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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump's Report Card after 2+ Days

So now that President Trump has been in office for a couple days, its time to move on beyond all the failures of the Obama Presidency and the stale people & trivialities of the 2016 election to focus more on the present and future..

So far its been a pretty good 2-3 days..

Overall, we give Trump an A-

Some might think its too early to grade him but Trump has done quite a lot in the past couple days so it is warranted..
We're pleased that he signed executive orders where the US is not going to be part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and no longer is American taxpayers going to fund groups that perform abortions abroad..

This started with Reagan and both Democrat Presidents since then have reversed it so as to fund baby-killing, followed by Republican Presidents who reversed it back

Hopefully Federal tax dollars will stop paying for abortions here at home as well..  We'll see..
We also like that Trump is starting the dismantling of Obamacare though people really won't notice any real improvement in cost or coverage until something else is passed by Congress as part of a 'repeal and replace' rather than simply dumping and leaving millions without benefits

Trump also met with both business and union leaders today at the White House with both expressing support for the President's plans to stimulate economic growth and expand job creation while bringing manufacturing back to America.

If we're good enough to to buy the products and good enough to sell the products to each other, then we're damn good enough to make the products here as well.
He also made nice with the CIA and FBI over the weekend which is vitally important to the success of his Administration, especially when it comes to keeping us safe from evildoers domestic and abroad

In addition the Prime Minister of Britain will be visiting this weekend to work on strengthening US-UK trade and he will have face to face meetings with Israel and Mexico in the near future

So thus far a very good beginning
We didn't give Trump an A+ for two reasons:

1)  We were both surprised and disappointed that Trump signed an executive order on Sunday which rescinded a mortgage credit which would have allowed new homebuyers to continue to save money and might end up making the difference in some buyers not being able to afford to close on the homes they originally planned to purchase

2)  Even though we don't personally care what Trump's tax returns are (he is super wealthy - big surprise), we didn't like Trump's decision to not release them at all based on the logic that he won and assuming his supporters never cared so it does not matter..
Had Trump said during the campaign that it was not for public consumption and he had no intention of releasing, then all would be fine

But he did promise repeatedly that once the IRS audit had concluded, that he would so to not at all do so goes to trust and at least to us is a bigger deal than basic campaign pledges and promises which all politicians of all stripes ultimately go back on..

Maybe others don't care.. Just something we found a little irksome but not enough to let it overshadow the bigger issues and overall importance that he is in office vs that creature Trump ran against..
We at A&G have been and continue to be open Trump supporters but we're not shills, suck-ups or propagandists..

Fair, sincere criticism will be stated where we feel it is warranted and consistent to the principles of this site which is that everyday people, especially 'fly over country' Americans matter and are Important, 'populism' is not a bad word, and our need for a strong, vibrant economy and safe nation are not to be ignored by whoever is in office

We don't expect to be happy 100% of the time or always be in agreement concerning Trump's decisions, but if he follows through with the major promises of his campaign, then the small stuff can be overlooked for greater good to which we all benefit

Thus we grade Trump A- thus far..  Not too shabby..