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Friday, January 27, 2017

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear from Democrats

There's so much fear out there on the left with Trump in office..

Nutty fear.. Irrational fear.. Hate-filled fear..

Stupid idiotic fear that Trump is going to roll back the clock to the times of Jim Crow segregation, or even worse go back further in time to undo the 13th Amendment to legalize slavery..  Never be surprised what an uneducated inner-city black person thinks...
Moronic fear by the vile militant LGBT community that Trump is going reverse gay marriage even though he has promised on numerous occasions he will not (though to be honest, he should since it is absolute bullshit that 5 Supreme Court Justices decided for 320+ million people to accept this nonsense)

Incredibly asinine fear that deportation agents are going to wake illegals up in the middle of the night and drag mothers from their US born children or other melodramatic nonsense

Pathetic fear by some worthless Democrats, especially in Congress that Trump is going to launch the world into nuclear war so they're trying in vain to push a bill that would require a President to get Congressional approval first..
Absolutely disgusting fear that Trump is Hitler or some manifestation of a Fascist-Nazi dictator who plans on enslaving the people and shipping undesirables into camps, or whatever mentally sick, warped fantasies these disturbed people on the left conjure in their delusional minds

But want to know what their Greatest fear is?  What is it that really keeps these bitches and bastards up all night, and shaking with anger and trepidation?

They fear most that Trump will be successful.
They fear he will really accomplish his goals of creating new jobs, they he will fix Obamacare so both it benefits and is affordable to everyone and build the wall which successfully keeps criminal illegals out causing a dramatic lowering of violent crime and drug importation.

They fear Trump will keep his campaign promises, actually make America great as it once was and ultimately be unstoppable by midterms then re-election in 2020.

That is why the left has tried desperately since election night last November to hit Trump doubly or triply hard, and use the media to inject one vicious, dishonest hit piece after another to portray Trump as unpopular and illegitimate
Of course Trump isn't your typical Republican..  He's very active (We think in another life Trump was the Energizer bunny), he controls the message, demonstrates daily he cares about everyday people and calls the lying media out at every turn..

As a result, Trump's approval has risen from mid-40's to 57% in only one week in office.

The question of the day becomes why are these rotten people so rabid and foaming at the mouth to destroy this man?

The answer is both simple and complex but we'll try to explain without getting long winded
People may think that from 1988 until 2016, we've had 2 Republican Presidents and 2 Democrats but that really is not true beyond the titles

We have actually had 28 years of the same kind of Presidency but held by different men who altered only on specific social policy.

All 4 Presidents - Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama were ALL fiscal conservatives who focused their entire economic policies based on what was best for corporations and the stock market while agreeing to trade deals that one after another weakened our competitiveness and encouraged outsourcing at every turn
There might have been a tax cut here, a tax increase there but all very subtle..  All four Presidents were really the same in ideology..

Who raised taxes after promising not to in a campaign pledge?  Republican Bush 41..   Who pushed and passed Welfare Reform which crippled the inner cities?  Democrat Clinton..  Who wasted $25 billion of taxpayer money to Africans dealing with AIDS?  Republican Bush 43..  Who promised to repeal the Bush 43 tax cuts but ended up making them permanent?  Obama..

So its all the same..
And on social issues, none of them wanted to really be bothered..

Both Bushes played the evangelical Christian voters for fools with their continual lies that they'd fight for the rights of the unborn and work to overturn Roe v Wade..  Clinton passed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' because he really didn't want gays openly serving in military and the Only reason Obama supported gay marriage was because VP Biden publicly shamed him into that position..

All 4 Presidents believed strongly in globalization, one-world and open boarders..  It was Bush Sr who came up with the phrase 'New World Order'..
As for NAFTA that horrible trade deal which decimated the US manifacturing base, Clinton may have signed it into law but all the particulars had been worked out for a year prior when Bush 41 was in office..

Everyone from Bush to Clinton to VP Gore to Bob Dole to Hillary heartily pushed it..

The only ones who ended up being right were Ross Perot and Ralph Nader

So when you have 28 years of people conditioned to think a certain way, its almost natural to expect they will freak out like infants being pulled away from their mothers' teats when someone steps into power and delivers real change, not that empty bullshit slogan of Obama's
Change is hard to accept and often not fun to live through but if someone has a vision, articulates it well and people can see a positive outcome, they'll bear with it..  Like Republicans are..

The rest..  Well, let's just say they need to up their Xanax

It is going to be a super-rough 4 to 8 years for these liberal fear mongerers..

Just do your best to laugh them off and take comfort their dream world is at an end.