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Friday, January 13, 2017

Praise Be! Only One Week Left!

~ Photo of the expensive DC mansion which the Obamas will be living in by next weekend

Normally we're not too excited when it comes to countdowns because they're usually associated with New Years Eve which is like a 'holiday' that lasts a minute or so

But the countdown until the permanent forever end to Obama being President and ever holding any meaningful, decision-making power or having any real significance to anyone on the national or global level now just 7 days away

7 days, 38 minutes, 15 seconds as of this being typed to be precise
It is something that deserves to be celebrated most joyously and not just because a peaceful transference of power is taking place or a very rotten person is being legally kicked out on his bony black ass into the life of a semi-normal person

No ex-President will ever be fully normal since they get 24/7 Secret Service protection until they die and opportunities to make millions on meaningless speeches and book deals, etc..  Things no everyday person gets to enjoy

But for all the power Obama possesses today, in one week give or take a half hour, he will forever have no more of it

As for the incoming President..   Wheww..  smiles~
It is funny..  No one here at A&G is related or connected in any way to Trump and none of us live the lifestyle he's enjoyed so we don't share his social circles, but the last couple months since the election have been so needlessly brutal with so much immaturity and petty bitterness from the left, we've gone into protective mode like one would family or good friend being picked on..

Our concern was until he is officially sworn in, Trump is like a sitting duck where he can be targeted and attacked on all sides politically by the corrupt media, ethically bankrupt Democrat politicians along with disingenuous Republican snakes like Rubio and McCain and of course the trash which is Hollywood left.

So there was a feeling of wanting to help him fight back
But after the press conference Wednesday and how he dealt with that disrespectful bastard reporter representing the Clinton News Network, it all felt so laughably silly that Trump needed assistance from us or anyone else in combating these monsters head on

No wonder the left is so scared of him.. Mmm, goodness

That presser, especially the 30 second exchange between him and the questioner which everyone has seen or heard by now was such an incredible jolt of happiness, joy, relief and excitement

Trump was not going to be like the others..  No phony politeness or appearing weak while the Alpha dogs in the press room try to show the President-elect that their figurative cocks are big and point out all territorial piss-markings from dealing with previous Administrations
Because once again figuratively speaking, Trump unzipped and displayed his member and basically swatted everyone across the cheek and over the head with it before making his own markings over theirs for all to witness

It really was a beautiful and adreneline-inducing thing to behold..  To know after this scrawny Kool Cat leaves in a week, a true fear-inducing Lion with a vociferous roar will be taking his place

When you think from a business perspective about what CNN did the other day as well as their whole biased, spite-filled coverage of Trump, it is sure stupidity
We don't mean the fact that on an average day where no major tragedy is taking place, CNN draws in 1 million viewers compared to about 15 million people who currently follow Trump on his Twitter account..

Rather, we're talking about the Time Warner- AT&T $85 billion merger which needs Presidential approval (Time Warner owns CNN along with HBO which produces the deeply evil 'Real Time w. Bill Maher' and another anti-Republican show starring a thick accented beady-eyed liberal-smug Brit with enormous nose)

Maybe CNN is angry because Trump has already stated he will not approve the deal so they figure, no point in fake civility
Stategically speaking, if we owned the corporation, we would have sent out a directive to curb the Trump attacks and try to cozy up to the Donald until he made a decision either way on the merger deal and then go back to being snakes

Some experts on the deal have pondered whether Time Warner would have to sell off CNN to get the deal approved with a belief that if that's what it would take to appease Trump, they would

Of course we don't see Trump caring who owns that once quality news network as much as the Obama and Hillary loving pieces of shit who run the day to day operations, and political ideologies do not change much in mergers
As an interesting aside, most do not know this but sensationalist website Buzzfeed, the ones who took the lead in the fake news story of Trump's ties to Russia is owned by NBC Universal which is owned by Comcast

The same entity who proudly hired that cunt Megyn Kelly who hates Trump deeply for humiliating her at first GOP debate (which she richly deserved), ultra-left wing MSNBC,  Univision, the Spanish speaking network that purposely over-sensationalized Trump's comments on illegals last year then pulled the plug on airing his Miss USA pageant, and allows Saturday Night Live to continually try to degrade Trump as a human being for cheap, sophomoric laughs
It is going to be a very intense, highly combative 4 to 8 years coming but thankfully Trump is no pussy like Presidents in the past..

Trump is a bully (in a good sense) who will be possessing the bully pulpit,  a man among boys and a long time success in the real world among an emasculated cackle of loud, obnoxious academic hyenas who really are as tough and threatening in Trump's eyes as plump geese

Trump is total teflon.. He may always seem irritated and ready for a fight but deep down, you can tell absolutely nothing bothers or affects him..
7 days, 12 minutes and 4 seconds now..

The light at the end of the tunnel of the last 8yrs is becoming ever so large and bright..