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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More Signs.. More Defiance.. More Liberals Gone Wild

This morning yours truly woke up and peeked out my window to find yet another idiotic 'hate has no home here' sign placed on another idiot neighbor's lawn

Amazing how so many people are willing to piss away $10 to order a sign that simply demonstrates you're a phony white-guilt liberal who wants to be perceived as caring about others yet never in a million years would befriend a black or Muslim, much less take in a Syrian refugee

From a website we located selling the silly-stupid signs, it says they are apolitical (how nice and insincere) and whatever cost is left over after materials, shipping, etc will be donated to the ACLU
Last we checked the ACLU has never once came to the defense of any conservative cause or any heterosexual Caucasian who had problems with being discriminated by a minority or business that kowtows to them

Plus as we wrote yesterday, if a person who puts that fucking sign on their lawn hates President Trump and/or those who voted for and passionately support him, then they are worthless disingenuous hypocrites!

You can not be against hatred while having hate in your heart for others you disagree with.. That is selective tolerance
So much anger out there by the leftists..

You would think everyone feels offended and frustrated by Trump's order to Temporarily prevent Muslims from entering (we're only talking 90 days here!) but of course that's how the rotten media wish you to think it

BTW, did you know back in 2011, President Oreo Cookie did the same thing as Trump.. He signed an executive order preventing Iraqi refugees from entering the US for a period of 6mths with no protests, demonstrations or weeping Senate Minority leaders...
We used to make delineations between the liberal and conservative media as if one was better than another but really they are all genuinely terrible with most things they report being non-news

Case in point, while on Twitter and reading the Washington Times & Washington Examiner, two conservative papers, we noticed one article link feed after another reporting on what a celebrity said or tweeted..

Ultra liberal has-been Bruce Springsteen said this about Trump.. semi-talented liberal Julia Louis Dreyfus said that, award recipients at the Screen Actors Guild said this and that and this and that..

Really..  What the hell!
This is not anything close to news..  It's not fake news and not even non-news..  It is all cockteases to make you angry or irritated so you click the article, the outlet gets 'views' and the advertisers feel the money wasted on online news sites aren't being wasted

For a celebrity to be newsworthy politically speaking , a conservative celebrity would have to say or tweet something anti-Trump or a super-liberal celeb say something to praise Trump's actions

Everything else is the equivalent of 'Top Story: Tuesday follows Monday'
But as we've said before, newspapers are dead, most who write for online news are young millennial morons working from their parents' basement who do not possess actual degrees in Journalism and  all that matters is the 'click'

"X just gave the MOST AMAZINGLY PERFECT response to..."

"You WON'T BELIEVE what Y just tweeted about..."

"Z has the MOST HYSTERICAL reaction to..."
We've seen those kind of headlines pervade news over the last year or so..

It is really repugnant but since America is such a dumbed down society as demonstrated by the 50% who passionately supported Hillary in the last election even though polls showed only 17% found her trustworthy, we guess that's what it takes to draw people to click on articles nowadays

We don't ever expect Trump to get a fair shake with the media and the repugnant political left but thankfully he is not naive and fully understands..

Even better, he doesn't seem to give a damn
Like last night the at the time acting Attorney General, an Obama appointee who was manning the station until Democrats in the Senate finish spitefully stalling and dicking around to confirm Jeff Sessions, decided she would get her 15 minutes of fame to publicly middle finger Trump by declaring she would not enforce his executive order

Most other President would have bitched and bellyached privately

Trump said an hour after her announcement, "You're Fired, you liberal piece of..."

OK, we added the last part..
Trump surely knows that will make Washington and all the rabble rousers howl but he's total Teflon..  He sincerely doesn't care what his detractors say and good for him..

They'll enjoy his middle class tax cuts, new job creation, improved infrastructure, etc and thank him by voting Democrat and wishing him ill

We do not know anyone else, yours truly included who could handle the constant onslaught of bad people with evil intentions like Trump has..  And this is only going into day 12
Is it too early to put Trump on Mt Rushmore replacing Lincoln head bust?

We know.. We know..  'Be patient young grasshopper..'

So we can wait until at least day 100..