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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

T-Minus 3 days, 10 hours or "Why Do Actors Think They're So (Bleeping) Important?"

Historically speaking, the acting profession has been nothing more than generation upon generation of genuinely stupid people, most possessing nothing more than a high school diploma whose success is wholly dependent upon being able to pretend their someone their not

It is a profession of vagabonds and whores; as far back as medieval times, acting troupes composed of gypsies, thieves, and the emotionally lost would galavant from town to town performing for the illiterate commoners while accepting money on the side to perform sexual favors (men as well as women did this)
Then by the 20th century, the idea was created by studio heads of calling these classless dregs 'stars' to help push interest in what was then at the time silent pictures; a profession of self-centered egotists was born

One actor who was actually very intelligent was Spencer Tracy who for those who may not have heard of him was a very famous actor back in the 1940s through 60's..

What made him so smart as far as we're concerned was his understanding of the role of an actor especially in relations to politics and activism
Tracy once said "Why do actors think they're so God damn important? They're not. Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is."

When your toilet is overflowing with fecal waste upon the floor, who are you going to call.. Meryl Streep?     Well maybe to shove her worthless liberal head into the bowl..

In addition, Tracy once had a most brilliant response when asked why he felt actors should avoid political activism...

"Remember who shot Lincoln"

So true..
Goodness knows there's a lot of complete total Losers in Hollywood that are so mentally sick and sub-human. they would love to be the modern John Wilkes Booth if given the opportunity

Look into Alec Baldwin's disgusting hate filled eyes when that piece of maggot infested dung does his Trump impression on SNL and dare to say you don't see it..

Used to be Hollywood had many conservatives in its rank, especially during the Golden Era..

Did you know James Stewart was Republican?  So was Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Clark Gable..  James Cagney, Bob Hope, Glenn Ford, Cary Grant, Mickey Rooney, Gene Autry and Ginger Rogers as well..
Now in modern day, the industry is chock full of social progressive politically-correct liberal idiots who many believe are empowered with the gift meant to tell "stupid" middle America how to think, act and behave..

And with few exceptions they are all Obama nut-lickers and deeply pathetic Never-Trumpers

So where did the dramatic shift politically come from?

Its origins had to do not with McCarthyism back in the 1950s as most believe but further back when the actors tried to unionize into what is now the Screen Actors Guild back in the 1940s and were met with heavy resistance from studio heads..
This provoked a lot of tension even after the situation was resolved but that along with the blacklisting of actors, writers, etc who allegedly were Communist caused a dramatic shift in the political leanings of the industry though it would take another decade or so to really push out conservative thought..

So once you had liberal actors working with liberal directors on liberal scripts funded by liberal producers all wanting to push their same political group think upon the masses from the 1960s onward, you now have five decades of propaganda coming from that immoral, unethical cesspool
And with the advent of Twitter, even 4th tier nobody nothing pseudo-celebs can make news if their tweet hatred for Trump is cruel enough to attract a pretend journalist's eye who then will turn into a 500 to 1000 word article

The next four years are going to be absolutely wonderful with Trump in office but also truly god-awful as far as the bitching and belly-aching from the wealthy, spoiled, self centered celebrity clique and rest of the Hollywood cabal

But as we keep telling ourselves as a mantra of sorts...  Rather have them be annoying, emotionally retarded bitches and bastards because Trump is in office, then to see them all smiling and happy with a Hillary Presidency..