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Thursday, January 19, 2017

T-Minus 27 Hours, 54 Minutes.. or 'Trump is Obi Kenobi'

It's a funny thing..  As we look more and more forward to Friday at noontime when Trump is officially sworn in, the more for self-preservation sake we have had to avoid all news just to preserve our sanity and avoid venting in a million directions over the bombardment of vileness from the extreme left..

Wonder if you're trying to cope the same?

Even moderate Democrats who voted Hillary that we know have expressed outward disgust at both how Trump has been treated the past 10 weeks and how intensely some genuinely low-life loser people and groups have plotted and planned to disrupt the swearing in, parade and night time fetes
Some pieces of scum even committed to breaking the law if need be..

We hope and pray nothing happens to Trump but if God-forbid some liberal Democrat piece of shit tries to harm him in a felonious way and succeeds, their fucking worthless party and all their wrong-headed beliefs and values will be in the political wilderness for at least a generation

Even people who think Trump is obnoxious or vile and did not vote for him do not take kindly to mindless animal zealots taking the law into their own hands and committing violence as a means to change the destiny of the nation..
Kind of like the line from Star Wars where Obi Kenobi tells Darth Vader if he strikes him down, he will become more powerful than he can possibly imagine

Trump is Obi and all the evil Democrats along with worthless Republican bastards like that decrepit cadaver John McCain represent evil Darth..

And if any mentally sick evil-doers cross the line from asshole to assassin to try to hurt Trump, they will find themselves, their political causes and their party in a world of hurt

Just think how much Reagan got accomplished in the Spring of 1981 after sicko John Hinkley tried to harm him..  The American people back then would not tolerate anyone obstructing him and so the Democrat controlled Congress became impotent and let everything Reagan proposed pass into law..
Such a tense moment in our history and needlessly so

All the cretinous white-guilt pieces of shit realizing they have no ally in the White House anymore to support them degrading their race, religion and lineage

So many idiotic blacks who think a Trump Presidency means going back to Jim Crow or pre-Emancipation..  Every time we hear one of these militant black fuckheads speak, we just shudder at the thought of so much taxpayers dollars wasted to educate so many ignoramuses

And of course the gays are afraid he will revoke that bullshit law which is gay marriage..  Trump should, but he won't..  Just think about it.. 5 liberal Supreme Court justices decided for 320+ million people that the law of God believed by all faiths is BS..  So we're stuck with the immorality
We have been looking forward to Friday for really the past 18+ months..

Other than a very brief consideration of Jeb Bush at the very beginning until we learned he was just a puffy-faced wimp and conformist whore, we at A&G have supported Trump for the long haul

Along the way we were mocked, ridiculed, snickered & sneered at, pacified, placated, patronized, and outright dismissed by everyone from Hillary loyalists to establishment Republicans

But we believed Trump was the best candidate of them all; the right man for this moment and the Only person who could defeat that wretched, verminous cunt;

It takes a monster to destroy a monster but we look at Trump more like Cookie Monster and Hillary being Godzilla
So to anyone who supported and voted for Trump, we sincerely hope you enjoy Friday because you all like we at A&G deserve the victory party and the opportunity to symbolically at least, middle-finger everyone on the left who never believed this upcoming magical day was possible

America is going to be a divided country for quite a while but honestly, so what!

We happily take a divided nation where every single policy, executive order and PC social engineering mindset of the last 8yrs is tossed into the bonfire vs a happy, united nation continuing all the shit of the last 24 years starting with hillbilly Bill Clinton
Obama campaigned in 2008 on a slogan of 'Change' then never followed through in any beneficial way..  Trump will be a true agent of change and the left is pooping in their Depends over it..

So just hold your noses at them, enjoy their suffering and celebrate Friday with as much passion and joy as you can express

Just 27 hours, 20 minutes left until another black man joins the list of the unemployed