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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More Signs.. More Defiance.. More Liberals Gone Wild

This morning yours truly woke up and peeked out my window to find yet another idiotic 'hate has no home here' sign placed on another idiot neighbor's lawn

Amazing how so many people are willing to piss away $10 to order a sign that simply demonstrates you're a phony white-guilt liberal who wants to be perceived as caring about others yet never in a million years would befriend a black or Muslim, much less take in a Syrian refugee

From a website we located selling the silly-stupid signs, it says they are apolitical (how nice and insincere) and whatever cost is left over after materials, shipping, etc will be donated to the ACLU
Last we checked the ACLU has never once came to the defense of any conservative cause or any heterosexual Caucasian who had problems with being discriminated by a minority or business that kowtows to them

Plus as we wrote yesterday, if a person who puts that fucking sign on their lawn hates President Trump and/or those who voted for and passionately support him, then they are worthless disingenuous hypocrites!

You can not be against hatred while having hate in your heart for others you disagree with.. That is selective tolerance
So much anger out there by the leftists..

You would think everyone feels offended and frustrated by Trump's order to Temporarily prevent Muslims from entering (we're only talking 90 days here!) but of course that's how the rotten media wish you to think it

BTW, did you know back in 2011, President Oreo Cookie did the same thing as Trump.. He signed an executive order preventing Iraqi refugees from entering the US for a period of 6mths with no protests, demonstrations or weeping Senate Minority leaders...
We used to make delineations between the liberal and conservative media as if one was better than another but really they are all genuinely terrible with most things they report being non-news

Case in point, while on Twitter and reading the Washington Times & Washington Examiner, two conservative papers, we noticed one article link feed after another reporting on what a celebrity said or tweeted..

Ultra liberal has-been Bruce Springsteen said this about Trump.. semi-talented liberal Julia Louis Dreyfus said that, award recipients at the Screen Actors Guild said this and that and this and that..

Really..  What the hell!
This is not anything close to news..  It's not fake news and not even non-news..  It is all cockteases to make you angry or irritated so you click the article, the outlet gets 'views' and the advertisers feel the money wasted on online news sites aren't being wasted

For a celebrity to be newsworthy politically speaking , a conservative celebrity would have to say or tweet something anti-Trump or a super-liberal celeb say something to praise Trump's actions

Everything else is the equivalent of 'Top Story: Tuesday follows Monday'
But as we've said before, newspapers are dead, most who write for online news are young millennial morons working from their parents' basement who do not possess actual degrees in Journalism and  all that matters is the 'click'

"X just gave the MOST AMAZINGLY PERFECT response to..."

"You WON'T BELIEVE what Y just tweeted about..."

"Z has the MOST HYSTERICAL reaction to..."
We've seen those kind of headlines pervade news over the last year or so..

It is really repugnant but since America is such a dumbed down society as demonstrated by the 50% who passionately supported Hillary in the last election even though polls showed only 17% found her trustworthy, we guess that's what it takes to draw people to click on articles nowadays

We don't ever expect Trump to get a fair shake with the media and the repugnant political left but thankfully he is not naive and fully understands..

Even better, he doesn't seem to give a damn
Like last night the at the time acting Attorney General, an Obama appointee who was manning the station until Democrats in the Senate finish spitefully stalling and dicking around to confirm Jeff Sessions, decided she would get her 15 minutes of fame to publicly middle finger Trump by declaring she would not enforce his executive order

Most other President would have bitched and bellyached privately

Trump said an hour after her announcement, "You're Fired, you liberal piece of..."

OK, we added the last part..
Trump surely knows that will make Washington and all the rabble rousers howl but he's total Teflon..  He sincerely doesn't care what his detractors say and good for him..

They'll enjoy his middle class tax cuts, new job creation, improved infrastructure, etc and thank him by voting Democrat and wishing him ill

We do not know anyone else, yours truly included who could handle the constant onslaught of bad people with evil intentions like Trump has..  And this is only going into day 12
Is it too early to put Trump on Mt Rushmore replacing Lincoln head bust?

We know.. We know..  'Be patient young grasshopper..'

So we can wait until at least day 100..

Monday, January 30, 2017

"Hate Has No Home Here".. Unless It's Against Trump

~ A sign that many liberals are putting on their lawns and following it up with how they Really think and feel...

We've been noticing silly signs springing up on various neighbors' yards that say 'Hate has no home here' then repeat in different foreign languages, which is a thinly veiled reference to Trump and is a good way of identifying who on the street is Democrat..

Yours truly noticed my next door neighbor putting the sign up on Saturday which was both humorous and quite hypocritical since he has not spoken to me for many, many years and prefers to pretend I and my family do not exist..  

All based on absolutely nothing real but his personal biases, prejudices and/or psychological defects
So when we see these signs popping up everywhere like weeds, we imagine all those people are just as full of shit too..

All one has to do is go on some form of social media or watch the various protest movements to know that these people are completely consumed with hatred and wish the very worst to befall our President and do so guilt-free.

So many people bent out of shape because Trump has the audacity to not only want to vett Muslims, the cult-faith of just about every act of global terror since 2000, who come from nations that are either breeding grounds for terror or state-sponsor it..

But also incredulous that Trump dare to actually follow through on his campaign promises, as if these nitwits thought everything he said was a lie and would suddenly do an about-face
Its comical, sad, frustrating and irritating all in one..

So much silly hyperbole from the left..  

The one that is the most idiotic is the reference to the Statue of Liberty crying 

Um.. Statues made of copper and iron do not um.. Cry!

But assuming of course they are speaking metaphorically, we don't recall anywhere in the famous poem about "Give me your tired and poor..."  does it include "Give me your violent religious zealots who hate & want to kill Christians, Hindus & Jews and give me those who want to destroy the Western world so everyone is forced to live like it was 1217"
A few ultra-liberal Federal Judges in different parts of the country issues stays against parts of Trump's executive order after listening to counsel paid by George Soros so that made the vile mob of liberal scum briefly cheer

But in reality, when all is said and done the vetting will stand as law

The law which gives Trump this right is called the Immigration and Nationality act of 1952, otherwise known as the McCarran-Walter Act
It specifically states, "Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the President, whenever the President finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.

The President may, by proclamation, and for such a period as he shall deem necessary,  suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose any restrictions on the entry of aliens he may deem to be appropriate."

The last President to take advantage of this was Jimmy Carter back in 1979 when ultimately he not only prevented Iranians from entering the US but also kicked out of the country 15,000 Iranian pieces of shit after they took Americans hostage.
Funny how in all the articles I've read on this issue, the media conveniently leaves that part out

Additionally, it is important to note that the McCarran-Walter Act also requires that an “applicant for immigration must be of good moral character and in agreement with the principles of our Constitution.”

Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution because their loyalty is supposed to be first to their God, technically, shouldn't All Muslims should be refused immigration into the US?

Just something to ponder..
So what do we have against Muslims anyway, some may ask

Oh nothing much other than they think their religion is the one true faith (which it isn't) and thus everyone else must be converted or killed as their Quran teaches.. 

And that every single person responsible for 9/11 (as well as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) was Muslim, as well as the USS Cole bombing and the terror attacks on London and Spain and more recently in France, and San Bernandino and Orlando 
Then there's the small thing where there is never any so-called 'moderate' Muslims who take a leadership role, go on TV or to the masses, and speak out to condemn the violence or those of their shared faith as fucking worthless pieces of trash, or whatever nice terminology to say the same thing..

Who is the Muslim version of Martin Luther King, Jr or Gandhi?  Who is the leader to tell the radicals they're evil, wrong and disgusting (in polished words of course)?

Also there's the fact where Muslims are responsible for pretty much all the instability in the Middle East because they can't bring themselves to recognize a nation that has been there for close to 70 years now and they have a right to exist in peace.

Other than that, they're just darling..
So Trump is doing the right thing..  He is brave and strong for doing it, make no mistake on that

And all his political enemies have become more emotionally toxic and filled with irrational, combustible, hair-pulling insane hatred toward a man who has only been in office 10 days

Meanwhile more of those silly-stupid 'Hate has no home here' signs go up..
It is quite funny and sadistically enjoyable when you think about it..  Trump still has another 1,451 days in office based on a 4yr term and 2,912 days left assuming he wins in 2020

Will these PC social engineering bitches and bastards survive it?

Perhaps Trump supporters need to have a yard sign of our own to counter theirs..

Something like "Trump Won.. Take the Pain" or "Hate toward liberals has a home here"

Those are signs we wouldn't mind posting..

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear from Democrats

There's so much fear out there on the left with Trump in office..

Nutty fear.. Irrational fear.. Hate-filled fear..

Stupid idiotic fear that Trump is going to roll back the clock to the times of Jim Crow segregation, or even worse go back further in time to undo the 13th Amendment to legalize slavery..  Never be surprised what an uneducated inner-city black person thinks...
Moronic fear by the vile militant LGBT community that Trump is going reverse gay marriage even though he has promised on numerous occasions he will not (though to be honest, he should since it is absolute bullshit that 5 Supreme Court Justices decided for 320+ million people to accept this nonsense)

Incredibly asinine fear that deportation agents are going to wake illegals up in the middle of the night and drag mothers from their US born children or other melodramatic nonsense

Pathetic fear by some worthless Democrats, especially in Congress that Trump is going to launch the world into nuclear war so they're trying in vain to push a bill that would require a President to get Congressional approval first..
Absolutely disgusting fear that Trump is Hitler or some manifestation of a Fascist-Nazi dictator who plans on enslaving the people and shipping undesirables into camps, or whatever mentally sick, warped fantasies these disturbed people on the left conjure in their delusional minds

But want to know what their Greatest fear is?  What is it that really keeps these bitches and bastards up all night, and shaking with anger and trepidation?

They fear most that Trump will be successful.
They fear he will really accomplish his goals of creating new jobs, they he will fix Obamacare so both it benefits and is affordable to everyone and build the wall which successfully keeps criminal illegals out causing a dramatic lowering of violent crime and drug importation.

They fear Trump will keep his campaign promises, actually make America great as it once was and ultimately be unstoppable by midterms then re-election in 2020.

That is why the left has tried desperately since election night last November to hit Trump doubly or triply hard, and use the media to inject one vicious, dishonest hit piece after another to portray Trump as unpopular and illegitimate
Of course Trump isn't your typical Republican..  He's very active (We think in another life Trump was the Energizer bunny), he controls the message, demonstrates daily he cares about everyday people and calls the lying media out at every turn..

As a result, Trump's approval has risen from mid-40's to 57% in only one week in office.

The question of the day becomes why are these rotten people so rabid and foaming at the mouth to destroy this man?

The answer is both simple and complex but we'll try to explain without getting long winded
People may think that from 1988 until 2016, we've had 2 Republican Presidents and 2 Democrats but that really is not true beyond the titles

We have actually had 28 years of the same kind of Presidency but held by different men who altered only on specific social policy.

All 4 Presidents - Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama were ALL fiscal conservatives who focused their entire economic policies based on what was best for corporations and the stock market while agreeing to trade deals that one after another weakened our competitiveness and encouraged outsourcing at every turn
There might have been a tax cut here, a tax increase there but all very subtle..  All four Presidents were really the same in ideology..

Who raised taxes after promising not to in a campaign pledge?  Republican Bush 41..   Who pushed and passed Welfare Reform which crippled the inner cities?  Democrat Clinton..  Who wasted $25 billion of taxpayer money to Africans dealing with AIDS?  Republican Bush 43..  Who promised to repeal the Bush 43 tax cuts but ended up making them permanent?  Obama..

So its all the same..
And on social issues, none of them wanted to really be bothered..

Both Bushes played the evangelical Christian voters for fools with their continual lies that they'd fight for the rights of the unborn and work to overturn Roe v Wade..  Clinton passed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' because he really didn't want gays openly serving in military and the Only reason Obama supported gay marriage was because VP Biden publicly shamed him into that position..

All 4 Presidents believed strongly in globalization, one-world and open boarders..  It was Bush Sr who came up with the phrase 'New World Order'..
As for NAFTA that horrible trade deal which decimated the US manifacturing base, Clinton may have signed it into law but all the particulars had been worked out for a year prior when Bush 41 was in office..

Everyone from Bush to Clinton to VP Gore to Bob Dole to Hillary heartily pushed it..

The only ones who ended up being right were Ross Perot and Ralph Nader

So when you have 28 years of people conditioned to think a certain way, its almost natural to expect they will freak out like infants being pulled away from their mothers' teats when someone steps into power and delivers real change, not that empty bullshit slogan of Obama's
Change is hard to accept and often not fun to live through but if someone has a vision, articulates it well and people can see a positive outcome, they'll bear with it..  Like Republicans are..

The rest..  Well, let's just say they need to up their Xanax

It is going to be a super-rough 4 to 8 years for these liberal fear mongerers..

Just do your best to laugh them off and take comfort their dream world is at an end.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Democrat Racism Against Whites

~ A pic of four liberal self-hating Caucasian pieces of shit holding up a sign saying to the world that their lives do not matter as much as that of blacks...

Well its been an amazing first week of the Trump Presidency with today, Thursday technically being day 7...

Earlier we graded him A- but we may need to bump that up to A+

Honestly can't remember the last time a President of either political party did so much so quickly or kept his word repeatedly as to policies he would put in place based on campaign trail promises
The evil rotten Democrats are simply besides themselves..

It's like a military advance from Napoleonic times where on defense, the opposition does not know where to concentrate forces to make a stand or repulse because the bombardment is constant, and the charge is both intense and coming at all sides

Do they pick a fight on cabinet posts?  Supreme Court nomination next week?  Illegal Immigration & 'sanctuary cities'? Keystone & XL pipelines?  Ending the TPP trade deal?  The eventual tax cut proposals and 35% penalty on companies that leave the US?

Where to begin?  What to do?
Seems the only thing Democrats are good at doing with any cohesion and unity of purpose is racist bigotry and deep hatred toward white people, especially By other whites

The other day candidates aspiring to take over as chairman of the Democratic National Committee met Monday night at George Washington University to discuss what went wrong in 2016 and how to get their rotten, repugnant party back on track.

Early into the event the candidates acted quite Hitler-like as they gravitated toward scapegoating for the party’s poor showing in November..  

But unlike Hitler who stupidly blamed Jewish people for everything, The Democrats' venom went broader. and even more idiotic.

Their scapegoat was whitey.
Jaime Harrison, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, spoke at the forum and said  “We have to stop, particularly with the (white political) consultants, You cannot come to the DNC and get a contract and the only minority face you have is the person answering the phone.” 

The most disgusting comments of the night came from Sally Boynton Brown, executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party, who is white and obviously either deeply ashamed of her race or a despicable opportunist.   Either way, she's a worthless bitch...

She stated that Democrats must provide “training” that focuses in part on teaching Americans “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white,”
Then when the event’s moderator, MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid, asked the candidates how the party should handle the Black Lives Now movement, that cunt Brown says the following:

“It makes me sad that we’re even having that conversation and that tells me that white leaders in our party have failed.  I’m a white woman, I don’t get it. … My job is to listen and be a voice and shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”

This is life and death.. I am a human being trying to do good work and I can’t do it without y’all. So please, please, please, get a hold of me. Sally at I need schooling so I can go school the other white people.”
 Love that black sounding y'all she added..  Like That wasn't patronizing

So to summarize Brown - her job.. the job of Democrats according to her, needs to be to shut white people's mouths up and to 'school' whites how to properly behave and act in deference to blacks and other minorities   Ugh! ~shakes head..
Another candidate, Raymond Buckley, chairman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party who is black, told a story about how, in the midst of “grieving” on Election Day, he received a call from his black niece, who feared for her life after Trump’s victory.

“It’s not just certain parts of the country, That fear is all across the country. It’s even in rural new Hampshire. So when people say black lives matter, you are damn right they matter.” 

Sorry um..  No!
Black lives do NOT matter and Never will matter if Caucasian lives and Hispanic lives and Asian lives do not matter to them

And let's be really blunt about this in a way no one else has the guts to do:

The lives of blacks will never mean anything to us, nor should it mean anything until black lives begins to mean something to other blacks who are the ones that disproportionately rape, beat, stab and shoot other blacks along with selling drugs to each other and their worthless men abandoning the black mothers of their black children as they've done for many generations
Asked whether they would agree to work with President Trump, the candidates agreed they would never do so, which drew some applause from the otherwise quiet crowd

With mindsets and attitudes like that, the Democratic Party is destined for a very depressing political future with severe losses in 2018 and the Presidential Election of 2020 that would trump (pun pun) the wilderness they were in during the Reagan years

In 1984, Reagan trounced Democrat nominee Walter Mondale in the 2nd most lopsided election ever, winning 49 of 50 states and spinning the donkey party into near-complete irrelevance
If the Democrats ever want power again, they will need to court white people; bluntly put, to kiss our tushes because this past election demonstrated clearly that white moderate Democrats and Independents will never support a party that continually middle-fingers them so to suck up to the colored populace

It has been an amazing week for Trump..  We're extremely excited and the nuttiness on the left which once tensed us during the transition stage is now something delicious to behold
Let them keep up the bitter, irrational hate, the reverse-racism and bigotry and lose their collective minds over the changes that are taking place..  

Take joy in their suffering as they refuse to quietly take the pain

And remember that to the political left, if you are white, they Hate & Despise you and if you don't hate yourself or feel shame for being white, you are hated and despised doubly so

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

And Now the Nominations for the 2017 Academy Awards or 'Darkies'...

Today the Oscar nominations were revealed.. Maybe for this year's Academy Awards, they should be re-named the 'Darkies'

After all those pieces of shit blacks last year made such a big stink over not being nominated for anything even though they have black-only award shows that Never nominate Caucasians and a promise by the black bitch woman who runs the awards that changes would be made..

Well... they sho' nuff did
This time six blacks are nominated for acting awards - Denzel Washington and 5 others you most likely never have heard from and in some instances, will never hear from again

Not only did the disgusting leftist Hollywood go out of their way to make a point that they are white-guilters who despise their race (we'll provide more specifics into this tomorrow) but intentionally made sure at least one black was represented in each category

Well done Hollywood.. What you couldn't achieve at the ballot box on the Presidential level, you achieved with your inconsequential awards.. Minority tokenism.. Bravo!
Maybe all the blacks nominated were great actors who deserved the recognition.. Possibly maybe..

Most likely not..

But when one race who really only represents 14% of America but act like 75%, continues to bitch and complain every time they don't get their way and then magically the self-haters of the majority  give them the world, its hard to be angry at them for demanding the sun and moon

The bigger problem with these crap awards year after year is they nominate films and performers in them that for the most part few bother to see
Now obviously box office success does not translate to a great movie or Oscar caliber acting or else billion-dollar grosser 'Star Wars: Rogue One' would be nominated for and win 50 million awards

But most films this year like every year are here & gone in a blink and why should anyone care about films that die in the theaters or go straight to video

Here is a list of the nominees for best picture along with domestic box office


Arrival  ($95.7 million)

Fences  ($48.8 million)

Hacksaw Ridge  ($65.5 million)

Hell or High Water  ($27 million)

Hidden Figures  ($85 million)

La La Land  ($90.5 million)

Lion  ($16.5 million)

Manchester by the Sea   ($39 million)

Moonlight  ($15.8 million)
Not a single film has to this moment grossed over $100m though we figure 3 of the films certainly will by the time the Oscars are televised

How many have you bothered to see thus far?

For us..  Zero..

How many do we plan to see?   Zero..

Just impossible for us to give our money to an industry that with very few exceptions looks down upon our beliefs and values & thinks everyone not living in a blue-state is an ignorant redneck-hillbilly piece of shit
Of the nine films nominated, 1/3 pander to blacks with Afro-centric plots and predominantly black casts - 'Fences', 'Hidden Figures' and 'Moonlight'..  There's also a film about an Asian-Indian..

Accident?  Um..  sure..

Now let's look at all the nominees.. We'll put box office figures next to each as well as {B} for black so you can jelly-bean count..  Don't feel guilty doing this.. Those people want you to


Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea  ($39 million)

Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge  ($65.5 million)

Ryan Gosling, La La Land  ($90.5 million)

Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic  ($5.9 million)

Denzel Washington, Fences  ($48.8 million)  {B}



Isabelle Huppert, Elle  ($1.6 million)

Ruth Negga, Loving  ($7.7 million)  {B}

Natalie Portman, Jackie  ($11.3 million)

Emma Stone, La La Land  ($90.5 million)

Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins  ($27.8 million)
Absolutely pathetic!   The film 'La La Land' has made more money and has been seen by more people than the other 4 other films which have an actress nominated Combined!

The black girl for 'Loving', a film about an interracial couple fighting for the right to contaminate their children's blood line forever was nominated but not the white actor?  Was his acting that inferior to hers?  Or is it that nominating the Caucasian doesn't push any PC social-political message?

Of course that opinionated Trump hating cunt Meryl Streep was nominated..  She'd be nominated simply for reading the phone book out loud in a foreign brogue.

Not that we care who wins what, but we fully expect this rotten woman to win simply so Hollywood can give her another platform to spew her political ignorance



Mahershala Ali, Moonlight   ($15.8 million)   {B}

Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water  ($27 million)

Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea   ($39 million)

Dev Patel, Lion  ($16.5 million)

Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals  ($10.6 million)

The Combined box office for those 5 films as of this writing is $108.9 million


Viola Davis, Fences  ($48.8 million)  {B}

Naomie Harris, Moonlight  ($15.8 million)  {B}

Nicole Kidman, Lion  ($16.5 million)

Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures  ($85 million)  {B}

Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea   ($39 million)
We don't expect Nicole Kidman to win.. She showed respect toward Trump and wouldn't attack him.. Big no no in the industry that makes Sodom & Gomorrah look like Utah

Actually, we predict if a white woman wins this award, every worthless liberal black and white guilt piece of crap is going to scream bloody murder and say it was unfair that so many blacks had to be nominated and thus cancel themselves out..

So there you are.. the 2017 nominees..  Exciting list, huh?'

Bet the Hispanic, Asian and Jewish communities wished they threw spoiled tantrums like those pathetic blacks did last year..  Maybe then they would be having representation as well
Wonder what will happen more often on Award night: a black winning a 'Darkie' or some smart-ass idiot getting up on stage to attack Trump or make some reference to him as Hitler and the need for the world to fight him?

Yes, silly question we know..  Anyways, just a big shrug to the whole production..

Wake us up when a political moderate or conservative actor or director not named 'Clint' ever gets nominated for anything of importance..

Figure in the political climate of today, that would be never-ever