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Friday, January 6, 2017

A Blitzkreig of BS from the Desperate

There's a common cliche that goes something like, 'If this is what winning feels like, I would hate to experience losing'

And admittedly since November 8th, we at A&G have felt quite a lot of tension, stress, irritability and a plain desire to just close fist every immature, worthless, yapping idiot who can't or won't accept Trump's victory with any grace or dignity

Wonder if you out there feel the same?
It is just constant overload; a bombardment of the senses which is probably their intention..

Every time one goes on a news site, its one anti-Trump sensationalist article after another..

Well maybe 'article' is too kind a word..  It more like 'celebrity X tweeted..'  and '1980s has-been wrote on Facebook that...' and 'musician Y said on Late Night with blah blah...'
These liberal fucks first tried to cast aspersions on the validity of Trump's complete victory over them and all their rotten-to-the-core values and beliefs by using a bitch woman who received less than 1% of the vote to be their political cover to demand recounts in three specific states

Wonder how many deeply idiotic pieces of crap would have donated money to the recount if Jill Stein was contesting California and New York?

Then absolute low-life 4th tier actors, all of them with barely any college education made an insipid video urging Electoral College voters to break the law, and vote as they wanted instead of their responsibility to respect the will of the people of their state
And of course now all this Russian 'hacking' bullshit which is all meant to imply that Putin put Trump into office even though not a shred of true evidence exists and to provoke needless war by a nigger dog President who wants to make life as difficult as possible for Trump, the peace and safety of the nation be damned!

Seems the goal by that man-boy is to provoke armed confrontation with Putin so Trump is put into a box where he either falls into the trap of continuing or escalating conflict to avenge dead servicemen or ceases fire, looks weak and then has to spend months fixing up all the damage that black walking-stick caused..
Even the Obama led 'intelligence' briefing on Russia was provided to NBC news before Trump which was a clear offense toward the incoming President and to which Trump is demanding ultimately a  Congressional investigation

Then you have an inauguration coming up which really is a celebration of the peaceful transference of power and in disgusting Hollywood, you have reverse McCarthyism where anyone who 'dares' to perform for Trump has to be worried they will be blackballed and their careers derailed..

Of course if you're a heavy drug user, homosexual, and/or pedophile, you not only get lots of job opportunities but prestigious awards
Piece of shit militant liberal blacks also are trying to peer-pressure black colleges to not have their marching bands play even though some have historically performed for decades.  Thankfully some are strong enough to ignore the filth among their group and do what is right

Don't tell that to supposedly the 200,000 assholes who plan to stand in the cold and do everything they can to disrupt the inauguration celebration..  

Hope the police bring lots of batons and tear gas.
And then there is just the constant bombardment of anti-Trump shit you find in stores

Yours truly went to Barnes n' Noble yesterday looking for a calendar..  Along the way I pass by the adult coloring book section which was pathetic in itself..  Among the offerings was a coloring book celebrating Trump insults

Once I reach the calendars to see their discounted slim pickings, I see anti-Trump calendars where he is mocked with the ugliest photos and shittiest captions..

No way this store would have sold coloring books or calendars that mocked Obama as a worthless black bastard who should be picking cotton or shining shoes or Hillary as a closet lesbian dyke

But OK to sell products that mock Trump..
We remember how exaggeratedly offended the media was when a cartoonist depicted Obama using watermelon flavored toothpaste..   They sure haven't been bothered to show any offense over how Trump's been treated the last 15months

They don't even get offended when a mentally retarded man is abducted, beaten, tortured, forced to drink toilet water and yell anti-Trump and anti-white things into a camera while his nigger abductors laugh

Black homosexual CNN anchor Don Lemon who was continually openly anti-Trump on air during the campaign didn't seem offended and blamed 'bad parenting'..

We're sure the Clinton News Network rewarded those sentiments with a pay raise
All this makes one understand why leaders in fascist states take such a hard-lined stance to crack down on their populaces when they act so pathetic..

We're still happy and grateful America is a democracy.. Just saying the last couple months has made us understand it

It's just been a constant bombardment of bullshit and the only Trump supporters who have been spared all this deluge of crap are those who barely watch or read news and don't have time to worry about anything outside their specific life and circle of friends/family

For the rest of us, its been stomach churning and blood pressure raising to be certain
What gets us through it is the knowledge that in 14 days our guy will be the one in charge; the Commander in Chief..

And no left-winger's whining n' bitching n' complaining n' protesting is going to alter that!

A person may have the Constitutional right to be a complete baby and whine' & pout when they don't get their way, and spread lies and fear about someone using the tired-worn comparisons to Hitler..

It doesn't mean as a society we should accept it.
In 2 full weeks, the Democrats will be pretty much locked out of the room, politically speaking and it will be well deserved..  They will have very little to no say in anything other than to obstruct

In 2 weeks, the dismantling of current prick President's legacy can commence...

And though not probably, we do hope in some way, shape or form Trump gets revenge on all these people and entities who would not even give the man a chance to govern