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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Optimism with Economic Outlook..

Short post today..

This afternoon, we are going to ignore all the celebrity delusions that they matter in influencing how Americans think about anything beside buying peanut butter as well as block out the militant uppity black-led protests on Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions and other irrelevancies

Instead we're going to focus on a news story from yesterday that probably most did not read or hear about..
According to the National Federation of Independent Business who has kept statistics for decades, optimism among America’s small businesses soared in December by the most since 1980 as expectations about the economy’s prospects (the highest since 2002) improved dramatically in the aftermath of the presidential election.

In layperson words, there has been an amazing uptick in positivity about the outlook for sales, growth & expansion and where businesses believe the economy is headed Specifically because of Trump winning..
Add this fact to most recent Consumer Confidence finding which saw a spike in optimism up to a 13yr high in terms of excitement for their lives and America improving once Trump has an opportunity to get things done, and its pretty obvious why 2 months after the election, so many on the left are so deeply bitter.

Now there's always ups n downs..  Nothing with the economy or the stock market (which rose over 2,000 points specifically because they can't wait for Obama to be gone) ever goes in straight upward or downward trajectory

So we take the economic numbers for what it is..  Employers and employees sick and tired of the last 8 yrs and looking forward to something better from a man whose lifetime expertise is being a success in business.
When businesses feel good about the future, they do more investing in expanding their companies and that means more employment opportunities which translates of course to more money to pay bills and enjoy life which all works together to grow GDP and make the nation a better, happier place to live

Who knows.. maybe even beak-nosed Meryl Streep may benefit by getting more roles in films people Actually want to see which would give her even more millions of dollars than she already has

We wouldn't hold our collective breath that Trump would ultimately receive a 'Thank You' note card if it happened..
There's only another 8-9 days left in that worthless Obama's Presidency then he's just another unemployed bitter black man smoking his Kool's & receiving money from the government (politicians receive pensions)

From there the much needed dismantling of the last 8 years begins as well as focus on a brighter future; something pretty much all everyday Americans will benefit from.