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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

And Now the Nominations for the 2017 Academy Awards or 'Darkies'...

Today the Oscar nominations were revealed.. Maybe for this year's Academy Awards, they should be re-named the 'Darkies'

After all those pieces of shit blacks last year made such a big stink over not being nominated for anything even though they have black-only award shows that Never nominate Caucasians and a promise by the black bitch woman who runs the awards that changes would be made..

Well... they sho' nuff did
This time six blacks are nominated for acting awards - Denzel Washington and 5 others you most likely never have heard from and in some instances, will never hear from again

Not only did the disgusting leftist Hollywood go out of their way to make a point that they are white-guilters who despise their race (we'll provide more specifics into this tomorrow) but intentionally made sure at least one black was represented in each category

Well done Hollywood.. What you couldn't achieve at the ballot box on the Presidential level, you achieved with your inconsequential awards.. Minority tokenism.. Bravo!
Maybe all the blacks nominated were great actors who deserved the recognition.. Possibly maybe..

Most likely not..

But when one race who really only represents 14% of America but act like 75%, continues to bitch and complain every time they don't get their way and then magically the self-haters of the majority  give them the world, its hard to be angry at them for demanding the sun and moon

The bigger problem with these crap awards year after year is they nominate films and performers in them that for the most part few bother to see
Now obviously box office success does not translate to a great movie or Oscar caliber acting or else billion-dollar grosser 'Star Wars: Rogue One' would be nominated for and win 50 million awards

But most films this year like every year are here & gone in a blink and why should anyone care about films that die in the theaters or go straight to video

Here is a list of the nominees for best picture along with domestic box office


Arrival  ($95.7 million)

Fences  ($48.8 million)

Hacksaw Ridge  ($65.5 million)

Hell or High Water  ($27 million)

Hidden Figures  ($85 million)

La La Land  ($90.5 million)

Lion  ($16.5 million)

Manchester by the Sea   ($39 million)

Moonlight  ($15.8 million)
Not a single film has to this moment grossed over $100m though we figure 3 of the films certainly will by the time the Oscars are televised

How many have you bothered to see thus far?

For us..  Zero..

How many do we plan to see?   Zero..

Just impossible for us to give our money to an industry that with very few exceptions looks down upon our beliefs and values & thinks everyone not living in a blue-state is an ignorant redneck-hillbilly piece of shit
Of the nine films nominated, 1/3 pander to blacks with Afro-centric plots and predominantly black casts - 'Fences', 'Hidden Figures' and 'Moonlight'..  There's also a film about an Asian-Indian..

Accident?  Um..  sure..

Now let's look at all the nominees.. We'll put box office figures next to each as well as {B} for black so you can jelly-bean count..  Don't feel guilty doing this.. Those people want you to


Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea  ($39 million)

Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge  ($65.5 million)

Ryan Gosling, La La Land  ($90.5 million)

Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic  ($5.9 million)

Denzel Washington, Fences  ($48.8 million)  {B}



Isabelle Huppert, Elle  ($1.6 million)

Ruth Negga, Loving  ($7.7 million)  {B}

Natalie Portman, Jackie  ($11.3 million)

Emma Stone, La La Land  ($90.5 million)

Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins  ($27.8 million)
Absolutely pathetic!   The film 'La La Land' has made more money and has been seen by more people than the other 4 other films which have an actress nominated Combined!

The black girl for 'Loving', a film about an interracial couple fighting for the right to contaminate their children's blood line forever was nominated but not the white actor?  Was his acting that inferior to hers?  Or is it that nominating the Caucasian doesn't push any PC social-political message?

Of course that opinionated Trump hating cunt Meryl Streep was nominated..  She'd be nominated simply for reading the phone book out loud in a foreign brogue.

Not that we care who wins what, but we fully expect this rotten woman to win simply so Hollywood can give her another platform to spew her political ignorance



Mahershala Ali, Moonlight   ($15.8 million)   {B}

Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water  ($27 million)

Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea   ($39 million)

Dev Patel, Lion  ($16.5 million)

Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals  ($10.6 million)

The Combined box office for those 5 films as of this writing is $108.9 million


Viola Davis, Fences  ($48.8 million)  {B}

Naomie Harris, Moonlight  ($15.8 million)  {B}

Nicole Kidman, Lion  ($16.5 million)

Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures  ($85 million)  {B}

Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea   ($39 million)
We don't expect Nicole Kidman to win.. She showed respect toward Trump and wouldn't attack him.. Big no no in the industry that makes Sodom & Gomorrah look like Utah

Actually, we predict if a white woman wins this award, every worthless liberal black and white guilt piece of crap is going to scream bloody murder and say it was unfair that so many blacks had to be nominated and thus cancel themselves out..

So there you are.. the 2017 nominees..  Exciting list, huh?'

Bet the Hispanic, Asian and Jewish communities wished they threw spoiled tantrums like those pathetic blacks did last year..  Maybe then they would be having representation as well
Wonder what will happen more often on Award night: a black winning a 'Darkie' or some smart-ass idiot getting up on stage to attack Trump or make some reference to him as Hitler and the need for the world to fight him?

Yes, silly question we know..  Anyways, just a big shrug to the whole production..

Wake us up when a political moderate or conservative actor or director not named 'Clint' ever gets nominated for anything of importance..

Figure in the political climate of today, that would be never-ever