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Monday, January 23, 2017

"Happy Days Are Here Again.."

Hope everyone had a great weekend..

Notice how the air is sweeter and even if you live in an area hit by rain or snow this weekend, the sky was just cheerier..

Friday couldn't have been a more happy, joyous day..  The official swearing in took place as most of the poisonous politicians sitting behind Trump swore under their breaths and the vile media wanted nothing more than to throw themselves off bridges before they'd dare cover the event fairly..

And then came Trump's remarks..

Just priceless and spot on!  A real political game changer..
A lot has been said about them so no need to regurgitate them here but understand that in Trump we have a modern Andrew Jackson, a populist President (populism is a good thing) who sincerely cares about the everyday person who was severely impacted economically by the last 24 years and will institute real change

Will our lives ultimately improve?  We believe so.. Only time will tell of course but we have confidence the nation will be experiencing a lot of good things in the coming 4 to 8 years even if the bitter bastards on the extreme left never admit it..
Saturday was of course the March of the Fugly Women - bitter, homely man-haters to the very end.  Wonder if most of them would be so angry to the core and warped if they had had just one man in their lives who found them attractive and wanted to be intimate with them..

 Then SNL continued to be the most despicable, deplorable show on network TV..

The last 'skit' or whatever its called was the worse.. Two cast members including a token black actress who was only hired a couple years ago because the black male cast members got tired of dressing in drag and publicly embarrassed its producer, sang a pathetic love song to Obama as his picture was propped behind them..

At the end of the number, the bitches hold out a mug meant as a gift to him which said 'Greatest President Ever'..     We guess to the deeply uneducated, he would be..
We've said this often among friends and will say it here...  If the President is supposedly the most powerful person in the free world then surely he has the power to force NBC or parent company Comcast to cancel the show, right?!

We know.. We know..  Trump is President so what does it all matter what ugly old pussies say or immature nitwits on TV..

Speaking of old pussies, we're going to kinda-sorta miss attacking Hillary in a kinda-sorta roundabout way..  She was/is such a vile woman, it was a comfort to have such an easy target

So let's do so one more time
Most of the time you saw her face on Friday it was all phony smiles and even Trump honored her during the Congressional lunch for some God knows what reason..

But we wanted to show some photos of the Real Hillary on Inauguration Day with appropriate and accurate captions by us..

~ Here Hilly and Bill are waiting to be announced before heading to the stage where they will be sitting 3 rows behind Trump..  She has to be thinking 'It should have been me'

 ~ Here both Hillary and Obama are thinking 'Can't believe we lost to him..'

 ~ All the Democrats in this photo look glum & depressed with Hillary wishing she was a million miles away..  Bush couldn't seem to care less

 ~ Hillary and Michelle Obama really hate each other deeply but are playing nice..  Bush is looking at Hilly with a smirk as in 'Yeah, Riiiight!'

 ~ Oh that Hillary.. How she loves her cellphone.. At least she doesn't have to worry now about private v public servers so no one will be privy to her love-notes to her closet lesbian girlfriend and personal assistant Huma

 ~ Here Hilly is shaking Obama's hand..  The only person she despises more than the former First Lady is him..  Been that way for many years.. But professional phonies are what they are

~ In this photo, horny Bill is staring at Ivanka Trump's figure in her sexy dress (that is 100% truly what he was doing and not something we made up to be funny or mean)..  Hillary is looking at him like 'God, you're such a bastard!'

As for Obama, he wanted everyone to think of him as Mr Kool going off to beautiful California with the family for relaxation and happy times

Let's see if the photos show that to be true..
 ~ The photos below are Obama in the limo which picked him and family up after Air Force One landed (the final time he'll ever be allowed to fly)..  He doesn't look too cheery does he.. He actually looks like a Muslim terrorist about to be delivered to Guantanamo (We Wish!)

 ~ Obama here looks kinda pale.. like a lighter shade of Oreo cookie

~ Wonder if Obama is so tense from Trump accurately calling him out as a failed leader to his face during his speech, possible jet lag or the reality that he's just another unemployed black man with too much free time then he knows what to do with..

So anyways, we hope you enjoyed Trump's inauguration as much as we did and look forward to the next 4 to 8 years with the excitement and positivity that we feel

He won't be perfect and we're sure we'll disagree on some things but overall, we could not be happier and hope you are feeling the same..

Now comes the tough part.. the actual governing..