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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

News in 2017.. Like A Borderless House

When writing yesterday's posting on that ignorant bitch actress Meryl Streep's comments at Sunday's Golden Globes, we here at A&G were a bit miffed more than usual

It really wasn't because of anything Streep said specifically...  She's just another nobody-nothing liberal fool spewing her stupidity among likeminded dimwits who are all far wealthier than the everyday folk they pretend to represent

What bothered us greatly was How we came to find out the ramblings of an over-rated yet critic-darling actress who has only been in one film that has grossed over $45 million in the last 11 years

We didn't watch the Golden Globes.. not one second of it
We didn't get the non-news 'news' headline on Twitter or Fox or CNN or Variety or any other place on Internet you'd expect to read of such tripe

We didn't even find out about this elderly peacock actress and her stupid liberal comments from a political website which would have made a tiny bit of sense only because President-Elect Trump fired back some tweets..

Nope..  We got the info while on a financial news website.

You know.. a place people go if they want to read on stocks/bonds & global markets, job reports, GDP outlook, the overall state of the economy...
Yours truly was forced to read about this Obama ass-kissing & ass-licking beak-nosed liberal sycophant who would have voted Democrat this past election even if Bin Laden had come back from hell to secure the nomination as long as he promised to protect abortion, gay marriage and select progressives to the Supreme Court..

This more than anything is the real problem with news today..  It is just damned impossible to avoid information that is upsetting, irritating or just plain irrelevant to everyday life
When we open the sports pages of a newspaper or go on a sports website, we do not want to see or read Anything to do with politics, elections, social 'justice' protests, social engineering or any of that bullshit!    We just want sports..

And when we go on a weather based website to check out what the temperature is going to be, we don't want to read about global warming or political-environmental issues

And if/when we ever go on a website devoted to latest news concerning movies and television, we absolutely do Not want to see headline after headline of one 4th tier celeb after another shitting on Trump!
Everything in news is too blended together and there are no safe zones..

Think of it like a house with no walls or barriers so the parents bedroom, the kids room and bathroom are all borderless.  Kids can watch their parents do the deed, parents can peek over at kids trying to with themselves and a magazine & the results of the recent visit to the potty can be smelled everywhere

Pretty disgusting, yes?

That's how news and information presention is today and why do many like us feel so much needless tension.
It is not that we go out of our way to seek the trivial opinions of every so-called celebrity or are eager-beaver to read the thick soup of biased Trump hate from practically every establishment media news story and op-ed

Its just there are few to no walls or gates to keep the barbarians at bay

Even Fox News does it and its the only cable news outlet we can stand..

They care more about entertaining and keeping eyeballs glued than covering real news with a true analytical perspective because after all, it is a ratings driven business.
So for them and everyone else, its much more fun to cover an arrogant elderly actress bitch pretending her words carry weight than say what's going on at the Fed and will they raise interest rates or keep them at near zero for another year which affects everyone buying a car, home, or who uses a credit card and pays back with interest..

I had a debate with a colleague yesterday about people in general..

She believed people are just collectively stupid..  always have been and always will, then made points which did make sense

But I disagreed with her..
To me, people on the whole are not stupid..

Rather, they are intentionally and purposefully misinformed and distracted by entities who control the mechanisms to which we get information and how as children we learn to process info..

Call it the 'System' or the 'Man' or the 'Matrix'..  It really does exist

It is not about controlling people to certain points of view as much as molding people to really have no point of view; just a mass of walking-talking contradictions who do not have the time or energy to really understand anything presented in a dull manner.

A distracted, disconnected mass of people is an easily manipulated one
And now we want our information in 140 characters or less, and seek out one-all-be-all sites to click on and get news, weather, sports, entertainment, channel listing and horoscope in one short list of easily scrolled headlines

Meanwhile Democrats think Republicans, especially those in fly-over Red State America are deplorable and backwoods hicks, and Republicans think Democrats are sinfully evil, rotten never-content bastards & bitches..

Few to none really make the effort to know one another and talk about points of view differences..   The liberals have their special websites, the conservatives have theirs and everyone is happy yet bitter..
If you are a Trump supporter like we are at A&G, the next 4 to 8 years are going to be a brutal exercise in news seeking and if you don't have some kind of strategy in place to get the information you seek from sites and sources you trust without being bombarded with bias n' bullshit, you're going to find yourself dealing with A Lot of tummy aches..

But the one silver lining in all this and it is a big one...   Just imagine all the sickness to be experienced had that rancid parasite Hillary won

So if stupid speeches and tweets from twits is what we must all deal with in order to have a President who actually wants to make America a better place for us all, then we guess, so be it..