him as a God for 8 years with the only 'joke' being how he paused between words

Hillary was always portrayed as strong, intelligent and great in every way.. The only time she was mocked was when she went against Obama in the 2008 primaries because they needed someone to tease and they weren't going to make fun of the articulate black guy

McCain was portrayed in 2008 as a man still suffering mental effects from POW captivity and everyone knows how god-awful that cunt Tina Fey's purposefully vicious depiction of Sarah Palin was
In 2012, Romney was a wealthy out of touch asshole (OK, maybe they got that one right) and as for President Elect Trump in 2016, who actually hosted that shit show last year...

Brutal enough to make any fair-minded person want to vomit  -- Thank God that Trump is exceptionally tough-skinned because those assholes at SNL-land will be even crueler once he's sworn in

It all starts at the top..  Producer Lorne Michaels

He often says SNL does not take sides..  He's a Liar
Nothing gets on the show without his approval.. No one gets hired to write or act or even build sets with his OK..

SNL is really a deeply rotten show but it doesn't cost a lot to make, gets just enough ratings at the 11:30 weekend time slot to make it profitable and children will always gravitate to it

But who knows.. If Trump can somehow directly or indirectly get rid of SNL by the end of his Administration like he will rid this country of sanctuary cities for illegals, he will go down as a great President