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Monday, January 9, 2017

Obsessive: The Celebrity Trump Hate Never Ends

The last couple months we have felt a lot of aggravation and venom toward celebrities over how immaturely they have handled Trump's victory and unwillingness to accept their political beliefs & social values being Wrong, thus repudiated by voters..

Usually losers just keep quiet and lick their wounds to fight another day or resign themselves to the reality of the situation..

Not Hollywood..  They like the corporate establishment media seek to double down on propaganda
Most people we talk to and express our frustration tell us basically 'Who cares?..  Its just silly-stupid, worthless actors and singers..  They don't matter..'

The problem is, they do matter to many and anyone who can not understand the amount of influence these parasites have in everyday life and the public discourse around the proverbial 'water cooler' are intentionally taking the posture of the ostrich with head fully buried in sand..

Celebrities may not always have the power to control how people are to vote but they have great skill at molding perception of the people who are in power...
They can make a pencil-thin, smug, egotistical, arrogant nigger President seem like he is 'Mr Cool' or the Fonz who can do or say nothing wrong and can take people they don't like and decimate their humanity, converting a three-dimensional flesh n' blood human being into a cartoon character or caricature based on one imperfect word or gesture.

Last night was the Golden Globes, one of many, many award shows where famous people celebrate themselves and make what they do for a living seem far more important than what it really is..

Yours truly knew not to bother watching because it was obvious it was going to be a self-loving 'celebration' of Trump hate where everyone competes with one another to see who can be most vicious and cruel in their comments
We guess that ugly cunt Meryl Streep, who the other night was among tons of celebrities licking and sucking Obama's cock at his celebration party to himself this past Friday, decided she would be clever-clever by attacking Trump continually while never mentioning his name

Guess its too beneath her dignity, this bitch..

So like so many others, she calls upon the media to go after Trump with everything they have and dredges up some bullshit about how Trump attacked a retarded person which was not true..

It was so bad, that Trump felt the need to respond and defend himself by calling her accurately a 'Hillary Flunky who lost big' and described her as 'one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood'
Streep may win tons of awards from her clique peers but when one looks at movie ticket sales on, the liberal piece of shit sure does not draw in audiences..

Her most recent film, 'Florence Foster Jenkins' , released last year earned just $27 million which is pretty pathetic when you realize it costs about $15 to see a film on a weekend night..

The previous film she starred in, 'Suffragette' made only $4.7 million and the film before that, 'Rikki and the Flash' made in 2015 also made around $27 million..

Some influence she has!
British dickhead Hugh Laurie also made comments earlier in the show that if Trump had his way, half the people in the audience wouldn't be there because being foreign born

Of course the prick failed to mention that he and every other working actor from another nation who isn't a legal citizen still has work permits and other proper documentation, and is expected to pay taxes for income earned even though their nation of origin may be elsewhere

Yep. the asshole like pretty much all Hollywood continue to play the propaganda game that Legal immigrants who enter the nation the right way, file necessary paperwork, take a citizenship exam and get sworn in legally as citizens are exactly the same as dirty brown uneducated dirtballs who sneak in Illegally by hiding in trucks or riding mules through the desert
If I was from another country, came to the US for a better life, did everything by the book, became a citizen legally and then was compared to these pieces of filth who basically are line-cutters, I would be even More pissed off then I am as a natural born citizen!!

We're sure more celebs got their digs in last night, especially that douche of a host, Jimmy Fallon..

Ah, democracy!
We sincerely hope Trump gets even with Hollywood

How is that possible?  Well there's three ways...

1) Trump needs to double down himself to make sure that everything they believe in.. Every political view, social value and need to protect deviant sexual behaviors as well as that bullshit Obama 'legacy' is overturned and left in the dust forever...
2)  At least threaten to rescind on the Federal Government prosecuting those who pirate movies and TV shows...

If the threat is sincere, it will scare the hell out of Hollywood in a way nothing else will, and from there perhaps pressure can be applied to shut these motherfuckers up and give respect at least in public venues like award shows..

3)  Once in office, direct the IRS to audit Meryl Streep and every other liberal loudmouth who needed to turn Trump's win into a personal fight

Doubt Trump would do it but certainly that is what we'd do..
It used to be when a famous person passed away, we felt respectful and a little sad (unless drug related) but admittedly since all the venom from celebrities during this election, we find out their political affiliation before we feel any sympathy

For instance, Carrie Fisher disgustingly implied in a tweet a couple months before her death that Trump snorted coke and that's why he kept sniffing during the debates..

Now she's dead..   Just hard to mourn someone like that
Perhaps that's wrong.. Perhaps it is not..

It is just how it is..

Unfortunately most Trump supporters seemed to come out of their holes on November 8th to vote then quickly scurried back, allowing the media and scum celebs to attack him nonstop without any united protest in response...

We wish people would have more self-discipline and punish the entertainment industry by not paying to see these crap movies and buy the god-awful popular music that is out there..
But to be fair, its probably not the adults that keep these businesses afloat, but all the stupid teenagers..  The same ones who look at famous people as role models to be admired

And they're the ones celebrities are going hard after to pollute their hearts n' minds with their leftist way of thinking..

They did it in the 1960's and 70's..  Did it in the 1990's and 00's..

They're doing it today and in the Trump era, will be doubling down and in a most pathetic, childish way