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Friday, January 20, 2017

T-Minus "Horray!!" or 'The Real Obama in 9 photos'

As we write this, Obama has 9 hours, 35 minutes left to think he is the top dog then turns into dog poo..

From noontime today until the rest of human eternity, Mr Kool will never possess any important decision-making power that affects anyone other than himself and family..

We could write endlessly about how horrible a President he was; what a complete incompetent and utter baffoon but honestly, we've spent so many postings on this piece of crap, its really time to turn the page and focus on a man (Trump) instead of a bony black rat
So instead, we felt the best way to encapsulate the Obama Presidency and who this piece of shit really was inside, was to show a very specific set of pics taken during the funeral ceremony December, 2013 in South Africa to solemnly mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela,  a leader that supposedly Obama admired and respected..

In the below photos, the white man is former British PM David Cameron, the attractive white woman that obviously Obama would have liked to fuck was the PM of Denmark at the time (we don't know if she still is) and the bitterly angry black woman is Michelle Obama

Keep looking at Michelle's face then Obama's reaction once she separated him from the beautiful white would he would have loved to have taken to bed if given the opportunity..

A million liberal media dirtballs will write a billion words on how wonderful Obama was, how he will be missed and this and that and blah blah..

But this immature, egotistical, man-boy sat in the Oval Office and did nothing but act like a clown while our standing in the world deteriorated and over 90 million Americans are still out of work

So feel extremely joyous about the Inauguration and very hopeful about the future..

Trump may not be perfect and he may not always make decisions that please us, but the nation and world at large is going to be far better off than it has been..

Thank God for Democracy and God Bless America..