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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Understanding the Endgame in the Russian-Hacking Farce

There's a lot of BS in the news right now

The Russians did This.. The Russians did That..

All of it orchestrated by soulless liberal Democrats who are extremely bitter that their immoral values and globalist one-world Order will not be agenda-pushed any more because a new 'sheriff' is in town
So the goal is to try to sabotage the Electoral College and if that does not work, de-legitimize Trump at every turn so to motivate defeated, burnt out Democrat peons to give back one of both Houses of Congress in 2018 so they can try to impeach him for something.. for anything..

Because if there was hacking done by Russia, and there wasn't, the election would not have been the first time, would it?

And which black piece of filth was President during the last 4 years when all this hacking was going on?

So who really is to blame for not protecting US National Security if true (which it is not)?  Not the man who hasn't even been sworn in
More like the lil brown monkey who loved tossing around the pigskin in the Oval Office when not playing basketball (if you are black and don't touch a basketball, you're not really 'black) and a million rounds of the official game of older white men -- golf 

Notice the CIA has not provided a single piece of evidence hacking of the election occurred

Notice the FBI which does deal with fact, has not come out and supported or endorsed the CIA position

Notice both agencies are run by Obama appointed scumbags
There is not a more untrustworthy agency in our nation than the CIA..  Everything it does is covert and one of its top reasons for existing is nation-toppling though usually it tries to do it to third-world banana republics, and not our own

The CIA are also quite skilled at election manipulating
And all these pieces of fucking scum who call themselves Democrats...

Let's say their evil plans were to come to fruition and that rancid closet-dyke cunt Hillary were able to sway the Electoral College or some other dirty trick or scheme before Inauguration..

You think 60 million people would quietly take it?!!

And we do not mean writing letters to their editors or blogging
Of course mainstream news is the one beating the drum loudly..  They worked for the Hillary campaign over the last year, in some cases feeding them stories or seeking their approval to public quotes or stories, so why stop now

In fact the NY Times, which once used to be a newspaper of renown but for the last few decades have been a liberal rag not worth menstruating upon, hired Glenn Thrush the other day to cover the White House, a man who as Wikileaks showed, was in constant contact with Hillary' campaign head John Podesta and sent stories for Clinton staffers to approve

The Times called him a 'premier journalist'
From a April 2015 Wikileaks leaked email to Podesta:

"No worries Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u... Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this Tell me if I fucked up anything."

Yes.. real 'premier'

Yep.. Mainstream establishment news hates Trump

Then again that's what happens when the rats are invited to Trump Tower and the President-elect actually tells them to their faces what lying bastards they are
We know it is easy to get frustrated and pissed off by all this poison and the reaction of those who act like petulant little children angry they can not continue destroying this nation from within --  we feel it too..

Just take comfort that Trump is not the worthless Bushes

He is tough, he's aggressive and he Wins..

And if he can enjoy complete victory over the gigantic Clinton-Obama political machine of corruptness that reaches Satanic levels as well as a just-as-evil Republican party who did everything possible to sabotage him in the primaries...

Do you think he's really going to lose when it comes to Cabinet appointments or legislation especially in the first 100 days?
The real shame is that Trump is Not everything the Democrats fear and dread because if he was, there'd be a lot of political dissenters fined or imprisoned after January 20th as well as a lot of pretend marriages over the last year made null and void

But they won't be..     

Eh.. Nobody's perfect.