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Monday, January 16, 2017

T-Minus 4+ Days or 'How Trump Can Punish Hollywood Hard'

Well its T-minus 4 days, 7 hrs and 47 minutes until Obama is completely 100% irrelevent..

Oh he may bitch and moan about this or that as he will pretend he still matters but honestly the last former President that actually had any importance out of office was President William Howard Taft when he eventually became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1921 until his passing in 1930.

All the others fade away whether they want to or not..
Of course its so hard if you are a Trump supporter to fully enjoy this because of all the rats in the media and entertainment industry doing all they can to sabotage the Inauguration and continue demeaning Trump..

We didn't even have to watch that shit program SNL to know obnoxious, bloated Alec Baldwin was going to do another terrible impression of Trump because the President-elect tweeted Sunday what an unfunny, vicious show with a talentless cast they are

Some out there probably are as frustrated as we by the continual mocking and degrading of Trump by these liberal elite pieces of trash in Hollywood and wonder what he can do if anything to stop it once in office
We mentioned the other day that there's always the option to at least publicly insinuate that the government would not prosecute those who pirate movies and redistribute them to others for profit and of course secretly directing the head of IRS to audit the most vocal bastards can't hurt..

But there's another legal venue Trump has if he ever wishes to really hurt Hollywood financially and make them heel like a rabid, foam-mouthed mindless animal which politically the industry by and large is.

And that is do to all he can as President to sabotage the interest in China to invest in Hollywood, thus dramatically cutting hundreds of millions if not billions of revenue annually which would cut deep into that profession like locusts in a wheat field

Let us explain..
In 2016, Chinese companies poured record amounts of capital into Hollywood, a trend eagerly embraced by the U.S. film industry.

Among the dealswas Dalian Wanda Group acquiring Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion and Dick Clark Productions for $1 billion, Alibaba made a major investment in Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, and Beijing-based Perfect World Pictures put $500 million into 50 films from Universal.

You didn't think all those films avoid making China the villian and place token Chinese actors in their films out of kindness did you?
But even before Trump takes office, tighter regulatory scrutiny and rising protectionism in the U.S. and China now have the industry questioning whether the deal flow could dry up in 2017, and already, there have been casualties.

Indie film player Voltage Entertainment, producer of The Hurt Locker and Dallas Buyers Club, surprised many in November when plans came to light for a provincial Chinese manufacturing firm, Anhui Xinke New Materials to acquire the Los Angeles-based studio for $350 million.

But within weeks, the firm revealed it was aborting the deal after failing to meet additional documentation requests from local regulators.
The agreement might have squeaked through if it had come a few months earlier as in before Trump won..

In early December, Beijing announced it was monitoring a pattern of "irrational" overseas investments in several sectors, particularly film, real estate and sports.

In an effort to stem capital flight, which was seen as contributing to a devaluation of China's currency, regulators signaled that stricter oversight is on the way.
Chinese officials said they would scrutinize offshore purchases of more than $1 billion if they were outside the investor's "core business" area. Deals well below that threshold already are being reviewed as well.

Here in the U.S., the deals have caught the attention of Congress and Trump.

On Nov. 30, incoming Senate minority leader Democrat Chuck Schumer said in a letter that the takeover of Hollywood companies by China firms should be examined more closely to determine whether they are being orchestrated to serve Chinese government interests.

At the same time, Donald Trump's appointment of hawkish economist Peter Navarro, author of such books as 'Death by China'  to head a new White House National Trade Council inspired Chinese state media to warn of a potential "showdown with the U.S."
So what this all means is twofold:

1)  Trump will have A Lot of say as to the economic growth or stagnation of the entertainment industry which impacts whether studios are forced to layoff workers or close up altogether.. He can kill deals or impose levies, tariffs or taxes on Chinese companies that invest in the sector..

2) In spite of all the bluster from anuses like Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, and the collective reverse MeCarthyism instituted by Hollywood to scare off those who want to support Trump vocally, those ignorant liberal pieces of shit need a President Trump far more than he needs them!
It must be extremely hard for emotionally retarded celebrities along with the disgustingly biased media to accept the fact that all their manipulations and dirty tricks did not influence the election in their favor one iota, making them like Obama very soon, most inconsequential

They can sell trucks, tampons and toothpaste but those rotten actors could not convince the American people that a rotten, lying, corrupt parasitic cunt named Hillary Clinton was who everyone should make Queen

And they still can't figure out why...  Other than to them, all Trump supporters are worthless, inbred. hillbilly hick white-trash racist idiots with guns in their pick-up trucks and flying Confederate flags..
Remember how those actors you watch on TV and film every time you think of spending your money enriching those bastards..

Hollywood and the rest of the loser left is scared..  They should be..

T-Minus 4 days, 7 hrs, 20 minutes until a good man replaces a bad one..