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Monday, December 12, 2016

When In Doubt or Feeling Bitter, Scapegoat the Russians

Over the weekend while President-Elect Trump was receiving thunderous applause and expression of joy by young soldiers at the Army-Navy game, the NY Times among others decided to release a fake-news story in which the CIA supposedly concluded that “Russian operatives covertly interfered in the election campaign in an attempt to ensure the Republican candidate’s victory.”

Talk about bitter bastards!
We knew for many years that the mainstream media were syphilitic whores to the political left and Wikipedia leaks showed how much they worked in collusion or received direct marching orders from Hillary's team and the DNC in this past election..

But give it a rest fellas!  Gotta' move on

Ironic, isn’t it, that it is those who purport to be liberal and progressive who are responsible for the revival of McCarthyism in America. Moreover, the liberal progressives are institutionalizing McCarthyism in the US government.

There is clearly a concerted effort being made to define truth as fake news and to define lies as truth.
Then again maybe not so ironic considering the last 8 years of that mulatto President and the way he emboldened the left to turn the nation into a totalitarian thought & word controlled police state..

You may not go to jail for saying 'nigger' or 'faggot' but you will lose so much more in terms of loss of livelihood, expulsion from school, damaged reputation and social ostracizing that you wish for jail time instead
Here's just one of a million examples..

Roman Polanski back in the 1970s raped a 12 year old in Jack Nicholson's home then fled the country to avoid prosecution and has never returned.. In the meantime he continues to make movies with producers eager to finance his projects and actors who deem it an honor to work with him

Polanski even won a Best Director Oscar in the last decade or so for 'The Pianist' and received a standing ovation for it (someone else picked up the award in his behalf)
Actor Michael Richards, who played Kramer on TV's 'Seinfeld' had to deal with some black hecklers during a stand-up set at a comedy club a few years back..

So in response, he yelled on a few occasions, 'Nigger... ' referring to them..

The hecklers' feelings were hurt..  sniffle-sniffle

Notice you've never heard from the actor again?
To liberal PC fucks, being 'racist' is Worse than being a rapist;  hurting a minority's delicate feelings is more horrific than a rotten man violating a woman or child against their will

And to the same disgusting liberal media, a man talking about grabbing a woman by the pussy is more disgusting and outrageous than say a former President who received constant blow jobs in the Oval Office from an intern half his age and on at least one occasion, ejaculated his semen on the girl's clothing

So after a long election characterized by buffoon Joe Biden and other Democrats as 'vicious'  (we say Necessary to combat a putrid bitch like Hillary and the powerful Obama/Clinton political machine), the Losers are still very angry over it

And from anger comes blame.. From blame comes scapegoating...
It reminds us of Germany at the end of WWI and how they reacted to their humiliating loss to the US, Britain and France

Revisionist history likes to paint this picture that Germans were happy, loving people after the war and then somehow Hitler rose to power and he alone changed the mindset of everyone from tolerant & peaceful to viciously anti-Semitic and war-hungry


The Germans needed someone to blame for their defeat and at first it was France but the simmering hate always being there for Jewish people, it was quickly and easily embraced by a vast majority of the populace by the time the German people elected Hitler into power
Sure most did not want the Jews exterminated but they did want Germany free of them.. Hatred of them had been under the surface for over 100 years prior.. Hitler simply gave them political cover to be open about it

So everything became this massive blame game..

How did we Germans lose the war?  Couldn't have been us..  Nope.. it was Them..  How is it our economy collapsed and resulted in economic depression & mass hunger?  Couldn't be our German government..  No it was Them...

On and on..
So now in 2016, Democrats play the same blame game except they can't attack Jews or any other minority partly because it goes against their PC totalitarianism and partly because without all those minority groups support and money, Hillary would have had a Walter Mondale-like showing on election night (In 1984, Mondale only won his home state of Minnesota vs Reagan)

So its 'Blame the Russians' which is so deeply Pathetic but that is what bitter, irrationally angry people and entities do.. They never ever look within
Would Trump have beaten Bernie Sanders had he been the nominee instead of the power people at the top of the DNC doing everything to successfully sabotage his candidacy?

Honestly, we believe Trump would have lost because Sanders carried no legal or ethical scandals with him and his message would have resonated with the people in the Iron Belt states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania who Trump received great support from..

Would Trump have been the best candidate for the GOP had any other Democrat been the nominee?

Probably not..
But Hillary was/is a monster and only someone like Trump could have destroyed that cunt

And goodness did he!

Trump took his foot and figuratively pushed her face and by extension all Democrats into the pre-flushed toilet bowl

So to ever expect Democrats to blame themselves and their coddling of blacks and illegals and 100% wrong views on policy and social engineering?  Ha!

So much easier to blame those evil Russians, the same people we spent the last half of the 20th century demonizing because we didn't like their economic model
On January 20th, 2017 a very strong man is going to be replacing a very pathetic one, and the liberal dream world will crash to a sudden end..

And for the first time in a decade, there will be a Sincere effort by the US to work with Russia to ensure a lasting peace instead of seeking out confrontation which only leads to bad endings..

It may be winter, but every day in America, its getting a little sunnier..