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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Trying to Understand the Hate of the Walking Brain-Dead'

~ We are assuming this deeply dumb liberal piece of refuse was probably educated at an American University or College and doesn't understand you can not impeach someone who has yet to be sworn in...

President-Elect Trump will be inaugurated in just another 17 days and it couldn't come soon enough

In the meantime, while you have the dirty brown poop monkey currently in charge doing all he can to sabotage the incoming President, you also have a deeply evil and ethically bankrupt establishment media writing one vicious hit piece after another to make people as fearful of Trump as possible..
We skimmed an article today from AP, as indicative of the spewing hate as any other..  It was alleging that because of all the various global business ties associated with Trump, he is susceptible to a 'pay for play' from various interests abroad

This of course is a throwing back of the assertions during the campaign (which were factual) that the Clinton Foundation took donations in exchange for future political favors thus scaring people into believing Trump plans on the same course of action even though no facts were presented that he planned to..
But that's what these parasites do..  Throw a bunch of shit up against a 'wall' and hope something 'sticks' in the mind of readers and viewers which they hope will snowball into something destructive against Trump

The hate is so irrational, many of these people on the left sincerely need psychiatric help and be put on medications..  That is not just a mean one liner..  

Their insane ventings, inexplicable desire to make Trump a Hitler clone and sincere belief the world will be destroyed when he takes office is simply not laughable anymore..  
It's downright scary how these people walk among us..

The walking brain-dead

So why such deep, intense hatred for a man who has yet to make a single policy decision

To understand this you have to go back 7 weeks and really understand how monumental Trump's victory over that bitch Hillary and the evil Democrats really was..

Trump didn't simply put that old closet dyke into permanent political retirement, but vanquished a lot of enemy barnacles along the way, including:
President Obama:  Trump's victory was a Complete and Total voter repudiation of the Oreo cookie's policies and everything that rotten man stood for...  Thanks to Obama, America will most likely not have another black President in at least the next 60-70 years..

Republican kept control of the House, won back the Senate and currently have 32 of 50 state Governorships, the most in a century along with most states' legislatures controlled by Republicans

That rotten Democratic party is in the political wilderness, on the outside looking in and they have in large part him to thank..

Obama says he would have beaten Trump..    No.  He would have gotten more black votes and Trump would have gotten more whites who voted Hillary but couldn't stomach that black bastard, so it all would have evened out with same Electoral College result...
Mainstream Media:

Trump turned an arrogant industry of blood-thirsty lions and tigers into a bunch of clawless, whimpering pussies (um.. pussy cats)

They tried and tried and tried to smear him.. Lord, how they tried

Then after the election, Trump called the biggies of that industry into come over to Trump Tower where he told them directly to their faces what fucking liars and evil people they were

The media, many who have direct connections to the Clintons did not take it quite well.

Many media outlets have responded by selecting journalists who Wikileaks uncovered worked behind the scenes to work in concert with the Hillary campaign to cover Trump's White House  (we will provide more detail in next day or two)
Hollywood:  Talk about an industry full of spoiled rotten hedonistic babies used to getting their way not handling it well!

They are so used to molding and influencing public opinion; being able to sway people to watch terrible movies and TV shows along with ideologies as to how people should think and behave and look at each other

And of course make you feel like garbage if you don't agree

All there hard work to get rancid Hillary elected.. the vicious anti-Trump tweets, the asshole comments on late night talk shows, the silly-stupid public service announcements and happily paying $100k to attend fundraiser dinners to give to a soulless, sociopathic woman

And none of it mattered..  Zero influence!   How quickly an industry went from politically Impo'tant to Impotent
The Music Industry:

Same as Hollywood..   Pretty much all liberal trash that use their artistic talent in many cases to try to change people's thoughts and beliefs to the artist's worldview rather than simply entertain

Trump beat the syphilitic whore Madonna..  

He beat that complete has-been Bruce Springsteen

He beat the mentally unhinged Lady Gaga (she admitted after the election she suffers from PTSD) the black militant niggers Beyonce & Jay-Z and the other low class uneducated ghetto rappers who needed to inject themselves and personal Trump-hate into this election in the hopes of swaying or motivating voters..

Funny how famous people only want to interact with us common-folk when they need something from us and the rest of the time its various degrees of 'Keep Away!'
Silicon Valley:

This group collectively spent hundreds of millions of dollars to aid that ugly decrepit woman knowing full well she was pure scum..

Now they all have to bend to kiss Trump's ring a la 'The Godfather'

Such an absolutely repugnant group of individuals..  

From that verminous Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who pretends that he's for freedom and open access of information yet agreed to work with China to develop technology so to limit access and allow the government to spy on its citizens...

To Tim Cook, head of Apple who is a homosexual who has absolutely no problem injecting his sexual partner preferences into domestic policy such asopenly supporting gay marriage and meddling in the North Carolina Transgender bathroom law, and yet happily and without any care, continues to sell Apple products in Muslim nations that imprison, beat and sometimes kill gays for simply being so.. 
What a cretinous bunch..

So Trump defeated quite a lot of people..  The political establishment of both parties, the corporate leftist media, the poisonous entertainment industry, the super greedy Silicon Valley and let's not forget all those rotten social progressives pushing for globalism and one-world order

Trump's win also thankfully issued the beginning stages of the death of political correctness and catering to garbage like Black Lives (do not) Matter and the LGBT fascist fringe
So ultimately it is understandable why so many emotionally weak minded people who have used totalitarian control emboldened by that nigger Obama are so scared..

It is extremely hard to talk to someone on the left.. They're usually wrong in every worldview, belief and conviction, and express it so frantically..

We're sure Trump has made a lot of people re-fill their Xanax prescriptions

Our biggest hope is that Trump stays true to who he is and doesn't become a weakling or political compromiser like W Bush was; He will never be respected for it.. Only attacked harsher