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Monday, January 2, 2017

Disney's Financial Windfall over Carrie Fisher's Death

Happy New Year..

For our first posting of the year, we decided not to write on the same topics as how we spent most of the last year, meaning its not going to be about Trump or politics or 'snowflakes', etc..

Instead, the topic is death insurance...

A yawn topic right?  

Now let's connect it directly to Princess Leia..  Now interest is aroused..
Last week Carrie Fisher sadly passed away from a stroke she suffered a few days prior while on an airplane..  Her deeply grieved mother, actress Debbie Reynolds was so heartbroken, she too suffered a stroke the day after and too passed away..

Now Disney, that greedy company that everyone seems to love as this bastion of morality and ethics did something years ago with Carrie that it does with all its employees (and to be fair thousands of other companies big and small do with their employees no matter how important or replaceable)..

Disney took out death insurance on Carrie for $50 million; for many this practice is better known as 'dead peasant' insurance..

The reason it is called death insurance instead of life insurance is because in this case like so many others, Carrie did not take the policy out herself or even likely know the policy existed

She paid none of the premiums and upon her passing, her kin get none of the financial benefits

Disney does.

They are distributor of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and the next two films in the franchise.  Filming on “Episode VIII” was already complete at the time of Fisher’s death but Fisher was due to appear in “Episode IX,” forcing the film’s creators to either rewrite the plot or possibly use visual effects to insert her in the film.

Funny how that works..

Had Carrie lived and let's say for argument sake she refused to appear in VIII, she would have been sued by Disney for $50 million and lost all her life savings, worldly possessions and most likely had to file bankruptcy

But instead she sadly passed away and money-hungry Disney gets to get its money and exploit her death in subtle yet still intentional ways to promote and make even more globs of money off the franchise

What's that pathetic tagline from the Godfather film?   Oh yes..  'It's nothing personal.. strictly business..'
As we said before, the vast majority of companies do this with their hired employees, even people at the lowest rungs of the salary food chain at places like McDonald's, Lowes, Wal-Mart, supermarkets, etc..

The person hired unknowing to him or her has insurance taken out on them by their employer in the event of death..  This does not have to be work-related or take place on company properly..

You can die in your bed, a hospital, a car.. It can be accident or suicide..  Doesn't matter because its not like loved ones are getting the payout and no one kills themselves so a corporation can get richer..

To read in more detail, go to the NY Times link below:
So that's why you Never Ever allow yourself to feel any loyalty or emotional attachment to the company you work for, especially if its a corporation..

They profit off you when you work.. They profit off you when you die..  And if they can save a buck, they will let you go at any time, holidays or your personal problems be damned..

Professional sports teams are corporations too and will always burn you and toy with your emotions by playing upon the loyalty and love you feel for your home town...  But that's a topic for another time..
So millions of people treated Carrie Fisher's passing over Christmas with sadness

We're sure at least a few Disney executives and accountants treated it with a smile.